Hudson House [Sask.] Robert Longmoor
Dec. 18 1778
..."at 10 another Indian arrived from the same band who gave me the account of 18 Frenchmen with guns and hangers, Tobacco and 10 Gallons of rum to give away to the Indians to draw them from me and if not to take them by force, I directly went to demand the reason of their armed men or what they intend, In return their answer was every Indian that smoaked of their tobacco and drank of their rum they would take by force if not with there Consent for which reason I went off directly and brought their Chief Leader back with me, there was a guard of 40 men upon the Ice on the River armed with Guns and hangers with 10 Gallons of Rum in a cask with the Head out for the Frenchmen and Indians to drink and I asked Holmes (a Master) his reasons for it a second time which his answer was he wanted provisions and Packs of Furrs and he would have them, the Indian Chief and me went on the House where we Stopped a little and then one of my men that was upon the watch said the Indians was in sight, the Chief and one went out and the men to salute them in the usual form when the Indians came to where the french guard was they made the men Drink with them and Seized on all their Horses and goods and guarded them in and Locked them up within their Stockades. I went out and told them they was robbing the Hudson's Bay Company and Likewise the Natives one of my men was with me who Said by their overpower of men they thought to do as they Pleased but in an Instant he was knocked down by Holmes and beat in a cruel manner in the crowd where I was keeped off but nothing else they now have 120 men here."

Hudson House Journal Wm Tomison
July 26 1779
"I embarked on my Journey for Cumberland House."
Aug. 17
..."Myself in a very bad condition with a boil on the sole of my righte foot."
Aug. 18
..."Myself still very bad not able to get out or into the Canoe without afsistance Necefsity obliges me to Paddle altho unfit for any Duty. I have not slept for three days and three nights.
Aug. 20
..."Myself as before"
Aug. 22
..."Myself still in bad Condition the severe pain and want of Sleep has thrown me in such a disorder that at times I do not know where I am. Seven days and seven nights has Elapsed without ever Sleeping"
Aug. 24
..."This Evening I cut the boil open which has eased the pain greatly."
Aug. 31
..."gave the English and Indians a little Liquor they being much fatigued with Carrying. Myself something better but have not got proper medicines to heal such a wound. It is near seven Inches in Circumference and three quarters of an Inch deep."
Sept. 11 1779
..."at three in the afternoon arrived safe at Cumberland House found all well thank God for it. Myself still lame." 1M63 B.87/a/2

Building Hudson House Oct. 1779 to Dec. 1779 here

Hudson House Journal
List of men leaving for Hudson House
Sept. 1780

Robert Longmoor
James Elphington
Malcolm Rofs
Magnus Twatt
Charles Isham
Mitchell Oman
William Oman
James Spence Sen.
Robert Davy
William Leutit
James Sanderson
James Spence Jun.
Magnus Annell
James Tate
Thomas Tate
Thomas Johnston
Nicholas Wishart
Edward Wishart
William Coupland
William Folster
George Rofs
John Irvin
"and one homeguard Indian"
1M63 B.87/a/3

Hudson House William Walker
Sept. 17 1782
"At noon arrived two Indians from 27 Tents of Fall Indians for Tobacco. Just came from Warr. I sent them two fathom. They say they will not be in till a little snow be upon the Ground."

Sept. 19
"The two Fall Indians went back to their own Tents. They inform me that they killed 15 Tents of Snake Indians this Summer when they was at Warr."
1M63 B.87/a/5

Hudson House 1785-86 complete

Hudson House 1786-87 complete

Hudson House William Walker
May 19 1786
..."In the morning Mr William Tomison accompanied by one Canoe Embarked for Cumberland House."

May 26
"The men employed as before till about five oClock and then they finished building and repairing Canoes. Indeed lately We have had extraordinary good Weather They have built 5 Canoes since Mr. Tomison Embarked."

Aug. 1 1786
"The men employed felling a little Poplar for burning Ashes to make Soap."

Aug. 11 1786
..."The men employed fetching some Pine Bark for to Cover part of the Roof of the House that we had Cover'd with Turf. We found the Latter would not answer when any Long continuance of Rain."
1M63 B.87/a/9

In the middle of a copy of a letter from Robert Longmoor to George Hudson in the Hudson House Journal, William Walker felt he had to explain something with an NB.
Sept. 30 1786
..."If Mr Walker had stood to Mr Tomisons Order He would not have made anything at all."

"NB. The above information is false. Witness Mr Wiliam Tomisons Orders to me was very requisite ??and which I did obey as far as being in my Power. Mr. Longmoor being always intoxicated he did not know what he said."
1M63 B.87/a/9

Copy of a letter from Wm Tomison to Wm Walker
Nov. 14 1786
"After a Journey of nine days we arrived at the Pine Island where Mr [Donald] McKay built on last Summer which proves to be the same place Pointed out by the Natives for us to build on. It is 60 miles above the fighting river Their is at Present four Houses all different Interests Two more between 30 and 40 miles above this and one at the Fighting River below So that Indians has nothing to do but go from house to house get Drunk and beg Goods on Expectation of what they are to bring. Our house is not yet finnished and is built on the same spot where Magnus Spence worked in the Summer and is 60 feet by 22. We are now at work on the Stockades"...
1M63 B.87/a/9