These are several lists of names of men found in the HBC archives.

Here is a list of Company servants at Severn House from Sept.1796

Thomas Thomas Master
George Taylor Master of the brig
James Swain Trader
Wm Randall Mate of the brig
James Caplay Brig's carpenter
Joseph Johnson Seaman
James Monkman Seaman
Christopher? Robinson Seaman
Joseph Sangster Seaman
Thomas Higgins Seaman
James Budge Seaman
William Hennie? Seaman
Wm Slatter House carpenter
Honeyman Hay
Beakie Goudie Blacksmith
Wm Field Armourer
Nichol Spence Cooper
John Irving Taylor (tailor)
James Wooldridge Sawyer
Magnus Cromartie Labourer

List of servants at Severn House Sept 10,1788

John Ballenden Master of the House
Mr. Moore Sloop master
Geo. Foreman Sloops mate
Mr. Whitford Writer
John Jennings Assistant ditto
John Jones Armourer
John Harrison Carpenter
Thomas Flett Taylor
William Cromartie Sailor
Thomas Huntley ditto
William Dean ditto
William Colley ditto
Thomas Catley ditto
Beaky Goudie ditto
John Taylor Labourer
John Wood ditto

A list of servants at Pelly Fort 1825-26
Swan river district.

Joseph Arean?
Alexander Bremner
Peter Brass
Louis Cure?
Simon Chevilleur?
George Fidler
Charles Goulais
Francois Gagnon
Francois Hoole
Antoine Hoole
James Isbister
Francis? Setinder?
Louis Masecau???
James Morwick
Robert McIntosh
Basile Mousseau
Baptiste Richard
Joseph Rondeau
Peter Sinclair
Alexander Sibbiston?
Thomas Savine?
1M785 B.159/f/2

Nelson House(Churchill River) 1825-26
1 ------ Hill
2 David Gar---?
3 Solomon? Goulet
4 William Harper?
5 Magnus Harper
6 Edward Mowatt
7 James McBeath
8 Louis Portnuy?
9 William Raymond
10 Andrew Wilson
11 Wapasaqua - Indian
12 Donald Rabbit -Indian
13 Jos.? Mand aux Mu man???
1M785 B.141/f/1

Neoskeskau(also written as Nusquiscow) 1814-15
James Clewston?
Duncan W. Donald?
Castella? Thomas
Donald William
-adder? George
Isbister John
Kennedy John
Lenaird Peter
Leultit? John
Moar Thomas
Robertson James
White Peter
1M785 B.143/f/1

New Brunswick House(No.1) 1814-15
George Gladman Senior Master
George Gladman jr.
Alexander Johnstone
Thomas Spiland? from Ireland
William -----?
Thomas Richard
John Richard
George Moore jr.?
Peter Merryman
John Cloriston
William Castella
1M785 B.145/f/1

Pelly Fort 1863
In this folder is the heading "Distibution of Swan River District Servants summer 1863"
Fort Pelly
Daniel John
William ??
Favell William
Green? Joseph
Isaac Jacques
Johnston James
Kennedy Thomas
Lermey? William
Laferte Pierre?
Manitokeachick? Thomas
Landison William
Simpson John
Thorne? George
Young Pascal
1M785 B.159/f/7

Fort Ellice 1863
Beads Jacob
Birston William
Cook Joseph
Garrioch? John
Henderson Francis
King Joseph
Larocque Francois
Parisien? Joseph
Patuande? Baptiste
Pelly John
Pottinger George
Sandison George
Spence Thomas
Wagner Michael
1M785 B.159/f/7

Q'appelle(that's how they spelled it) 1863

Bear Jacob
? ?
Flammand Oliver
_uppee? Joseph
Leblanc Louis
Ducharme Joseph
Prince?? David
Sayer Edward
Bear Henri
Fournier? Francois
1M785 B.159/f/7

Touch'd Hill( I think this is Touchwood Hill) 1863

Bourassa J. Bte.
Buchanan Angus
Cassette Narcisse
Cadotte Joseph
Favell Charles
Gervais Philip
Harper William
Isbister John
Letoille Joseph
McNab Charles
Olsen Olaff
1M785 B.159/f/7

Egg Lake 1863
Brass Peter ( this is written "Brafs")
?runeau? Jeremie?
Sinclair Tho. B.
Gandelle? Francois
1M785 B.159/f/7

Shoal River and Duck Bay(I don't know Duck Bay,but it's in the Swan river distict) 1863

Brass John (same as above)
Beardy? John
Letendre Joseph
Linklater? William
Lapirrie? Peter
Peeposaecapp? William
McKay J. Mn.? R.
1M785 B.159/f/7

