Sept 7 1790 Swan River Charles Isham
..."One Tent of Indians came in Traded 165 lbs dryed Meat 246 lbs beat Meat and 64 lbs Fatt"...
1M144 B.213/a/1

Swan River Journal 1791-92 complete

Swan River Journal 1792-93 complete

Swan River Summer Journal 1793 complete

Sept 19 1793 Swan River House
"At 10 AM, Mr. Charles Thomas Isham, Mr.Whitford, Wm Mowat, John Johnston jun., George Stainger, George Robinson, Robt Whitley, Charles Hay, Magnus Cooper went away to the red river with 6 Horses loaded with trading goods"..."men left here, Wm Sabbiston as Master, Peter Sabbiston, Hugh Sabbiston, John Johnston Sen., Robt Randall & Thomas Stainger"

Swan River Journal William Sabbiston
Nov. 14 1793
"Mr Whitford & 5 men went away with 6 sleds loaded with trading Goods to Malborough so call'd by Mr. Charles Tho. Isham"

Swan River Charles Thomas Isham
April 20 1795
"Peter Sabiston making Gunnels for Canoes the others Cutting fire wood. the River being overflowed we cannot get to the Nets"

April 21
" the People employed making a Beaver prefs, myself a Hunting killed 1 Goose and a Duck. At 2PM the River Ice gave way went Down about a Hundred yards then Stopt."

April 22
" the people putting Down the Beaver prefs myself went out a Hunting killed 1 Swan 1 Goose 4 Ducks the mouth of the River being Choked up with Ice causes the water to be flush with the River bank."

April 23
"myself and two men a Hunting the others employed as before killed 13 Ducks."

April 24
"the people Employed 3 out a Hunting the others Cutting a little fire wood. at 2 PM the River Ice went Down about two Hundred yards and then Stopt. the water came over the Bank and overflowed the Plantation. the people caught fish in their Cabins, it continued in that manner till 10 o clock PM."
1M144 B.213/a/6

Part of a letter by James Sutherland at Swan River to James Bird
Oct. 3 1816
..."John Easter, John Lyons, Thomas Favel, and Humphrey Favel are gone free men in Red River. all the rest of our Men have arrived at Fort Hibernia and old Magnus Spence among the number. I do not know what to do with him, I suppose I shall be obliged to engage him for the Winter altho' I have no use for him, indeed we have a great many more men than is necefsary for the District and I am afraid more than we will be able to maintain and I am convinced that should we be permitted to carry on the trade that the whole returns of the place will not pay their Wages, we are altogether now thirty-eight Men and attached to these about fifty more Women and Children, it is entirely impracticable in the present state of affairs to settle a Post beyond Fort Hibernia."...

Swan River William Garriock
May 31 1817
"My men for the Summer are Robert Clouston, blacksmith, William Work fisherman & who is now attending the Nets & Peter Moar & Joseph Colen labourers. Plowed a little of our Garden, sowed some Barley Peas and Wheat and a few onions Raddishes & Green Savoy"

June 2 1817
"Plowed some more of our Garden planted some potatoes Cucumbers water Melons & Indian Corn"
1M144 B.213/a/7