York Factory 1783 Sept. - Oct.
1M160 B.239/a/82

Humphrey Marten at York Factory
Nov. 22 1783
"Robert Tonnant and Robert Davey came to the house with one hundred pounds of troute as did Henry Garriock with thirty four martins and twelve rabbits. On being informed the heads of the strong beer Casks were burst by the frost I ordered it to be drawn off into other vefsels in doing which most of the men got drunk. Richard Stanton and Hugh Lisk very much so. They soon went to fighting the Cooper caught Lisk by the Nose and Lisk almost tore off Stantons fore finger of his left hand and would have beat his brains out with the tongs had he not been prevented. George Gun got his leg badly cutt and Lisk declared that had not the Cooper called out murder he would have mauled so as to prevent his working for six months. The Cooper is certainly a bad foul mouthed fellow and the other very little better."
1M160 B.239/a/82

York Factory Journal Humphrey Marten
Dec. 30 1783
" Magnus Spence making straitching board for Foxes etc."
1M160 B.239/a/82

Mar. 2 1784
" Magnus Spence taken ill."
1M160 B.239/a/82

York Factory Humphrey Marten
Oct. 19 1784
..." Guthrie and Magnus Spence roofing the Carpenters shop."...
1M160 B.239/a/84

York Factory Journal
May 30 1785
" Magnus Spence Caulking the roof of the Smiths Shop."
1M160 B.239/a/84

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York Factory Servants 1795
Samuel Adamson
John Ballenden 4th.
Peter Brass
John Brown
Stephen Brunwin
Henry Budge
Oman Budge
William Cook
Joseph Colen
Thomas Colen
James Cloriston
Thomas Cloriston
Thomas Cloriston(there IS two)
James Dibble
James Deron
Edward Duncan
Magnus Garston
Peter Goudie
James Halcro
Henry Hay
John Houston?
Magnus Hutchinson
Mitchael? Hunt
Joseph Howse-age 21-parish Cirencester?-Writer-wages 20pounds-expires 1798
Magnus Irvine
James Isbister-age29-parish Harrow-Sawyer-wages 15 pounds-expires 1798
Henry Leask?
William Leigh
John Linklater-age33-parish Birsay-Sawyer-wages 12-expires 1798
Robert Longmoor
William Manson
John Moore
Thomas Moore
George Munro?
Robert Randal
David Robinson
John Robinson
James Ross
Edward Rozie?
James Rozie?
James Sinclair
James Sinclair
James Sinclair(yes three)
William Smith
William Smith(two)
Nichol Spence
Magnus Spence -age 25-Stromness
Thomas Swain
Nichol Tate
William? Tomison
Edward Tomison
John Ward
John Wood
Robert Yorston
Robert William
Adam Linklater-age 35-Stromness-Chiefs Cook-wages 6 pounds-expires 1796
William Walker
William Anderson
William Houston
Chris? Miller

From a letter to William Sinclair from Joseph Colen at York Factory
Aug 19 1797
..."This is the Second Day since Nappatas was seen what became of him we know not be he disappearing so suddenly has occaisioned many surmizes In short it is supposed some accident has befallen him"
1M257 B.239/b/61

Some Native names from the yearly Goose hunt etc. at York Factory 1799
" Hugemowkeshick
John Petre
Kitaway & Deaf Brother Tishawayock"
1M161 B.239/a/101

James Sutherland at York Factory
June 19 1806
..."Old Astakeshuk and Gang has arrived and paid his debts and has some to trade, Mifsunakish....is far short"...

From Wm Cook at York Factory to Wm Auld at Churchill:
June 6 1808
"P.S. A Book belonging to you and a Phial containing Eggs sent by Bearer. the payment to Kittaway will of course be small as he goes to you in the capacity of Visitor by his own desire. I intend to pay him 10 B. which I suppose will be enough to answer all purposes."

