" Edmonton House Journal
Commencing June 30th 1799
Ending July 9th 1800"

" A Diary of the Transactions & Occurances at Edmonton House & on the Pafsage from & too Gordon House by Mr James Bird."

June 30 1799
" Sunday A fresh breeze Westerly clear Weather. At 7 AM Embarked with Six canoes in company. - Encamped at the burnt wood carrying place."

" The Copy of a letter arrived from Mr John Ballanden
Gordon House June 27th 1799
Mr James Bird
Mr Tomison being unable to resume his former Station Inland on account of the accident which has lately so unfortunately befallen him. You are hereby authorized and directed to proceed Inland and to take charge of all the Settlements in that quarter now subordinate to York which? You are to supply as far as in your power with a proper Afsortment of Trading goods & other Necefsaries suitable to, and required? to the Several Stations.
Mr Longmoor not choosing to return to Swan River, Mr Howse is appointed to take the command in his room being every way qualified and generally appears? as a fit person for that Station. I have however been given to understand that the Honble Companys Servants may be made advantageously employed in some other ? ?. this Matter I reccomend? to your ? however? if you should ultimately be of this Oppinion ? ? ? to withdraw them from swan river and to dispose of them in such other Way as you shall conceive the most likely to be beneficial to the Honble Company and in this case you will appoint Mr Howse to some other Settlements where he may have a better opportunity of Employing his Abilities for the Companys Interest.
When you arrive at Cumberland House you are to dispatch Six canoes to the northward as Mr Tomison Intended to have done had he been able to have returned to Cumberland House. Two of those canoes are to be Stationed in the Beaver River and the other four to proceed up it to the red Deers Lake. Mr Peter Fiddler is deemed the most proper person to conduct this undertaking & Mr Pruden should be sent from Buckingham House to Afsist him. as to the other Houses prudence will direct you whom to put in charge.
Expedition will be required to gain Cumberland House before the Canadians arrive on account of the Indian guides that stay there and Whom Mr Tomison intended to have brought down with him out of their way had they been agreeable to have followed him. - Should Circumstances not allow you to forward two? Boats with ? Canoes? immediately on your arrival at Oxford House you will Neverthelefs dispatch as much goods as pofsible you can?. Your own Discretion will point out to you such other Steps as Shall be necefsary for the Attainment of the desired end.
You are to act Conformably to these Instructions till the orders of the Honble Committee be more particularly communicated to me on this subject, always observing to adopt such plans & take such measures as Shall be most conducive to the Interest of our Honourable Employers.
Wishing you every Succefs
I remain Sir
Your Obt. Humble Servant
Sighned William Tomison
John Ballanden"

July 1 1799
" Monday A fresh gale NW with rain at times. At 5 AM Embarked & at 6 PM Encamped on the last Carrying place in hill river."

July 2
" Tuesday A fresh breeze NW clear Weather. At 4 AM Embarked. Encamped on the long carrying place in Jack River."

July 3
" Wednesday Fresh Breezes Variable with rain in the Afternoon. At 6 AM embarked Carried & paddled till 3? PM when a gale of wind from SW accompanied with rain oblidged us to put ashore on an Island in the Knee Lake."

July 4
" Thursday A Strong gale NW cloudy Weather with showers of rain. At 8? AM embarked paddled & Sailed till 7 PM then encamped. Found here seven canoes which left gordon House the 29th Ult. pafsed 4 Canoes windBound which are going to Gordon House."

July 5
" Friday A fresh Breeze NW clear weather. At 4 AM embarked paddled & Carried &c till 4 PM when we arrived at Oxford House."

July 6
" Saturday A fresh Breeze Ely part clear part Cloudy Weather. Employed Settling the men & giving them provisions &c who are to return to gordon House. Two Canoes we had left Behind arrived."

July 7
" Sunday Light airs variable Weather as yesterday."

