" A Journal of Winds, Weather and Transactions at Brandon House commencing the 13th September 1800 ending the 22d May 1801 by Mr Robert Goodwin Master"

Sept. 13 1800
" Saturday Wind Wly fine weather arrived late last night found Mr Bunn & all well 2 Lodges of Crees and Asniboils have been waiting some time for me to receive their fall drink and to be paid for Prov. supplied Mr Bunn & men during the Summer presented to the Chiefs (viz.) Capt. Uckimauwescome, Jepormausish and Ninoas,we,cappo their Lieut. & Men 40 Gn. mixt Liquor."

Sept. 14
" Sunday Wind Wly fine day Indians came for payment for their Prov. at noon Muscofs the Hunter rec'd pay for 10 Bulls 6 Elk 76 Pcs of Meat 18 Bladders fatt some Tongues and beat Meat killed during my Absence, all the Battaux's arrived towards Evening."

Sept. 15
" Monday Wind Sly fine day Indians still drunk the Lock came with 20 B. green flesh &c for Liquor; Mr Bunn, Prince & Lenay packing Goods for Inland. I shall be obliged to send Mr Bunn with a small outfitt as far as Shell River the water being very shoal & fearfull craft cannot get all the way to Mr John Sutherland, Men watching and attending Indians."

Sept. 16
" Tuesday Wind, Weather & Men as before. several Bands of Asniboils came in with Prov. paid them for 97 Pcs Meat used in Summer traded 122 Pcs Meat 38 Bladders fatt and 150 lb beat Meat, towards Evening men repairing the Craft ready to start to morrow for the Elbow."

Sept. 17
" Wednesday Wind Ely all the Crees and Asniboils went away after they was all debted. I am very fearfull our Trade will be very little being surrounded by the Canadians belonging to the Old & new Companies, we cannot do much having too few Men by one half, & the Liquor being upwards of 300 Gn. lefs than last Year. at noon sent 2 Battaux's for above, Mr Bunn will follow with the Horses above the Grand Rapids; - I had very little shot to send altho Mr Sutherland wrote for a large supply; the Men got for their Journey 200 lb Piece Meat 6 Bags of Pimetigon 540 lbs, 48 lb fatt & some green meat."

Sept. 18
" Thursday Wind Wly blows fresh. Mr Bunn & 2 men went to the grand Rapid with the Horses loaded; the water being shoal the Craft could not take them. at noon 3 bands of Crees came in for debt brot 24 Pcs Meat & rec'd payment for 88 Pcs of Meat & Fatt used during the Summer Men watching Ind. drunk."

Sept. 19
" Friday Wind and Weather as before In the afternoon Capt. Warterpan and several bands of Asniboils came in brot some furrs & Prov. at night all drunk hav'g cloathed the Chief. men of Yesterday came home."

Sept. 20
" Saturday Wind NW fine day 2 families of Crees came in."

Sept. 21
" Sunday Wind variable Men with self debting the Indians & trading what few skins they have, they complain very bitterly for want of 2 1/2 feet Guns, I rec'd only 16 which the Ind. have already taken in Credit they answer so well to hunt Cattle on horseback. my Blue Beads, Vermillion and sev'l articles I am fearfull will not last long, if we cannot get a proper afsortment of Goods I am apprehensive the Trade will fall far short of their Honors expectations, especially as the Natives have so many different houses to go too;"

Sept. 22
" Monday Wind, Weather & Men as before. all the Ind. went away paid them for 325 Pcs Meat 122 Bladders fatt, 40 Tongues & some drest Leather for shoes. at night the Old Wolverine came in paid for 100 Pcs of Meat & fatt left in Summer sent two Men to Mr Millar with 100 lb Piece Meat 50 lb fatt & 50 lb beat Meat."

Sept. 23
" Tuesday Wind Sly cloudy weather the Ind. went away they bro't 30 Pcs of Meat 7 Bladders fatt & a few furrs, paid them for 20 Pcs Meat & fatt left in summer. at night 2 Crees came in bro't 6 Pcs Meat and 12 Tongues men finished a Chimney, Mr Jefsomme Clerk for the XY called here on his way for the Rapid River the Canoes are far behind."

Sept. 24
" Wednesday Wind SW Indians went away the Men looming the Inside of the house &c."

