Cumberland House Alex Kennedy?
June 30 1818
" Ka Ke Ke huggemow & Pame show thimu arrived from the Plains being two young men that left this last year to go to war on the Blackfeet. They have returned without a scalp of their enimies to Console them for the lofs of their time & the trouble they have been at."

Excerpt of a letter from William Sinclair at Oxford House[Manitoba] to John Ballenden:
June 17 1799
"I have received from Battle Scull 70 MB and from Wee-Keek-e-the-nish 10 MB."

MB = Made Beaver

From a letter by Alexander Kennedy at Moose Lake[Manitoba]
May 20 1807
"homeguards Mifsinakeeshick & Mistickathenue who have winter'd here"

"fs" = "ss"

From a letter by Wm. Cook at Gordon House to Mr.McNab at York Factory.
June 25,1807
"Ketshekeeshick & following"

From Wm Cook at York Factory to Wm Auld at Churchill:
June 6 1808
"P.S. A Book belonging to you and a Phial containing Eggs sent by Bearer. the payment to Kittaway will of course be small as he goes to you in the capacity of Visitor by his own desire. I intend to pay him 10 B. which I suppose will be enough to answer all purposes."

From Alex Kennedy at Oxford House to Wm Thomas at Drunken Lake.
Mar. 22 1808
"Peumachafs & Sons, Eagle, Jackfish & Iskeneku are the only Indians who have winter'd here"...

James Sutherland at York Factory
June 19 1806
..."Old Astakeshuk and Gang has arrived and paid his debts and has some to trade, far short"...

William Cook to John McNab
June 25 1807
..."Catekeshust and his followers"...

From John? Thomas at Moose Factory
March 25 1805
..."Thomas Richard Jun. & Meshickit who brot it [a letter] were stop't by two of our opponents Men & plunder'd of 38 MB part of the joint produce of their hunt on their return"...
..."an E M Indian [Eastmain?] a son of Boatswain named Quacoot a nin ish"...

Henley House Magnus Birza
Jan. 8 1801
"Maska-titaman and Shanqueesh"

Feb. 27 1801
"Napiem and Tepa"
1M63 B.86/a/56

Henley House Thomas Miller
Aug. 1 1808
"George Broom a mountreal Indian & family"

May 10 1809
"Old Nippysang"
1M63 B.86/a/60

Henley House John Davis
Jan. 30 1813
"Sucafs and Narcarnoocarta came in starving"

Henley House John Davis
Jan, 23 1814

May 17 1814
"Warshushk [aka Washusk] came in Company with Chechargonan's Son"
1M63 B.86/a/63

From a letter from Wm Tomison to Wm Walker at Hudson House
Nov. 14 1786
..." The flying up man and Beardy went from here this day and The wattenee the Safsew Indian a few days ago."...
1M63 B.87/a/9

Hudson House From a letter from Robert Longmoor
May 1781
"the Bloody Walker has stayed at the the French House to bring them up with him and the rest of his Brothers arrived late last night"
1M63 B.87/a/3

From a copy of a letter by George Hudson at Cumberland house in Hudson House journal
Sept. 9 1782
"The Blood requesting to return to his own Country"..."The Englishmen not being arrived makes me Comply with the Bloods request as he can not Hunt any thing here he not being aquainted with the Ground."
1M63 B.87/a/5

At first I thought "The Blood" was a short version of "The Bloody Walker", now I'm not so sure.