July 8
" Monday Wind & Weather as yesterday. At 7 AM twenty five men embarked in 7 Canoes loaded with furs for Gordon House. - Employed Settling the men and giving which? provisions &c who are to proceed inland."

" Copy of a letter Sent to Mr Wm. Tomison
Oxford House July 8th 1799
We arrived here the fifth Inst. tho part of the Canoes did not arrive till yesterday.
I Endeavoured to engage the men whose times are Expired but none of them will enter into Contract at this place save Henry Budge though I Beleive some of them will be willing to return from gordon House. indeed its absolutely necefsary that some should be engaged there otherwise it will be impofsible to man even three more Boats from this place - Nicholas Spence is willing to return inland at the wages allowed him for one year & as he is so necefsary a man I have Kept him here to finish the oars &c and accompany the next Boats up unlefs you should think it improper to accept of his Services for a Single year.
I have enclosed an account of the provisions that are here from which you will perceive that we shall have little oatmeal more than will fit out the two Boats & 6 Canoes but that their will be a tolerable Quantity of Flour Still Remaining.
Sir Your Most Obt. Servt.
signed James Bird."

July 9
" Tuesday A fresh Breeze SE Cloudy Weather. Employed afsorting Cargoes for the Boats & Canoes &c."

July 10
" Wednesday A fresh Breeze ESE Cloud Weather with heavy Showers of rain. At 7 AM embarked with two Boats & Six Canoes in Company together Carrying upwards of 200 pieces of Trading goods for Cumberland House. rowed Sailed & Carried till 7 PM then encamped on the upper carrying place in Wippinapanis River."

July 11
" Thursday A fresh gale NW with rain. At 4 AM embarked but? to the rain Oblidged us to put ashore. At 12 again embarked rowed &c all day and encamped at 8 PM on the Hill Carrying place."

July 12
" Friday A fresh gale NW cloudy cold weather. At 4 AM the men began to carry & by twelve the Boats were over the Carrying place we then embarked and arrived at the white fall at 4 PM."

July 13
" Saturday Light Breeze NW with Showers of rain. Men employed carrying goods & hauling Boats over the carrying place."

July 14
" Sunday A fresh Breeze NE Cloudy weather with a little rain. At 4 AM embarked paddled & Carried till 4 PM then put up at a Beaver dam in Echewemamis to allow the water time to go down before us."

July 15
" Monday light airs variable clear sultry weather. repaired the Beaver dam, and at 7 AM embarked paddled Carried and repaired Beaver dams to keep a sufficiency of water in the river for the next Boats. At 7 PM encamped."

July 16
" Tuesday Wind & Weather as yesterday. At 3 AM embarked and encamped at 7 PM near the head of sea river."

July 17
" Wednesday Wind & Weather as before. At 3 AM embarked. at 7 Arrived at Jack river House. - At 12 OClock we set off again took Hugh Sabeston & John Budge with us. the former to accompany Mr Fidler to Beaver river & the latter to afsist in enabling us to take up 2 Canoes from Cumberland House in case the Canadians may have built above Edmonton House & it should prove impractical to follow them with Boats. Encamped in play green lake near lake Winnipeg."

July 18
" Thursday Fresh Breezes SE clear hot weather. At 4 AM embarked Sailed & rowed till 10 PM then encamped on a small Island in lake Winipeg."

July 19
" Friday Wind and weather as yesterday. At 4 AM embarked rowed & paddled &c till 10 PM then encamped in Sight of the great rapid."

July 20
" Saturday Light Breezes NW Cloudy Weather with rain in the afternoon. At 4 AM embarked and at 7 arrived at the Bottom of the rapid. At 8 one Boat & five canoes all lightened sett off up the fall, returned and went up again with the remaining part of their Cargoes. The Boatmen arrived again at the Bottom of the fall."

July 21
" Sunday A fresh Breeze Nly Cloudy Weather inclinable ? to rain. At 5 AM one canoe arrived from the Carrying place to afsist up with the Boats Cargoes. & at 7 set off up the rapid with the Boat in Company. at 10 arrived at the Carrying place."