Sept. 25
" Thursday Wind Nly fine day six men preparing for to go to the Mandalls. James Inkster making trimmings for Horses 3 men hunting 2 Cooks, Taylor & one at work for the Men going to the Mandalls, Henry Lena & self packing Goods 2 men looking after the Horses 2 Men came from Mr Millar. at noon 3 Bands of Asniboils came in (Ohoepot) at night drunk, Men watching."

Sept. 26
" Friday Wind SW fine day. Indians getting sober and trading Meat & fatt for Ammunition & Tobacco. at 11 AM they all went away gave the Chief a present in hopes of seeing him in winter they brot 115 Pcs Meat 51 Bladders fatt 200 lb beat Meat 26 Tongues split, 56 Beav. in furrs. my 2 1/2 & 3 feet Guns are all gone I cannot get the Ind. to trade any of the 4 feet Guns they are too long and the locks are very bad. Men ferrying the Ind. acrofs the River &c."

Sept. 27
" Saturday Wind Sly at 7 PM sent James Slatter Sen.(Master), James Slatter Jun., Wm Yorston, Wm Lutitt, Andrew Fubbister and George Budge with 4 of the best Horses loaded with 600 Beav. in goods to Trade at the Mandalls. if they only get their safe from the enemy. Henry Lena serving out Prov. &c gave them 80 lb Piece Meat & fatt for part of their Journey. 7 Men gone for Oak for Kegs. 1 man taking care of the Mare & foal? 2 Cooks 2 hunting Self putting the shop to rights."

Sept. 28
"Sunday Wind NW performed divine service."

Sept. 29
" Monday Wind Nly fine day 10 men gone to fall cordwood one man taking care of the Mare one overhauling the Piece Meat 2 Cooks."

Sept. 30
" Tuesday Wind NE cloudy with rain at times sent men to the woods for logs to make a new Ice house. 2 men hunting got 5 Geese & 9 Ducks."

Oct. 1 to 3 1800
" The Men building a small house for Ice to keep fresh Meat &c. Wind mostly in the North with Snow. took up part of our Potatoes."

Oct. 4
" Saturday Wind NW finished the Ice house, taking up Potatoes &c. at noon 4 Bands of Asniboils came in bro't a large Quantity of Meat & fatt also some Bear skins. at 8 PM 2 Crees came in with a Child to be interred also 20 Beav. in furrs for Brandy they went away in the middle of the night."

Oct. 5
" Sunday Wind NW fine weather. all the Indians went away Paid for 105 Pcs Meat 52 Bladders fatt 200 lb Beat Meat & 40 MB in furrs they will soon consume my Liquor hav'g traded 2 Kegs of 10 G. each for Meat & fatt. Mefs McKay & Augee breakfasted here."

Oct. 6
" Monday Wind variable all hands digging up Potatoes."

Oct. 7
" Tuesday Wind WNW cold weather. finished the Potatoes about 50 Kegs a poor crop for the large space of ground. I suppose it is owing to the dry season, there was no fruit of any kind this Summer. In the afternoon a band of Asniboils with Meat & furrs, Mr McDonald of the X.Y. company slept here on his rout down to meet his Canoes. I rec'd a few lines from Mr Millar to inform me that most of the Crees had been to the half way bank with Provisions."

Oct. 8
" Wednesday Wind NW sharp weather. Indians went away having brot 80 MB in furrs 70 Pcs Meat 12 Tongues 112 lb Beat Meat & 29 Bladders fat. they carried near 2 Kegs of mixt Liquor with them. at noon the Old Wolverine sent in part of his debt (vizly 6 drest skin 8 Bladd. fatt 3 Tongues 20 Pcs Meat and about 20 lb beat Meat for a large Keg of Liquor) My Brandy at this rate will soon have an end. we must not refuse them or else the Trade will be ruined. Mr McDonell went away with his Horses to lighten his Canoes."

Oct. 9
" Thursday Wind Nly men looming the Houses at 11 AM 2 Asniboils came in paid their debts & brot 60 Pcs Meat 4 Bladd. fatt & 10 lb beat Meat went away directly. at night 3 Bands of Asniboils came in pitched their tents acrofs the River, Men went & fetched their furrs & Provisions."