York Factory
Sept. 9 1808
" Mr. Geddes commenced his school - 5 Pupils Viz. Katherine Sinclair, John & Mary Bunn Harriett Ballendine and Mr. Jos. Cook at times."
1M162 B.239/a/

York Factory Journal
May 10 1809
" On packing Bacon for Inland we find the whole that came from Europe in a bad state of preservation. yellow as Marigolds of course rancid and unfit for use"...
1M162 B.239/a/115

York Factory Journal
June 2 1809
" the three sons of Mr. Cook were this day entered to school under Mr. Geddes their names Jerry, Charles & Richard."
1M162 B.239/a/115

York Factory William H. Cook
Oct. 25 1809
" An Indian from the Invalid Tent came to the Factory for a supply of a Gun having been encountered by a White Bear whose ferocity was such as to oblige him to part with this useful appendage - Gave him a hunting Gun for temporary use & sent him to his Tent."
1M162 B.239/a/116

York Factory William H. Cook
Nov. 24 1809
" 2 Natives from Eastward brought 2 White Bear Skins 5 Deer rumps & some Feathers"...
1M162 B.239/a/116

York Factory Journal
May 2 1812
" Sawyers came home from Tent at back of Island having sawed 138 logs into plank & weatherboards of various sizes. Mag. Spence ill."
1M163 B.239/a/124

May 5 1812
..." Magnus Spence unfit for any labourious Duty - but occasionally works at Netmaking"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory
Sept. 23 1812
" Ja's Moar Steersman of the Boat destined to Churchill & who left the Factory on Monday returned to the Factory being unable to proceed on account of the unfavorable state of the Weather & the inexperience of his Crew who are to a Man totaly incapable of undertaking with safety so perilous a voyage"

Sept. 26
" James Moars party arrived except one Man who unable to keep pace with his Companions has been left on the Journey God knows where."

Sept. 27
" Early this Morning 7 Men were dispatched in search of the absentee"...

Sept. 28 1812
" the absent Man arrived but without his Bedding he having left that some distance on the road - Today the poor fellow will rest & recruit his spirits & tomorrow return for his Burthen when all will be well"...
1M162 B.239/a/120

York Factory
Oct. 23 1812
" Labourers building Temple of Cloacina"
1M162 B.239/a/120

York Factory Journal
Nov. 27 1812
" one of the people came with a letter from Mr Johnston he says he left the dogs at the tent but one of the men had not arrived having a sled to haul"

Nov. 28
" The Steward came? from the wooding tent he reports the man had not arrived & believing an accident had happened he sent 2 men from his own & caused 2 from the Sawyers tent to search after him but very fortunately the poor wretch had survived the night and came to the Factory about midday pretty much frozen on his face hands & feet no wonder as the Thermometer for the last three nights was -36, -42 & -38 he had no leather cloathing blanket nor fire bag. unfortunately too one of the Dogs had not arrived but was found this morning eaten up by a troop of 14 wolves"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Dec. 23 1812
..." Mr. Cooks Daughter with an Indian Man & his wife came to the Factory with sad accounts of the starving condition of her fathers family. but still more so of the Indians who are reduced to the sad necefsity of digging out of the ice the putrid rotten carcases of those Deer they had killed in Aug. & September & neglected them because not fat enough"
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Feb. 6 1813
..." 2 Indian Men & 1 woman came from their friends? about 5 days Journey from here in a very wretched condition reporting their party having experienced the most grevious famine ever before known among them indeed they bear very evident marks about themselves one in particular being literally a skeleton"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Feb. 15 1813
..." two men & 5 dogs came home from the wooders for provisions with which they set off same day again"

Feb. 16
" Two men again came home"..." they relate that one of the men of yesterday fell sick or weakly on his return which occaisioned his being severely frozen and was obliged to be left by his comrade 4 miles short of their tent when he did not arrive till 10 PM & it was 2 hours more before the poor fellow was got there on sleds when almost dead"

Feb. 17
" I went off at 3 AM this morning to see the above man and find indeed his hands shockingly frostbit his nose & almost all his toes are also severely afflicted and requires Surgical attention immediately"

Feb. 18
" Early this morning a man went off to fetch the Surgeon from Sam's Creek"...

Feb. 20
" Mefs Spencer & Holdsworth [the surgeon] came home they were two days in coming what the anxcity of the blacksmith Thos' Halcrow performed in 1 tho' with great pain having walked on a stubble? about 16 hours"

Feb. 21
" The surgeon went to see the frost bit man who is as well as can be hoped"

Feb. 22
" Mr. Spencer and the Packet Indians went & pitched the tent in 10% Creek again it being resolved to have the frost bit patient hauled there for the sake of being near the Surgeon"

Mar. 9 1813
..." 2 men haul'd down the Man who was frost bit to 10% Creek to be near the Surgeon"

Mar. 18
" Went to see the Man who was frozen then met the Surgeon whose opinion my own coincides with that the right hand ought to be amputated at the wrist joint."