Manitobah (could be Manitoba lake)1863

Folster William
McFarlane Robert
Mckay Charles
Mcleod Donald
McDonald Donald
Mowat William
Munro Alexander
Munay? Angus
Villeneuve Francois
1M785 B.159/f/7

This was in a folder labelled York Factory list of servants 1821.
"NoWest Clerks"
"1sT Clafs"
James MacDougall
Wm Henry
Cuthbert Cumming
John Siveright?
Colin Campbell
Peter Fraser
F.? W. Wintzel
James Heron
Henry Hallet
George Nelson
Angus McGillis
Alex Ross
John Cubassa?

2nd Class
George MacDougall
Lachlin McLean
James England
Edward Harrison
Henry Sayer
Charles Mackenzie
Louis Pion
Ovid Montiguy
Nichol Montour
Timan McDonald
Thomas MacKay
Jasper Harris

Apprentice Clerks
Murdock McPherson
Guy Hughes
Charles Brisbois
Wm McGillivray
George Linton
John Mcleod
Paul Fraser
James Douglas
Harry? Fisher
Ronald McDonald
Wm Mittleberger
John McLeod (boy)<-as written
John Allan
Kenneth MacKenzie
George Cameron
John? Bell
Horatio Munro
Alex McTavish
Edward McKay
Duncan Clarke
Robert McKenzie
Duncan Calder
James Hargrave
George Barnton
Alexander McKenzie
Clarke Ross
William Kittson
James Birnie?

John McDonnell
Charles McDease?
Peter Wilborne
W.D. Johnston
Joshua Halcro
Patrick Small
Richard Grant
William Shaw
John Sayer
Joseph Cadotte

Apprentices unfit

James Flemming
Robert Henry
Alexander Fisher
Pierre Cardin
Alexander Douglas
John McDonald
Joseph Jefferies

Nicholas Wicks
Nichol? Andrews
Michael Kline
Simon Fraser
Capt Livingston
Joseph Godin
F.? Delorme
J.B. Rousseau
Louis DelRende
Stanilaus Nicholas
Robert Chisholm
Louis Derion?
Wm Harris
1M785 B.239/f/10

Next list.This one is in the folder labelled "Winnipeg list of servants 1824-25"
The heading inside reads"List of servants at Red River District 1824-25"
John Ashburn
Jean Bte. Boucher?
Wm Borswick
Solomon Bissonette
Francois Courchaine?
Pierre Desniviers?
Antoine Dunord
John Folds?
Peter Henderson
Louis Larivie?
Jacques L'etang
Donald MacDonald
William Malcolm
Pierre Papin
Michel Rheine
Jacques St.Denis
David Scott
John F.? Swanson?
Louis Snembler?

York Factory Servants 1795
Samuel Adamson
John Ballenden 4th.
Peter Brass
John Brown
Stephen Brunwin
Henry Budge
Oman Budge
William Cook
Joseph Colen
Thomas Colen
James Cloriston
Thomas Cloriston
Thomas Cloriston(there IS two)
James Dibble
James Deron
Edward Duncan
Magnus Garston
Peter Goudie
James Halcro
Henry Hay
John Houston?
Magnus Hutchinson
Mitchael? Hunt
Joseph Howse-age 21-parish Cirencester?-Writer-wages 20pounds-expires 1798
Magnus Irvine
James Isbister-age29-parish Harrow-Sawyer-wages 15 pounds-expires 1798
Henry Leask?
William Leigh
John Linklater-age33-parish Birsay-Sawyer-wages 12-expires 1798
Robert Longmoor
William Manson
John Moore
Thomas Moore
George Munro?
Robert Randal
David Robinson
John Robinson
James Ross
Edward Rozie?
James Rozie?
James Sinclair
James Sinclair
James Sinclair(yes three)
William Smith
William Smith(two)
Nichol Spence
Magnus Spence -age 25-Stromness
Thomas Swain
Nichol Tate
William? Tomison
Edward Tomison
John Ward
John Wood
Robert Yorston
Robert William
Adam Linklater-age 35-Stromness-Chiefs Cook-wages 6 pounds-expires 1796
William Walker
William Anderson
William Houston
Chris? Miller

Severn list of servants 1804
James Calder
Magnus Cromartie
Magnus Cragie
John Irvine
Thomas Hackland?
Honeyman Hay
Edward Loudit
James Monkman-Mate of Brig-wages 30 pounds-contract expires 1804
James Sinclair
Joseph? Grove
James Swain
John Robertson
Wm Taylor
Nichol Tate
Thomas Thomas
John Tullock?
John Walker
James Wilson
Robert Wood

In the HBC Accounts books, there is a list of "Men's Debts", under the heading "York Factory North America". If there's an "x" after the name, that's how it was signed. If it says "signed", then the man could at least sign his name and maybe write. If there is nothing after the name, then the man was probably "inland" in 1794. Senior and junior doesn't mean father and son. It's a way for the HBC to tell the difference between men with same names.