July 22
" Monday Wind & Weather as yesterday. Men Employed carrying & hauling the Boats over the Carrying place."

July 23
" Tuesday a fresh Breeze NE Clear Weather. At 4 AM embarked tracked rowed Sailed & Carried till 9 PM then encamped at the narrow of the Cedar lake the Canoes in Company."

July 24
" Wednesday AM Light Breezes SE PM A fresh Breeze Ely part Clear part Cloudy weather. At 3 AM embarked Sailed & rowed till 8 PM then encamped a little Beyond the Cedar lake. Canoes in Company."

July 25
" Thursday A fresh Breeze NE clear Weather. At 4 AM embarked, Sailed, rowed, handed & Carried till 9 PM then encamped in Saskatchawan river. Canoes in head."

July 26
" Friday light airs variable part Clear part Cloudy Sultry Weather. At 4 AM embarked rowed till 7 PM then encamped. Canoes Still in head."

July 27
" Saturday Wind and weather as yesterday. At 4 AM embarked rowed till 8 PM then encamped a little below Busquiau. Canoes in head."

July 28
" Sunday AM fresh Breezes SE clear Weather PM ? with heavy Showers of rain thunder & lightening."

July 29
" Monday A Strong gale NW Cloudy Weather with showers of rain. At 4 AM embarked rowed till 8 PM then encamped at the mouth of the little? river."

July 30
" Tuesday A Strong gale W to NW cloudy weather with showers of rain. At 3 AM embarked rowed & tracked till 4 PM when we arrived in sight of Cumberland House when the wind oblidged us to remain. at 5 PM unloaded a Boat & sett off for Cumberland House where we arrived at 8 & had the pleasure to find Mr Fidler & men all well."

July 31
" Wednesday a fresh Breeze northerly Cloudy weather. At 4 AM the canoes & boats arrived."

" The Copy of a letter received from Mr Pruden

Buckingham House June 17th 1799
I embrace Opportunity of informing you how affairs are going on in this quarter. In the first place there are six Canadians in a Canoe belonging the NW Company gone up the river near to the edge of the Stonney? Mountain to build a house which I understand is about 30 Days Journey from Edmonton. Also three more Canadians with some Indians went by land to a place the Indians Call the ? Track which is a long narrow place that leads down to the river, Opposite to where they are going to build. 2ndly Mr King went from Edmonton House with 2 men and made a ? round the Summer Berry river fell in with all the Bungee and Ottaway? Indians and took them all to red Deers lake where they mean to winter as far as I understand by Mr King who pafsed here this morning from that Quarter and is gone down to the House they are building which is near the turtle Creek on the South Side of the Turtle Creek on the south side of the river where he remains till the fall.
We have had a very quiet summer so far not an Indian nigh us but our Hunter and one more. the Indians that was here when the Craft left this place, are gone down to where the french is building and seven more tents of Edmonton House Indians pafsed by this place on the south side of the river and going below to thieve Horses from the Indians of the Touchwood Mountain and is to return back in the fall so I Suppose you will see something of them on your ?.
As their is no Indian to be got here to Pilot into the Red Deers Lake will oblidge me to send Alex Flett to Edmonton House and get their Hunter for a pilot as he is perfectly Auquainted with the road.
Mr Ducett? the little? Companys Master pafsed here the 1st June and I think by what he said he ? ? going to build higer up the river till the Fall.
As their is nothing more particular to relate to you I will remain with Wishing an Early Sight of You.
Your Obdt. Humble Servant
John Peter Pruden."

