Buckingham House 1792-93complete

Buckingham House Wm Tomison
Feb. 15 1794
" the Taylor making Childrens Cloathing out of Printed Cotton 2 Men Lame by cutting themselves one in the hand & the other in the Leg & 3 Men Sawing Plank 4 Men Shaving Stockades & the rest melting fat meat down for fat to make Pimmican."
1M18 B.24/a/2

Buckingham House Wm Tomison
Feb. 17 1794
" Three Men Sawing boards for building a Boat four Men barking Stockades, Taylor making Childrens Cloathing & the rest made 20 Bags of Pimmican for the Journey down 74 lbs each."
1M18 B.24/a/2

Buckingham House Wm. Tomison
Mar. 4 1794
" finished trading with the Indians & they went away. these have been very poorly gooded having brought no more than 500 Made Beaver which is trifling for 10 Able Men."
1M18 B.24/a/2

Buckingham House Wm. Tomison
Apr. 23 1794
" The Smith making Awls for sewing the Canoes"

Apr. 24 1794
" 12 Men getting Roots for sewing Canoes 4 Men with Horses bringing in Black Earth to sow some Cabbage seeds in"..."3 Men planeing Splinters & the rest made 650 lbs of Pimmican for the Journey down"...
1M18 B.24/a/2

Buckingham House Journal written near South Branch
May 24 1794
" James Davey I took from the [South] Branch to put in Mag. Annels Canoe as I am obliged to send him to the Branch to take charge of the House in Mr. Birds absence, Mr. Vandriel not having enough experience prevents me from putting him in Charge at so critical a time - and in this part of the Country, I have left besides Magnus Annel and Mr. Vandriel, James Gaddy Jun. William Fea and Hugh Brough"
1M18 B.24/a/2

Buckingham House Journal Wm Tomison
Somewhere on the way to York Factory
June 9 1794
" Alexander Johnson still very bad, he was twelve hours speechlefs, The Doctor bled him and gave him a Vomit but the latter had not the desired effect"
1M18 B.24/a/2

same trip
June 12 1794
" Alex Johnson is of little use and as far as Mr. Thomas and Myself can learn he is not so bad as he is unwilling to work."
1M18 B.24/a/2

Buckingham House 1795-96complete

Buckingham House 1796-97complete

List of Men written on a page dated 1796

Buckingham House
"Peter Fidler
Ja Gaddy
Gilbert Laughton
Nicol Allan
John Ballenden
Mag Chambers
James Davey
John Forbest
Jn Flett
Wm Flett
Jn Linklater
Tho Isbester
Wm Isbester
Laughton Leith
Donald Mowatt
Jn Mowatt
Jn Irvin
Wm Park
Wm Rich
Peter Sabeston
Mag Spence
Geo Spence
Wm Sinclair
Nichol Spence
Ja Rofs
Wm Tomison
Jn Moore
Mag Yorston"
1M39 B.49/a/27b

Buckingham House Journal 1797-98complete

"Notes for Furrs received from the Men at Buckingham House 1797"
Just the names
"Wm Park
Nichol Allan
Nichol Leith
Robert Garrock
James Davey
Donald Mowatt
Tho. Taylor?
John Linklater
John Clouston Jun.
Wm Flett
Wm Rich
John Mowatt
Magnus Spence
Wm Isbester
Magnus Chambers
James Gaddy
Gilbert Laughton"
1M39 B.49/a/27b

From John Peter Pruden at Buckingham house to John Ballenden? Aug. 10 1799
The Canadian named the Little Wolf that is going down to meet the canoes gives me an opportunity of informing you how affairs is going on in this Quarter. Alexander Flett has been on discovery to the Red deers lake from Edmonton House but has returned without success the Bogs & Woods being so bad that he was obliged to return short. The Northwest Companys men that was sent to build a house at the stonny mountain returned on the first part of the Summer they were sent off again with Strict orders to Build and a few days ago they all came back Bag & Baggage. The reason of this I cannot properly tell but they seem to say that the southard Indians is against it and that there is no provisions to be got there but they are determined to Build there when their canoes arrive. There has been but a few slopey ground Stone Indians & the Little Old Man with his Family & the big bastard that is tenting with him in here since the Craft left in the spring. None of the Blackguards that used to visit this house every summer has been seen yet and now we don't expect them as the time of the year has past.
JP Pruden"