Oct. 10
" Friday Wind Ely cloudy weather Indians went away they bro't 23 Bladders fatt 100 lb beat Meat 5 Tongues 75 Pcs Meat & 27 MB in furrs. they put in Meat for one Keg & a half of mixt Liquor."

Oct. 11
" Saturday Wind NW Men employed burning wood for ashes to make Soap off. at night Round Hill came in with a few skins & some Prov."

Oct. 12
" Sunday Wind and Weather as before. the Indian went away brot 4 Bladders fatt & 40 lb Beat Meat also 10 MB in furrs."

Oct. 13
" Monday Wind Wly blows fresh Men helving and grinding Hatchets ready to cut cordwood. 2 hunting got a few Geese and ducks, Wolverines son came in with Meat &c."

Oct. 14
" Tuesday Wind NW sharp weather river full of driving Ice. Wolverines Son went away bro't part of 2 Elk & a few furrs, men gone to cut cordwood 2 hunting got a few geese & ducks. Henry Lena acting as afsistant having no one else, Mr Bunn being above; myself poorly with the Gout in my foot."

Oct. 15
" Wednesday Wind Wly fine weather Men as yesterday self bad with my foot."

Oct. 16
" Thursday Wind, Weather and Men as before at noon 4 Crees came in with part of their Credits & Prov. at night all drunk men watching."

Oct. 17
" Friday Wind NE fine weather the Indians went away bro't 50 MB in furrs 26 Pcs Meat & 14 Bladders fatt. 2 men came from Mr Millar with 3 new Guns."

Oct. 18
" Saturday Wind Wly fine weather cut 34 cord of wood this week, 3 families of Indians came in, drunk at night they inform us they fought a great battle with some Seaux's & got the advantage of them, they sung & danced the whole night."

Oct. 19
" Sunday Wind NW warm weather. Indians went away bro't 20 MB in furrs 14 Bladders fatt 2 Tongues 20 Pcs Meat and 60 lb beat meat also some green flesh having killed a Cow as they came along, self very lame. Mr McKay came down to see me."

Oct. 20
" Monday Wind Wly fine weather Mr Prince making lines for sleds 2 cooks one sick 8 men cutting cordwood Self bad with the Gout Henry Lena afsistant. at night 3 Bands of Asniboils came in bro't very little. they have all left the Turtle Mountain on account that the Big Bellys have had an engagem't with some Asniboils & promises to return again. I hope my men got safe, they inform me 18 Tents is coming in to morrow to go to the Northw'd - men watching at night."

Oct. 21
" Tuesday Wind NW fine day Indians went away they bro't 19 B. in green meat 164 lb Beat Meat 3 Bladders fatt 19 Rabbitts & 25 MB in furrs. at noon Ohoepot & 18 Tents of Indians camped acrofs the River. at night drunk having traded some drest Leather & fatt."

Oct. 22
" Wednesday Wind & Weather as before Henry Lena & Hugh Linklater attending Ind. they went about a mile & put up for the night, Men watching."

Oct. 23
" Thursday Wind NE fine day men making Sleds."

Oct. 24
" Friday Wind Nly warm weather Men as before."

Oct. 25
" Saturday Wind W fine clear weather the Men as before."

Oct. 26
" Sunday Wind NW mild weather could not perform divine service being very poorly with the Gout."

Oct. 27
" Monday Wind Nly mild day Men cutting cordwood 2 Men gone to Mr Millar towards Ev'g an Indian came in with a little Meat & fatt."

Oct. 28
" Tuesday Wind Sly fine weather the Indian went away paid for 5 Pcs Meat & 5 Bladders fatt; Mr McDonell NW called here from River que Appelle."

Oct. 29
" Wednesday Wind SW Men as before, towards Evening a little Snow."

Oct. 30
" Thursday Wind SW warm weather 2 Men came from Mr Millar the rest as before."

Oct. 31
" Friday Wind NW cloudy weather Men at the woods."

Nov. 1 1800
" Saturday Wind & Weather as before Men cutting cordwood. Mr McDonald of the X.Y. called here on his way for the Rapid River."

Nov. 2
" Sunday Wind variable fine weather, two Canoes of the X.Y. stopped here gave them a Kettle of Meat, they looked starved like, self poorly."

