Black Woman and Wis Kis Quew

Cumberland House Journal
Peter Fidler
Sept 12 1796
..."2 women arrived with 12 Geese"..
Written in the margin:
"Black Woman
Wis Kis Quew"

Sept 17
..."One of the Women that arrived here the 12th Inst. got stabbed in the back last Night when the Indians were drinking"

Sept. 24
..." The Woman that got wounded went away with the Ind."...
1M39 B.49/a/27b

James Inksters Woman

Brandon House Peter Fidler
Apr. 13 1819
" Charles Fidler instead of going down to the Forks with 2 Horses"..." went away to the Indian Tents & James Inksters woman left her Husband & followed him"...

Apr. 18 1819
" Henderson went yesterday to the Indian Tents to bring home James Inksters woman who lately ran away. she says she will never return to him again - tho he has always been very kind to her"

Apr. 27 1819
" Yesterday in the afternoon The Laughing Man & the Tobacco came here & brought back James Inksters woman to him. he gave them for their trouble 1/2 a 10 Gallon Keg of Indian rum besides other things - Charles remains at the Indian Tents they came from this Day"...
1M17 B.22/a/21

Andrew Kirkness Woman

Ile a la Crosse Peter Fidler
July 6 1810
" Andrew Kirknefs woman, on some dispute with her Husband went over to the French House."

July 7 1810
" Self & Mr. Sutherland went over to the Canadian House to get Andrew Kirknefs woman to return again to him.- but she had been so much threatened by the Canadians that she was afraid to return as they told her that they would cut off her ears if she leaves them.- so she told him."

July 26 1810
..." Last night Andrew Kirknefs went to the Canadian house. he goes there slyly, altho I have frequently forbad him as perhaps he tells things he knows - "...

Aug. 4
" Between 4 & 5 oClock this morning Andrew Kirknefs went away privately & took every thing belonging to him to the French House"..." The Canadians keeping his Woman is the cause of his going there...."

Sept 18 1810
..."- Andrew Flett took our Nets to repair & attend all winter - my woman having kept them? in order ever since Andrew Kirknefs ran away"

March 29 1811
..." Andrew Kirknefs told Wm Houry in the morning that he wished again to come into our Service. he saw him also in the afternoon in the Woods and very much wished him to speak to me to allow him to return - he says he is heartily tired of being where he is - "...

May 23
" Sent word by Andrew Flett to tell Andrew Kirknefs that I would write to Mr Campbell to allow him & his woman to return to us. principally as he can be a good evidence to many of the Canadians rascally actions to us here this Winter"...

May 25 1811
" Andrew Kirknefs told one of our Men last night that Mr. Campbell would not part with him and Mr. Black told him that if he offered to go to us they would make every Canadian in their House ravish his woman before his Eyes."

May 28 1811
" In the Evening Andrew Kirknefs came over here with his things"..." Mr. Campbell beat him very much and threatened to carry him down to Montreal in Irons- he was beaten That he had not been able to get out of Bed since till now, when he went & asked liberty to return to us, they were very much against his coming & used & threatened him very badly- They would not allow his Woman to accompany him."...

June 4 1811
... " Andrew Kirknefs woman ran towards our House yesterday to come to him but the Canadians ran after her & carried her back again- They have now given her to a Canadian."
1M63 B.89/a/2

Mrs. Bunn

York Factory James Swain
Feb. 25 1819
..." Mr. Bunn's Wife seriously indisposed with an Inflamation of the Lungs. Bled her copiously"

Mar. 2
..." Mrs Bunn very bad. Bled her again untill she Fainted"...

Mar. 22 1819
..." Mrs. Bunn a little Better"...
1M163 B.239/a/126

Magnus Spences Daughter

Brandon house Journal Peter Fidler
Nov. 7 1817
..." Bonhomme Montour took away the Wife belonging to the late Mr. Longmoors son - Magnus Spenses Daughter one of our freemen - but I understand with his consent"
1M17 B.22/a/20

Nov. 8 1817
..." Longmoors son went away for his Country at the Saskatchewan area? and debauched away the Wife of our Canadian Smith - he has two Horses of his own"...
1M17 B.22/a/20

Poor Harmless Woman

Brandon House Journal Robert Goodwin
Nov. 29 1794
..." At noon John Richards came home brot not a single Skin of my Debt got drunk with the Ind. at their Tents and helped to kill a poor harmlefs woman he says he stabbed her on the back but her husband had cut her throat before. god only knows what the Consequence may be for its Impofsible for her to Survive long, a hard thing, he cannot be even be trusted to go to any place where Liquor is and he is the only person that understand the Language"...
1M16 B.22/a/2

Brandon House Journal Robert Goodwin
Dec. 8 1794
..." towards Evening an Indian (brother to the Woman stabbed) came in for Men to go to his Lodge for my Debt & to haul his Sister who died last night of the Wounds she received, he begged hard for some Brandy to go to the other Ind. and drink with them gave him 2 Gn."
1M16 B.22/a/2

Mrs. Mckenzie

Sturgeon lake (Albany)
Oct. 4 1836
" The men's women went off to make fall fishings."

Oct 15 1836
"Mrs. McKenzie came back from Morrefseau's lake as the fish is done spawning at that lake. she has hung up 560 white fish and salted two kegs of them."