Mar. 22
..." I accompanied Mr. Holdsworth & Mr. Spencer to afsist in Amputating Mr. Browns hand"...

York Factory Journal
Mar. 23 1813
" Heard that Mr. Brown is doing well"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Apr. 8 1813
..." Late last night 3 men came from Mr. Johnstons for provisions. as one of these had put himself off duty on the 31st March & refused ever since to work besides being impertinant & insolent to his officers. I had him ordered before me Mefs Spencer & Holdsworth being present when he owned his guilt. this rendered it unnecefsary to call for witnefses and he was immediately ordered into confinement for 6 days it being his first offence"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Apr. 19 1813
" Two Indians the father & brother of the Girl secretly engaged to Mr. Spencer came for provisions they say they had seen where he had stopt to eat about 20 miles from here but without making a fire"
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory
Apr. 21 1813
" In the Evening Mansee brought a few Furs belonging to his Son Hookemow Keeshick who has been starving all the Winter - He reports that Wahpusk has starved to Death."...
1M162 B.239/a/120

York Factory Journal
Aug. 17 1813
..." After Breakfast 5 Taylors - Mag. Corrigal, Ja's Taylor, Ja's Loutit, Tho. Hackland & Geo. Gibson - also Ja's Wishart Sailor were ordered to make Tents for RRS. Ja. Dickson & mate Geo. Moor Blacksmiths finished working for RRS at one pm."
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Aug. 30 1813
" John Spence, John Budge, Jn Sinclair, Ja. Corrigal, Mag. Spence, Mag. Corrigal making Nets for Colony. 4 men sawing Ribbons for Stockades. Blacksmith & 1 man making Iron work for the Colony. Carpenters making boxes? H. Gray, Wm Kirknefs, Ja. Anderson getting ready logs for the Ice House. The rest peeling Stockades & digging Ice Cellar"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Sept. 30 1813
..." Two women (Kiskahumonagon & Coosaquis daughter) brot in a Deer from Coosaqui at Big Stone"
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Nov. 11 1813
..." Mistunusk arrived brot 2 Rumps 2 Foxes & 1 Otter Skin"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Dec. 3 1813
" D[avid] Halcro came home with 36 Part. says the Partriges are not plentiful but very wild owing to the number of Hawks which keep them in a perpetual state of terror"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Apr. 9 1814 Wednesday
..." Kitteways Son came in much distrefsed for provisions & exceedingly deprefsed having lately had the misfortune to lose his father - gave him 2 pcs of damaged Pork & 2 Gall. of Oatmeal as a temporary supply to his famished dependants."

Apr. 11
" The family of Wednesday arrived 10 in number but only one Man to whom the whole party have to look for support"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
Apr. 26 1814
" Early this morning sent all hands except the rectifiers to bring home a Boat from Ten shilling Creek
" A party of Women came from Indians at sams Creek for Supply of Provisions but having no damaged Pork left were obligd from scarcity of Oatmeal to send them back almost as destitute as they came
" Finishd Mr. Birds Rum at 6 oClock this morning & began rectifying the Winnipeg Rum immediately
" D Halcro from Eastern Tent brought Partridges - Men returned but finding they could not bring the Boat farther than the mouth of the Creek owing to the quantity of Snow on the River they beat a track which will by freezing in the night enable them to haul the Boat to the Factory tomorrow"

Apr. 27 1814
" Sent the Men again for Boat at 10 Shilling Creek - which they brought to the Factory with the afsistance of 5 of the Settlers. Sent off Two Men and an Indian with 2 dogs to Mansees Tent in consequence of the Women who arrived last Evening giving us to understand that Mansee & his Sons do not intend coming in to the Goose Hunt - sent Brandy Tobacco & a little Provisions but no Ammunition altho ardently solicited as this latter article would enable them to put their design in execution
" The Women inform us that the Tents are 3 Days walk from the Factory that the Indians have got about 100 MB but are reduced to a weak state for want of food"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal
May 29 1814
" An Indian (Kay tow wah tum) of the Bungee Cast? arrived with his family of Wife & 3 Children in a shocking state of starvation - says he has been much distrefsed thro the winter & obliged to eat his Furs for the maintenance of himself & family"
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Hunt 1814
Sept. 29
"Suckisquatum & party"
Oct. 7
" Kaytowahtum"
Oct. 16
" Shamataway"
Nov. 28
" Wahchuskegwow"
Dec. 1
" Sowenecappo"
Dec. 4
" Pusquaty & Eggina afsum"
Dec. 6
" Keshickow ethin, Pachewethat, Cask & Mahhum"
Dec. 23
" Athaguskaseepee"
Dec. 30
" Wuthawecappo & Wetapum"
1M162 B.239/a/121