Nov. 3
" Monday Wind NW sharp weather Men cutting winter wood."

Nov. 4
" Tuesday Wind, Weather and Men as Yesterday John Efson cut his foot very bad."

Nov. 5
" Wednesday Wind Nly John Lyons killed 15 Rabbitts 2 Men gone to hunt with the Horses for the continual living on piece Meat will soon finish it. 2 Men sawing wood for Sleds Mr Prince making snow shoe frames. Mefs McKay & Monro came & dined here. gave all hands some Grog."

Nov. 6
" Thursday Wind NW blows fresh the hunters came home with part of a Bull. John Lyons shot 10 Rabbitts."

Nov. 7
" Friday Wind NW blows fresh began to take our old Stockadoes down & to reset them over again for the wind continually blows them down again being most of them rotten. some Ind. came in traded 2 Guns for furrs."

Nov. 8
" Saturday Wind, Weather and Men as before. a Canoe pafsed here gave them a meal of Meat."

Nov. 9
" Sunday Wind SE cloudy weather. another Canoe pafsed here on their rout for the Rapid River."

Nov. 10
" Monday Wind NE fine weather all hands at the Stockadoes."

Nov. 11
" Tuesday Wind East blows fresh the Men as before, the Little Capt. and his brother came in bro't a few furrs & went away again, at night the Squirrell came in."

Nov. 12
" Wednesday Wind NE cloudy weather Squirrell went away bro't 12 B. in furrs 5 Pcs Meat 11 Bladders fatt & some beat Meat at night the handsome Asniboil with his band came in."

Nov. 13
" Thursday Wind Nly cold weather. Ice in the River Men attending Indians, paid for 99 Pcs Meat 33 Bladders fatt 14 Tongues 150 lb Beat Meat & some green Meat also 30 MB in furrs. I have just 10 Kegs of Liquor in the House."

Nov. 14
" Friday Wind NW cloudy weather the Men finished the Stockadoes, River full of Ice."

Nov. 15
" Saturday Wind NW cloudy weather men making Paths to the cordwood."

Nov. 16
" Sunday Wind & Weather as before. 2 Bands of Indians came in, at night drunk having paid their debts, men watching."

Nov. 17
" Monday Wind NW sharp weather all hands was obliged to break the Ice before we could get the Ind. acrofs the River. they bro't 30 Beav. in furrs 48 Pcs Meat 18 Bladders of fatt 4 Tongues & 100 lb beat Meat."

Nov. 18
" Tuesday Wind Wly snowy weather Cooper and Men making sleds."

Nov. 19
" Wednesday Wind Wly fine weather cooper making cordwood sleds Taylor making Capt. Cloathing the rest cutting firewood."

Nov. 20
" Thursday Wind NW snowy weather 2 Men gone to hunt the rest making their own sleds, Mr McKay invited me up to dinner. In the Evening 2 Asniboils came in with some Meat & a few skins."

Nov. 21
" Friday Wind NW fine day Indians went away they bro't 10 Beav. in furrs, 10 Bladders fatt, 17 Pcs Meat and about 64 lb Beat Meat. 2 men of yesterday returned with part of a Bull."

Nov. 22
" Saturday Wind Wly fine day Wm Lutitt Birza, Andrew Fubbister, Wm Yorston, James Slatter Jun. and George Budge came from the Mandalls bro't upwards of 500 MB & two Horses. James Slatter Sen. is staying behind having a good deal of Powder & Ball untraded yet, he has wrote for Vermillion, Blue Beads, Rings, Looking Glasses; I must try & get them from the NW or XY Companys. the Men say it is needlefs to go back without those Articles."

Nov. 23
" Sunday Wind NW fine weather spent the day holy."

Nov. 24
" Monday Wind Nly James Inkster making Rundlets 4 men overhauling the furrs 2 getting ready to go to the half way bank 2 cooks 5 men resting Taylor at work for them. Wm Lutitt gone to the Rapid River to endeavour to procure some Paint and blue beads for the men going back to the Mandalls. at noon 3 families of Asniboils came in. Ind. drunk men watching."

Nov. 25
" Tuesday Wind NW fine day Indians all went away they bro't 50 Beav. in furrs 40 Pcs Meat, 20 Bladders fatt 3 Tongues & 56 lb Beat meat, 2 men went to Mr Millar carry'd 200 lb piece Meat."