Aug. 1 1799
" Thursday A fresh Breeze SE Clear Weather. Ordered the Steersmen appointed by Mr Tomison to go to Beaver river to get themselves & Canoes in readinefs to Embark as soon as pofsible, but the Greater part of them declare that they are absolutely determined not to go whatever may be the Consequence, the Others tell us that they will Comply with our orders if we give them additional wages but not otherwise. We have explained to them the punishment they must necefsairly expect from so absolute a denial of their duty & such a flagrant breach of Contracts but this last they tell us is a mere matter of ? & Can have no effect; further since they have already drawn their Wages out of the Honble Companys hands It therefore only remains for your Honours to make such an example of them as will ensure obedience from all the rest on this establishment for the future ? Should these escape with impunity. - the little ? that has been (but very lately) happily established will be ? subverted and it will consequently be utterly impofsible to carry on your Honours concerns in this part with any degree of vigour."

Aug. 2
" Friday A light Breeze SW part Clear part Cloudy weather. Employed packing up an afsortment of Goods for Beaver river."

Aug. 3
" Saturday Wind & Weather as yesterday. Employed settling men for three canoes &c for to go to Beaver river. these are all we are capable of fitting out the principal part of the men obstinately refusing to go nor could we even have got men for three had not Mr Isham sensible of the difficulties we laboured under Volantirely offered his services to steer one of the Canoes."

Aug. 4
" Sunday Wind & weather as yesterday. Getting every thing ready for embarking to Morrow."

Aug. 5
" Monday a fresh Breeze NW Clear Sultry weather. At 9 AM Mefs Fidler & Isham with ten men & an Indian pilot embarked in three canoes Carrying? ? pieces Trading goods for to make a Settlement in Beaver river & at 10 I embarked with two Boats & three Canoes. left John Irvin, Benjamin Bruce & Magnus Tate (who not only obstinately refuse going to Beaver river themselves but have made use of every artifice in their power to prevent others) at Cumberland house with orders to go down to York. rowed till 8 PM then encamped."

Aug. 6
" Tuesday light airs Westerly clear hot Weather. At 4 AM embarked rowed tracked &c till 7 PM then encamped."

" Copy of a letter left at Cumberland House to be sent to Mr Tomison & Council York Fort.