York Factory
Oct. 12 1814
" Pennycutaway is a small River about 30 Miles up the Factory River - its name is anglised from the Indian word OOPOOTHAHCAHTOWAY or the Knawings of Beaver".
1M162 B.239/a/121

York Factory Journal
Jan. 11 1815
..." Entrusted Sowuncappow with ammunition to kill Part. as his wife is so helplefs as to prevent his travelling into the interior of the country"...
1M163 B.239/a/124

York Factory Journal WH Cook
Apr. 8 1815
" Finished the Rectification of Rum having rectified for RRS 220 Gall. for Jack River 936 Gall. & for Athapascow Edmonton & YF 2120 Gall."
1M162 B.239/a/121

York Factory
May 2 1815
"Mistuskenequi & Crabbitch"
1M162 B.239/a/121

York Factory Journal James Swain
Oct. 1 1818
" The Weather exceedingly fine. The Indians Arrived from the Eastward Goose Tent having killed near Eleven hundred"..."The number of Men who are now at this Place is Ten as follows Alex Wars Cooper, David Munroe afsist Cooper, Peter Sinclair Steward & Carpenter, Allan Rofs a mere boy Taylor, John Bain, John Spence, Donald McCleod, George Stainger & William Ronce. The whole five not equal to one Active good servant"
1M163 B.239/a/126

York Factory Journal
Dec. 25 1818
" This being Christmas Day observed it according to Custom - At 2 PM 4 Indian Men arrived from the North River they have been five days walking in. They brought About 100 MB in good Furrs 6 Fine Rumps of Venison & 2 Porcupines. Among them is one who was confined in Irons the Summer before last for being disordered in his Mind and threatening to kill the Indians that were waiting to Attend the Goose Hunt, blow up the Magazine of the Store & do all the mischief in his power. The Indians are apprifs'd? with such a Dread of any one that is afflicted with this Mania that they cannot stir out of their Tents but stay to protect their Wives & their Children from being Devoured & never fail taking the first opportunity to put him or them out of existance, commit the Body to the Flames & burn it to ashes - By these means, according to their religious opinions, they Destroy both the Body and the Soul at the same time & prevents the Spirit of the deceased from visiting after Death the Habitations of the Living - Fortunately in this solitary instance they were secured & carefully & kindly treated deprived only of their freedom & although the lofs of Liberty is so great an Evil to the enlightened European Mind, to the poor Indian it was an act of Humanity. It saved them from the murdering Hatchet of their Countrymen & Relations & secured them to their Families"...
1M163 B.239/a/126

York Factory James Swain
Jan. 5 1819
..." I am informed by the Indian from the Rock that a valuable Indian Fur hunter has been killed by his Relations they supposing him in that Disorder Mentioned on the 25th Ultimo"
1M163 B.239/a/126

York Factory James Swain
Feb. 25 1819
..." Mr. Bunn's Wife seriously indisposed with an Inflamation of the Lungs. Bled her copiously"

Mar. 2
..." Mrs Bunn very bad. Bled her again untill she Fainted"...

Mar. 22 1819
..." Mrs. Bunn a little Better"...
1M163 B.239/a/126

York Factory Journal James Swain
Apr. 19 1819
..." Geo. Stainger doing something but it is distrefsing to see so poor an object kept in this Country & it would be a Charitable act to send him home"...
1M163 B.239/a/126

York Factory Journal James Swain
May 4 1819
..." Sowenafs very ill his disorder a Catarhal complaint in his Bowels & having been of long standing is now become serious & very painfull. He is at his Tent about 1/2 a mile from the Stockades & this day at noon he saw about twenty Deer & although scarce able to move the sight had such an effect upon him that he crawled out of his Tent & Shot one & wounded another, had he been well one half of their number would have fallen before he left them. This is the first morsel of Fresh food we have had this Spring"
1M163 B.239/a/126