Nov. 26
" Wednesday Wind and Weather as before. men preparing for the Mandalls looking after the Horse making Saddles &c for the Journey. Mr Prince shot 18 Rabbitts."

Nov. 27
" Thursday Wind Wly fine weather no snow on the ground Men employed as yesterday."

Nov. 28
" Friday Wind WNW Men as yesterday. In the afternoon two Asniboils came in for men to go and bring my Credit, men returned from Mr Millar had neither paint nor Beads, gave the men preparing for the Mandans 8 pr of Shoes each & a drest skin."

Nov. 29
" Saturday Wind Nly fine day 3 men gone with the Ind. took goods to trade having a good deal of furrs; Henry Lena & 2 men packing Goods."

Nov. 30
" Sunday Wind Ely cloudy weather packed up all the Goods for to send to the Mandalls as the men start to morrow."

Dec. 1 1800
" Monday Wind NW fine weather sent Wm Lutitt (Birza), Wm Yorstone, Andrew Fubbister, James Slatter Jun. & George Budge to the Mandalls, also John Lyons & Wm Lutitt Jun. with 4 Horses to afsist them as dogs cannot haul any goods for want of Snow gave them 96 lb of Meat & fatt part? Journey, Cattle being far off. In the Afternoon some Crees & Asniboils came in."

Dec. 2
" Tuesday Wind variable cloudy weather the Indians went away bro't 16 B. in green meat & 17 MB in furrs. at night the Beggar & his Band came in p'd their debts & got drunk. at the same time Hugh Linklater, J. Sinclair & James Corston came from the Indian tents bro't 70 MB & 13 Bladders fatt engaged the Bear to hunt for us at 60 Skins besides finding Gun, Ammunition, Tobacco and 2 G. of Brandy for every ten Animals he kills. gave him a little Brandy & Tobacco for nothing. Cattle very far off."

Dec. 3
" Wednesday Wind N cloudy weather Men looking for the Horses, trimming the Cordwood sleds, the Beggars band went away bro't 60 MB in furrs 32 Pcs Meat 22 Bladders fatt 7 Tongues & 100 lb Beat Meat."

Dec. 4
" Thursday Wind NW light Snow. men & Horses hauling cordwood, tying up loose furrs &c."

Dec. 5
" Friday Wind, Weather & Men as before."

Dec. 6
" Saturday Wind NE cloudy weather Men as before."

Dec. 7
" Sunday Wind and Weather as yesterday, two Men came from Mr Millar. Mefs McKay & Monro dined here."

Dec. 8
" Monday Wind NW light Snow one man making Kegs 2 men at work for Mr Prince 2 hunting got 5 Pheasants 2 Cooks Henry Lena Afsistant. one man lame 2 hauling cordwood 2 men came home from afsisting the Mandall men they bring the disagreable news of neither Cows nor Bulls nigh hand they went 5 days Journey with them."

Dec. 9
" Tuesday Wind Nly cloudy weather the Men as yesterday."

Dec. 10
" Wednesday Wind NW fine clear weather 2 men gone to Mr Millar with Rundlets 2 Hunting killed 2 Cabray the others as on Monday. two of the X.Y. men came here says they lost themselves in the Plains."

Dec. 11
" Thursday Wind & Weather as before 2 men gone for Meat, Mr Prince & 2 hunting got a Cabray & 10 Pheasants, some Ind. came for men to fetch my Credits, at night the Bear came for men to fetch a Cow, he informs me that the X.Y. Company have gone and built a house at Lake Plac caty in the centre of the Crees and Asniboils which will be a great means of my loosing my Credits as well as the NW Company. as soon as Mr George McKay my neighbour heard it he came to acquaint me of it & wanted to know what I intended to do, we agreed to send a man from each house to explore & see the road."

Dec. 12
" Friday Wind Wly fine weather sent 3 Men to the Indian lodges with 2 men from the NW Company 2 gone for Meat to the hunter, one gone for the Cabray, Mr Prince & le furrie? gone to discover where the X.Y. have built."

Dec. 13
" Saturday Wind WNW fine weather Men employed as on Monday 2 came home with Meat, 3 Indians came in bro't a few furrs."