Allan, Nichol x
Annel, Magnus-killed by natives
Bias, James
Brown, Peter
Brough, Hugh-killed by natives
Brough, John-signed
Brown, Thomas x
Ballenden, John Sen.-signed
Ballenden, John jun. x
Birston, Alex
Birston, Magnus x
Bruce, Benjamin
Budge, William x
Chambers, Magnus x
Corrigal, William
Corrigal, John
Davey, Andrew
Davey, James x
Davey, John-signed
Fea, William-killed by natives
Flett, Alexander-signed
Flett, Andrew
Flett, William Sen.
Flett, John-signed
Flett, James Sen.-signed
Flett, William jun.-signed
Garroch, Rob. Sen.-signed
Garroch, Rob. jun.
Grott, Malcom x
Gun, Alex x
Gun, John
Goutcher, George x
Goutcher, Thomas x
Harper, John Sen.
Harper, John jun.
Hay, Charles-signed
Hay, Henry x
Houston, Hugh x
Hutchinson, James
Hutchins, Peter
Johnson, John Sen.
Johnson, William
Johnson, James Sen.
Johnson, John jun. x
Irvin, James x
Irvin, John jun. x
Isbister, William-signed
Leask, Hugh
Laughton, Gilbert-signed
Leith, Laughton-signed
Leith, Nichol x
Linkletter, Thomas x
Mowatt,Donald x
Mowatt, John
Mowatt, William-signed
Morrowick, James
Paplay, John-signed
Park, John-signed
Park, James x
Rich, William-signed "William Ritch"
Robinson, George
Randal, Robert-signed
Ross, John-signed "John Rofs"
Stickler, John Sen. x
Sabbiston, Peter Sen. x
Sabbiston, Peter jun.-signed "Peter Sabiston"
Sabbiston, William-signed "William Sabiston"
Sabbiston, Howee
Sabbiston, John x
Short, George
Simpson, John x
Sinclair, William
Sinclair, James
Spence, James Sen.
Spence, James jun.-signed
Spence, George
Spence, Magnus Sen.-signed
Spence, Magnus jun.
Stainger, George x
Stainger, Thomas x
Tate, Magnus-signed
Tate, William x
Thompson, John
Taylor, Thomas-signed
Thomas Thomas- a note says "not to be charged"
Ward, John-signed
Wishart, Edward
Mr. Whitford-signed "James Peter Whitford"
Whitley, Robert
Wilson, Robert

Another list seems to start here.

Brown, John-signed
Budge, John
Clouston, Thomas-signed
Duncan, Edward x
Folster, James x
Garston, Magnus-signed "Magnus Garson"
Goudie, Peter-signed
Halcro, Thomas
Hourie, James-signed "James Hourei"
Hutchinson, Magnus-signed
Hunt, Mitchel-signed "Michael Hunt"
Irvin, Magnus x
Inkster, John-signed
Isbister, James x
Isbister, Thomas-signed
Kirkness, Adam-signed
Linkletter, John Sen. x
Leith, William x
Leask, Henry-signed
Lutit, James-signed "James Louttit"
Lutit, Thomas x
Manson, William x
Miller, Christopher-signed
Moore, Thomas-signed
Moor, John-signed "John Moore"
Norquoy, Oman
Rozie, Edward-signed "Edward Rofsie"....I think this is Rossie.
Rofs, James-signed "James Rofs". Same here. James Ross
Sinclair, James Brik[layer]?-signed "James Sinclair"
Sinclair, James Shipwr[ight]-signed "James Sinclair"
Sinclair, William x
Smith, Thomas-signed
Smith, William-signed
Smith, James-signed
Spence, Nichol-signed
Spence, Thomas-deceased
Stickler, Thomas x
Swain, Thomas-signed
Tomison, Edward
Jennings, John-signed
Pruden, Jn. Peter-signed "John Peter Pruden"
Mr. Cockings children
Corrigal, Alex
Flett, James jun.
Groundwater, William
Halcro, Magnus
Irvin, John Sen. deceased
Knight, Rich. R.
Lowes, William R.
Meal, Robert
Sinclair, Thomas
Thompson, Alex