Hudson House William Walker
May 6 1782
"The Old Sky and his Son"
1M63 B.87/a/4

From a letter to William Sinclair from Joseph Colen
Aug 19 1797
..."This is the Second Day since Nappatas was seen what became of him we know not be he disappearing so suddenly has occaisioned many surmizes In short it is supposed some accident has befallen him"
1M257 B.239/b/61

From a letter from Wm Cook at Split Lake to Joseph Colen at York
Mar. 13 1798
..."The Boy Queskaho Ethinue is not engage by me but accompany's Pashewow Voluntary in lieu of his two Wifes who remain to cherish the Old Day under his affliction for the lofs of his youngest Daughter - his Father & Suchisquatum are now with the Day. they left Ookisk, Tom Bug & John Patre some 9 days walk below in a miserable Condition the particulars you will learn from the Boy respecting their situation."
1M257 B.239/b/66

Some Native names from the yearly Goose hunt etc. at York Factory 1799
" Hugemowkeshick
John Petre
Kitaway & Deaf Brother Tishawayock"
1M161 B.239/a/101

York Factory Hunt 1814
Sept. 29
"Suckisquatum & party"
Oct. 7
" Kaytowahtum"
Oct. 16
" Shamataway"
Nov. 28
" Wahchuskegwow"
Dec. 1
" Sowenecappo"
Dec. 4
" Pusquaty & Eggina afsum"
Dec. 6
" Keshickow ethin, Pachewethat, Cask & Mahhum"
Dec. 23
" Athaguskaseepee"
Dec. 30
" Wuthawecappo & Wetapum"
1M162 B.239/a/121

York Factory
May 2 1815
"Mistuskenequi & Crabbitch"
1M162 B.239/a/121

York Factory
Apr. 21 1813
" In the Evening Mansee brought a few Furs belonging to his Son Hookemow Keeshick who has been starving all the Winter - He reports that Wahpusk has starved to Death."...
1M162 B.239/a/120

From a letter by Wm Tomison at Buckingham to James Tate
Jan. 30 1793?
" I am sorry to inform you that the Blood is dead, and Longfoot died of his wounds quarreling with the others, The Straight Horn was drowned."
1M18 B.24/a/1

Brandon House
July 14 1797
"the Old Wolverine and Family"
1M17 B.22/a/5

From a letter from John Ballenden to Joseph Colen at York
Severn Journal
Oct. 12 1791
..." Ekames, Ometchick & Wetacasish"..." Aketunen an old Leader"...
1M134 B.198/a/41

From Colen to Ballenden
Severn Journal
Nov.2 1791
..." Weetacasish, having married Molly Ishams daughter he, Ometchick and father, accompanied Catakishock to the Winter ground up this River"...
1M134 B.198/a/41

A list of Natives who had debt at Carlton house(Saskatchewan) in 1815. From the Accounts records. Reel number 1M434
Kus e cau goon e coot
Gau har ga
Gau a wass
Omoo sa bitch
Caw we tusk mait
Half Indian Boy
The Bee
Round Hill
The Loon
Misk ke nask
Bears whistle
Nush wattern
Oh ga han
Mah mus
Che he mian Ushinashis
Oshaw ost
George Sutherland
Long Legs
Cau he my ha gosh
Fall Indian

Cumberland House Journal
Peter Fidler
May 23 1796
"Greedy Gut went away and to return again with Green Meat in five nights time"...
May 27 1797
..."Greedy Gut came in with 25 Geese"...
1M39 B.49/a/27b

Cumberland House Peter Fidler
June 9 1796
"Brafsy, Belberd & One Eye arrived and paid part of their debt"...
1M39 B.49/a/27b

Jan 23 1797
..." John the Irroque arrived here slept 6 nights coming in"...
1M39 B.49/a/27b

Cumberland House
Peter Fidler
August 27 1796
..."Nearly all the Cumberland House Indians arrived here and brought nothing only came for a Treat on hearing of Mr Sutherlands arrival"...

In the margin:
Jack of in?
One Eye

Oher names mentioned over the next few days:
Che ke peake
Menetis away
Mud was sew
Cloudy Day
Bungee Man
1M39 B.49/a/27b


HBCA microfilm numbers:
Reel 1M258 Doc. Ref. No. B.239/b/62   B.239/b/74   B.239/b/75   B.239/b/76
Reel 1M40 Doc. Ref. No. Coming