Oct. 25 1836
"Gill, Knot and Fox were sent for the fish at Gill's and Mrs. Mckenzie's fishing 1280 fish - Morrefseau and James Daniel arrived from white fish lake they inform me that they hung up 1200 fish our stock for the winter when all here including those caught at this place by Knot 990 will make a total number of 4140 white fish."


York Factory Journal
Sept. 30 1813
..." Two women (Kiskahumonagon & Coosaquis daughter) brot in a Deer from Coosaqui at Big Stone"
1M163 B.239/a/124

Nanagow's wife

Sturgeon Lake (Albany)
Mar. 26 1831 Roderick McKenzie
..."Nanagow's wife came here the 24th last brought nothing with her she left her husband about a days march from here he could come himself as he had no shous. he has about 10 Skins in Martens, Starvation prevented him from hunting. Gave her ammunition and leather for her husband and she went immediately. Ochechack arrived here yesterday brought 24 skins in Rats. Supplied him with ammunition and Leather and he went off"
1M144 B.211/a/3

Hudson House Robert Longmoor
April 2 1780
"Sunday AM at six oClock a parcle of Indian women Arrived here from the french House with the news that the frenchmen came on the night and Carryed all the men back on account of one on there men went off two days ago to hunt Partridges and is not yet arrived so that they think some of the Indians has killed him"...

April 4
..."one Indian that was to build Canoes was Confined is arrived. But the frenchman is not found as yet. The Indians tells me the few of themselves that was Confined is all out at Liberty."...
1M63 B.87/a/2

Brandon House Peter Fidler
Mar. 21 1819
" Mafs said at the French House. some of us attended, all the freemen nearly with their wives and Children: 25 Children baptised and he said prayers twice afterward. so this was a busy day with him there were upwards of 140 present of all ages & sexes"...
1M17 B.22/a/21

Henley House
Jan. 12 1799
"..."three of the widows sons came in they brought 10 B. of furs and 243 lbs of green Veinison."
1M63 B.86/a/54

Henley House Nicol Spence
May 2 1800
..." at 6PM the two Canoes that went a hunting the 30th Came home brought some Skins and flesh the Capn [Shapautick] with them Got brandy & tobacco and all went to drinking the Capn and sons keept sober having an old grudge to his son in law as he killed his wife at this house they all fell on him and kill'd him. I not having men at the house to save his life but Self James Flett and two Indians."...
1M63 B.86/a/55

Henley House Thomas Miller
May 20 1809
..."The Indian Called Stockings arriv'd With His family Stabbed in four diferent parts of His Body by 2 of Tobacco's Sons in Revenge of there Sister Whom Stockings killed last fall. bloody dogs."
1M63 B.86/a/60

John Peter Pruden Carlton House Sask.
Jan. 21 1815
" Two Stone Indians and 4 Women with them arrived they came from the Moose Woods brought a little Provisions they were 7 nights on their way owing to its very bad walking thro the Snow"...
1M19 B.27/a/4

Apr. 28 1815
..." This afternoon a band of Southard Indians 30 Men & 9 Women with them: all on Horse back arrived, they are Indians that traded at Paint Creek last Winter and their Motives for coming this way was to join the Natives of this Place to go to War with them. They brought nothing with them but 1 Swan Skin."
1M19 B.27/a/4

Carlton House Sask.
Oct. 16 1818
" An Indian young Man arrived here this evening & informed us that he found an Old Woman that had been left being sick & not able to travel with her party she had nothing to eat no fire & not able to fetch Water for herself to drink he had given her some Water but had no materials to make her a fire. I persuaded another young Indian that was at the House to go along with my Son to take her some provisions & make a fire for her & collect a quantity of wood to leave by her Tomorrow a Tent of Indians will pitch that way & I shall do my best to prevail on them to take the Old Woman a long with them until they overtake her party She had been left by 3 nights ago."
1M19 B.27/a/9

York Factory Joseph Colen
June 30 1796
..." In the years 1786 & 1787 etc etc. twenty four large Canoes were brought from the Hon'ble Companys Settlements up the Saskachiwan - the number of Men on the Establishment at that time were scarsely more than two thirds of the present Compliment - tis true a few years ago Women afsisted the Englishmen as well as Natives - the former are not permitted to visit the lower Settlements with their Husbands this occaisions much murmuring among the Men and forces many to leave the Service sooner than they wished to leave it."...
1M161 B.239/a/99

York Factory
May 13 1800
" A very old Indian woman who has long been ailing on the Plantation requested her Grand children this evening who attends her to finish her existance by strangling her and relieving her out of her misery. She certainly must be upwards of one hundred years old. Her voice is still strong and speaks well at present as ever I knew her. This woman was many years a Wife to Mr. Isbester formarly a Chief Factor in Your Honors Service."
1M161 B.239/a/104
She died on the 18th.

Brandon House Journal Donald MacKay
Mar. 5 1794
" this morning after trading with the Indians the little provisions he had, he went to the mens house with what he had and sat by the fireside, he began to tye up his powder when a spark communicated to the powder and set it off, it blow off the roof of the mens house & gave a Dreadful Shake to the large house, it burn four of our men, himself & wife but the Child was fortunatly saved from any hurt, fine weather."
1M16 B.22/a/1

Hudson House
Nov. 26 1779
..." In the Evening they all arrived eighteen men in number besides Women, also 16 Horses"...
1M63 B.87/a/2