A list of men who worked at Carlton House(Saskatchewan) in 1814. Reel 1M19

John Peter Pruden
James Sandison Senior
James Sandison Junior
John Tate
John Hourie
James Spence
Thomas Patterson
John Flett
Richard Cunningham
Adam Mowatt
James Slater
Robert Sandison
George Sandison
John Merriman
James Whitford Junior - from Paint Creek
John Ashburn - from Paint Creek

Hudson House Journal
List of men leaving for Hudson House
Sept. 1780

Robert Longmoor
James Elphington
Malcolm Rofs
Magnus Twatt
Charles Isham
Mitchell Oman
William Oman
James Spence Sen.
Robert Davy
William Leutit
James Sanderson
James Spence Jun.
Magnus Annell
James Tate
Thomas Tate
Thomas Johnston
Nicholas Wishart
Edward Wishart
William Coupland
William Folster
George Rofs
John Irvin
"and one homeguard Indian"
1M63 B.87/a/3

Brandon House Journal
Dec. 1815
written in the margin
"Men at Brandon House"
Peter Fidler
Ja Inkster Cooper
Tho Fidler Writer
Tho Favel Interpreter
Jn Lyons Hunter
Rb Clouston Smith
James Anderson Taylor
Ja Moore
Harry Gear
Jn Flett
Rd Cunningham
Angus McIvan
Jn Kipling jun.
1M17 B.22/a/

A list of names ages occupations and parishes with a few exceptions.
Aug. 12 1793 York Factory Journal

"Entered on our Books"

1 Mr. John Cornelius Vandriel

2 Henry Hallet Writer

3 Thomas Swain Writer

4 James Sinclair age 35 Shipwright Stromness

5 Nichol Spence age 29 Boat Builder Stromness

6 James Loutit age 27 Taylor Harray

7 John Harper age 21 Taylor Birsay

8 James Walter age 22 Taylor Firth

9 Honeyman Hay age 20 Joiner Stromness

10 Chris' Miller age 19 Labourer Evie

11 Alex Birston age 19 Labourer Ronaldsha

12 William Sinclair age 19 Labourer returned to England Harray

13 James Sinclair age 24 Labourer Harray

14 Thomas Strickler age 20 Labourer Birsay

15 Magnus Hutchinson age 27 Labourer Evie

16 Thomas Spence age 18 Labourer Stromness

17 Edward Duncan 40 Labourer Ronaldsha

18 John Budge age 19 Labourer Ronaldsha

19 John Moar age 20 Labourer Birsay

20 Thomas Louttit age 25 Labourer Harray

21 Nichol Tate age 18 Labourer and apprentice to the Shipwright

22 Chris' Robinson age 23 Sailor Evie

23 James Rofs age 22 Sailor Birsay

24 Henry Leask age 26 Sailor Rindale?

25 Edward Tomison 36 Labourer Stromness

26 John Inkster Sailor

27 Samuel Adamson Joiner & House Carpenter

28 William Field Armourer

29 Mitchel? Hunt Smith & Armourer
1M161 B.239/a/95

Humphrey Marten at York
Aug.1 1785
" At five this morning
Wm Tomison
George Hudson
Magnus Twatt
Malcholm Rofs
Magnus Flett
Wm Flett junior
James Spence senior
James Spence junior
Magnus Annell
James Gray
Edward Wishart
Mitchell Oman
James Tate
Magnus Spence
James Sandison
John Sabestone
James Boriwick?
John Irvine
Andrew Corrigal
George Rofs
William Copeland
James Morowick
James Johnson
John Kirknefs
Robert Davey
John Flett
Jsmes Flett senior
James Flett junior came out 1783
William Saunders
Hugh Lisk
James Banks
William Folster
Thomas Robinson,
in all 53 Men with 19 Women two young lads and a few Children set off for Inland."...
1M160 B.239/a/84

Joseph Colen York Factory Journal
July 23 1789
" Twenty-two Englishmen 2 Canadians & 3 Indians set off in 8 large Canoes with Trading Goods for the Inland Settlements"

"Edward Wishart
William Sabbiston
James Flett Sen.

James Morrowick
Nicol Allan
James Murry

Alex Corrigal
James Batt
John Strickler

Gilbert Laughton
Robert Garrock
Peter Brown

Magnus Spence
Peter Sabbeston
James Linklater

Hugh Lisk
John Irvine Jun.
John Flett

Andrew Davey
James Davey
George Short

Antony Godda
John Groat
Alex Flett"
1M160 B.239/a/89