Cumberland House Aug. 5th 1799
After a pleasant pafsage Mefs Bird, Houfse & Isham arrived here the 30th Ult.
Soon after their arrival we gave orders to the men Appointed by Mr Tomison to accompany Mr Fidler to get themselves and Canoes in readinefs to go to Beaver river, the greater part of them absolutely refused let the Consequences be what it might; Those who have principally distinguished themselves on this Occasion are the following John Irvin, Benj. Bruce & Magnus Tate whom we have sent down to the factory as deserving in our oppinion ? exemplary Punishment, the two former more especially as they have not only denied duty themselves but have practised every artifice to seduce others to follow their Example. There are two others that are alike guilty Viz. Alex Gun & Geo. Goudie? but as their influence with the men has not been so great and from other prudential Motives we have thought proper to detain them neverthelefs we have no Doubt that you will acquiesce with us in considering them as highly meriting punishment as severe as a heavy fine can inflict.
With our utmost Exertions we are unable to man more than three Canoes nor should we have accomplished this had not Mr Isham who perceived the Difficulties we were labouring under stepped forward & Voluntarily offered his services in Steering a Canoe to Beaver river and afterwards to come acrofs land to Buckingham House.
You will naturally conceive from what has happened that our Situation has been extremly unpleasant and that it has proved to us a Source of the greatest disappointment and vexation. We have made use of every effect? in our power to recall the men to a sense of their Duty, we have remonstrated with them on the impropriety of their Behaviour we have Conceded every thing that could with ? be attended to and we have ? given? them our Strongest Afsurances that such a representation should be made to the Honble Committee of the more laborious? Duty they had to undergo as would Doubtlefs procure them a suitable advance of Wages, on the other hand we have stated them the consequences that must inevitably answer (Dismifsal from the service & Forfeiture of Wages) if they should still persist in their denial of duty; but our endeavours have been utterly ineffective & it now only remains to take such Steps as may most Effectually serve to moderate that Mutinous Disposition which has indeed several times manifested itself in a Smaller Degree but has now Broken loose with such unexampled Voilence.
In the present situation of the Honble Companys affairs and under the existing Circumstances in particular we are fully persuaded you will concur in oppinion with us that this is a most important Crisis, it were supperfluous in us to say that it demands no incosiderable share of Attention. we are confident you feel too much Interested in the prosperity of the Honble Companys concerns not to bestow on it that Mature Deliberation so eventful and? ? ? you cannot ? to ? that? every servant on this establishment of Whatever Description he anxiously awaits the Ifsue.
Positive orders have been given to those men and they have as positively refused to Obey; your Conduct on this Occasion will either insure the obedience of servants with all its beneficial? Consequences or convince them that they may with impunity Contemn? the rains? of their Superiors & thus be not only an insuperable Obstacle to further Improvement in the management of the Honble Company's affairs but a foundation of irretrievable mischief.
Now will be Indisputably decided? this Simple yet as it seems undetermined question which of the two is esteemed the more probable method of advancing the Interest of our Honble Employers whether to carry into Execution a plan suggested by an Experienced & Vigilant Officer undertaken by one not lefs active & enterprizing aided by the prompt Obedience of his men or Whether it be an implicit submifsion to the will of the servants & Supinely to adapt or relinquish such schemes as they may think proper to approve or reject. Now will all know whether for the future the servant is to comply with the orders of his master or the master to act under the immediate Direction & ? of his Servants.
We cannot but feel a little concerned for the men Who have displayed so unusual a degree of Obstinacy on this Occasion who have rejected our proffered Indulgences and act so Directly in Opposition to our repeated admonetions; yet neverthelefs we hope that they will not through an ill timed Lenity? have further reason to Believe what they now Confidently afsert that their Contracts are void & of no effect; but loosing sight of the Individual & keeping a steady eye on the Interest of our Honble Employers we are persuaded you will take such measures as shall for the future support the officer in his authority and preserve such a degree of Subordination as Shall avert the ruinous and often times irremediable consequences attending a state of General disobediance.
We must not omit to reccomend to your notice Joseph Lewis for his very laudable Beheaviour on this occafsion he having from the beginning exprefsed his readinefs to go wherever he should Be sent notwithstanding he thereby exposed himself to the resentment of the rest of his fellow Servants who it seems had form'd a Combination in the most determined manner to oppose any orders that might be Ifsued for the expedition to Beaver river & we beg leave to exprefs our hope that the Honble Committee will reward him for his very singular & Meritorious Conduct.
In Compliance with the wishes of Mr Tomisons we have endeavoured to prevail on Mr Richards to return into the Honble Companys Service and have suceeded. we agree to allow him thirty pounds for this year as an Interpreter and to go to Indians Occasionly for which he is every way fully Qualified. He hopes the Honble Company will allow him 40 £ pr annum for three years to Commence from 1800. If the 6 Canoes had gone to Beaver river we intended that he should accompany Mr Fidler to the red Deers lake and we have still hopes of being able to send him accrofs with goods &c by land from Buckingham House.
We Have received a letter from Mr Pruden dated the 22nd of June 1799 in which he informs us that they were then all very well and that they had then seen no Indians since the Boats left that place in the spring. He also Informs us that the Canadians are gone to Build two houses near thirty Days above Edmonton House one by the river at the foot of the stoney mountain and the other to the northward at a place called the Wolfes Track. he had not been able to get a guide to go acrofs to the red Deers Lake but Intended to send for the Hunter from Edmonton House who says is a very good one. wishing you an Early Ship time We remain Gent. Your Obt Humble Servt.
? J. Bird - P. Fidler - J. Howse"

" The Copy of a letter Sent to Mr William Sinclair

Edmonton House Aug. 6th 1799
The Bearers are three men who were appointed by Mr Tomison and accordingly ordered by me to go to Beaver river but Absolutely refuse to go. You will therefore please to send them on to the Factory & forward the letters &c to Mr Tomison.
I remain Sir
Your Humble Servant
James Bird."

Aug. 7
" Wednesday A fresh Breeze Westerly Clear hot Weather. at 4 AM embarked rowed tracked &c till 7 PM then encamped. - Pafsed a tent of Bungee Indians from whom we traded a little meat &c."

Aug. 8
" Thursday Light Breezes variable part Clear part Cloudy Weather with Showers of rain. At 4 AM embarked rowed & Tracked till 7 PM then encamped. Pafsed a tent of Cumberland House Indians. Traded a little Dried meat &c from them."

Aug. 9
" Friday Light Breezes Wly Clear hot Weather. At 4 AM embarked rowed tracked &c till 7 PM then encamped."

Aug. 10
" Saturday Wind & Weather as yesterday. at 4 AM embarked tracked till 7 PM then encamped a little above the Nippowin."

Aug. 11
" Sunday Wind and weather as before. at 4 AM embarked tracked till 7 PM then encamped."

Aug. 12
" Monday Wind & weather as before. at 4 AM embarked tracked till 4 PM when we arrived at Carleton House & had the satisfaction to find James Sandison & men all well."

Aug. 13
" Tuesday A fresh gale NW AM Cloudy weather with rain, PM Clear. Left a few pieces of Goods exchanged some men who were unwell and at 11 AM embarked tracked till 7 PM then encamped."

Aug. 14
" Wednesday A fresh Breeze NW Clear weather. At 4 AM embarked tracked till 7 PM then encamped a little below the Carp river."

Aug. 15
" Thursday early a thick Fog afterwards light airs Ely Clear weather. At 5 AM embarked tracked & rowed till half past 7 PM then encamped near Setting river house."

Aug. 16
" Friday A fresh Breeze Ely clear weather. at 4 AM embarked rowed Sailed & tracked till 7 PM then encamped a little way above hudsons House. Met 2 Canadians from the upper Settlements in their way to Carleton House who Delivered us the following letter from Mr Pruden."

" The Copy of a letter received from Mr Pruden

Buckingham House August 10th 1799
A Canadian they name the Little Wolf that is going down to meet the Canoes gives me an opportunity of informing you how affairs is going on in this quarter. Alex Flett has been on discovery to the red Deers Lake from Edmonton House but has returned without succefs, the Bogs & Woods being so bad that he was oblidged to return Short. The NW Companys men that was sent to build a House at the stonney mountain returned in the first part of the Summer. they were sent off again with Strict orders to build and a few days ago they all Came back bag & baggage. the reason of this I cannot properly tell but they seem to say that the Southerd Indians is against it & that there is no provisions to be got there but they are Determined to build there when their Canoes arrive. There has been but a few Swampy Ground Stone Indians & the little old man with his family & the Big Bastard that is tenting with him in here since the Craft left this in the spring.
None of the Blackgards that used to visit this place every Summer has been seen yet and now we don't expect them as the time of the Year is past.
We have all pafsed a very good Summer here getting plenty to eat & no Indians to molest us in the least.
Having nothing more Particular to acquiant you of I remain with wishing an Early sight of you
Your Obt. Humble Servant
John Peter Pruden."

Aug. 17
" Saturday A Fresh Breeze SE Clear hot weather. at 5 AM embarked rowed tracked &c till 7 PM then encamped. killed Several Buffaloe."

Aug. 18
" Sunday Light breezes SE clear hot Weather. at 5 AM embarked rowed tracked &c till 7 PM then encamped. at 11 AM John Irvin Magnus Tate & Ben Bruice who having absolutely refused to go to Beaver river as ordered, I had left at Cumberland House with orders to return to the Factory overtook us & Delivered me the following letter from Mr Joseph Howse."

" The Copy of a letter received from Mr J. Howse

Cumberland House Aug. 9th 1799
Dear Sir
It will doubtlefs be a matter of Surprise to you to see the Bearers of this letter Viz. John Irvin, Ben Bruice & Magnus Tate who were left with me in order to their going to the Factory; but when you understand how I am at present situated I Flatter Myself you will approve the step I have taken.
Yesterday arrived here two Canoes from the grand portage which are (as I am Informed) part of a large fleet fitted out there this Season and are now on their way to this Quarter for the first Time. These you will observe are a separate Concern from that of last Year who likewise will soon make their appearance here.
This then being the case and the men before alluded to having positively refused to go to the Factory it appears to me that at any rate they will be more serviceable even up the Seskechewan which is the only place they Consent to go to than they can pofsibly be here having Been put off Duty several days in Consequence of their Disobedience, indeed under any Circumstances almost their Services can very well be dispensed with at this place.
An Application on their part to Mr McGillivray to enter into? their employ is an occurance too that has its weight with me. Notwithstanding Mr McGillivray's polite Compliance with my wishes that he would decline engaging them till the arrival of the rest of the Gentlemen of the North West Company.
Having too great reason to think (from the Conversation I have had with Mr McGillivray) that their services would be readily accepted, I take this opportunity of sending them off in the interim by which I propose to myself two efsential points Viz. the Honble Companys reaping the Benefit of their Services this year, and the next Summer the Chief & council will be enabled by having them in their Custody to send them to England if such a step forward Should be Deem'd Necefsary.
I have sent by them the few goods that are left here and have ordered them to be as expeditious as pofsible.
Wishing their safe arrival I remain
Dear Sir
Your Most Obt. Servant
Joseph Howse."

Aug. 19
" Monday AM a fresh Breeze NE afterwards calm Clear Weather. At haf past 4 PM embarked Sailed rowed & tracked till 7 PM then encamped."

Aug. 20
" Tuesday A fresh gale Ely part Clear part Cloudy weather. At 4 AM embarked Sailed & rowed &c till 7 PM then Encamped."

Aug. 21
" Wednesday A fresh Breeze SW clear Weather. At 5 AM embarked rowed & tracked &c till 7 PM then encamped near? Battle river. Pafsed 13 Tents of Southerd Indians from whom we traded a little Leather, dried provisions & a few Beaver Skins. They say they Intend wintering & hunting Beaver (with 4 More tents of Indians who are near the Canadian House at Turtle river) in and about the eagle Hill."

Aug. 22
" Thursday AM a fresh breeze SE afterwards SW Clear Weather. At 5 AM embarked Sailed tracked & rowed till 8 PM then encamped at the canadian House Turtle river."

Aug. 23
" Friday A fresh Breeze SW clear Weather. at 5 AM embarked tracked & rowed till 8 PM then encamped a little Below Manchester House."

Aug. 24
" Saturday Light airs SE? Clear Weather. At 5 AM Embarked rowed tracked &c till 7 PM then encamped. sent one Canoe to proceed on as fast as pofsible to Buckingham House with orders for Mr Pruden to send for Horses from Edmonton House as fast as pofsible to afsist in Conveying goods to Red Deers Lake &c."

Aug. 25
" Sunday Light airs SE clear Weather. At 5 AM embarked tracked till 7 PM then Encamped Killed 1 Cow Buffalo."

Aug. 26
" Monday A fresh Breeze Wly Clear Weather. At 5 AM Embarked tracked till 11 when we were oblidged to put ashore & repair a Boat. at 4 PM Sett off again & tracked till 7."

Aug. 27
" Tuesday Wind & weather as yesterday. at 5 AM embarked tracked till 5 PM then encamped to fetch the meat of a Cow Buffalo."

Aug. 28
" Wednesday Light Breezes variable with heavy showrs of rain. At 5 PM found Mr Pruden who was come on Horseback to meet us."

Aug. 29
" Thursday A fresh Breeze Wly Clear Weather. At 5 AM the Canoes & Boats embarked & at 6 set off with Mr Pruden on horseback for the House where we arrived at 10? PM. the Canoes & Boats arrived."

Aug. 30
" Friday Wind & weather as yesterday. Employed getting an afsortment of goods ready to send to Red Deers Lake."