Dec. 14
" Sunday Wind NW fine clear weather, the Indians went away traded a Horse for 40 Skins p'd Liquor & Ammunition. Mr Prince & the Canadian came back, they found the House seated? in a Valley. the House was not finished they expected Goods & a Master to morrow they had already traded upwards of 70 skins besides plenty of Meat & Grease."

Dec. 15
" Monday Wind NE warm weather all? hands gone to fall Logs at the Pines. my hunter sent for men to fetch meat, Wolverine sent for men to fetch my Credit, one went to the other house."

Dec. 16
" Tuesday Wind Nly no snow on the ground. 2 Men gone for Meat Taylor & a Canadian gone to the Wolverines tent, Hugh Linklater & 2 men came home from the Crees, they paid most of my debts. Cooper & men at the house variously employed."

Dec. 17
" Wednesday Wind NW warm weather. 2 Men with the Horses bro't the flesh of 2 Bulls, 3 men came from Mr Millar 3 men resting the others hunting for the Horses. Mr McKay & self have made an agreement to join against the common enemy & to share the profits if any can be made as well as the Expences, we are both short of several Articles, it will be a check upon the X.Y. Company, Mr Prince is to take the whole charge as Master."

Dec. 18
" Thursday Wind Wly hazy weather. Men preparing to go with Mr Prince. at noon Captain Uckimau,wes,cume came in brot his Credit 36 MB at night drunk, Mr Lena attending them."

Dec. 19
" Friday Wind Nly fine weather. the Indian went away sent Brandy & Tobacco to other debtors, sent Mr Prince & 6 men & Mr McKay sent men to build the House close to our Opponents. the Asniboils in this part of the country will soon be spoilt as every Trader tries for the best. could we get in from Osnaburgh instead of going to Martins fall we would have the advantage of the 2 Companys. Taylor came from the Wolverines tent brot 40 MB & 9 drest Skins for Shoes which I was much in want of hav'g cut up 2 tents already for the men."

Dec. 20
" Saturday Wind Wly warm weather. 3 Men went to Mr Millar. at 11 AM 2 Asniboils came in bro't 27 MB in furrs, 6 Bladders fatt, 14 Pcs Meat, 80 lb beat Meat & 5 B. in green flesh, towards Ev'g they went away."

Dec. 21
" Sunday Wind NW fine weather Mr McKay invited me to dinner."

Dec. 22
" Monday Wind Nly light Snow. 2 men gone for Meat to the hunter the others looking after the Horses. James Corston came from Mr Millar informs me the X.Y. are giving plenty of Liquor to the Ind. for nothing endeavouring to entice them away from the other houses."

Dec. 23
" Tuesday Wind NE cloudy weather. hauling cordwood, cooking, men came home from the hunter with Meat he sent for Brandy having killed 10 Animals.
NB What is very surprizing 2 young dogs I sent to the Mandalls return'd by themselves. I hope no enemy has fell in with our Men."

Dec. 24
" Wednesday Wind Wly Hunter went away 3 men hauling cordwood."

Dec. 25
" Thursday Wind NW fine weather performed divine service. Mefs Monro & Augee dined here Mr McKay not able to come down being very sick. - some Asniboils came in."

Dec. 26
" Friday Wind and Weather as before 2 Men gone to hunt after Asniboils for my debts 3 men gone for meat 2 men gone to hunt for the Horses having traded another, the Indians bro't 19 MB & went away towards Evening 2 Crees from the Turtle Mountain came in brot 100 lb beat Meat 12 Bladders fatt 2 Tongues & 20 Beav. in furrs they went away in the night time, 2 men came from Mr Prince with some furrs."

Dec. 27
" Saturday Wind Nly cloudy weather Men went to Mr Prince sent a Gallon of Liquor for their Xmas. 2 Men went for meat but met the others coming home they having took all that was at the tent."

Dec. 28
" Sunday Wind Nly fine weather performed divine service."

Dec. 29
" Monday Wind NW blows fresh men variously employed Mr Millar & George Spence came here, they have no Prov. at the half way bank altho Jn Easter is constantly hunting, 2 Men came home from the Ind. brot 40 MB, 9 Bladders fatt & 6 Tongues."

Dec. 30
" Tuesday Wind NW sharp weather Men looking for the Horses."

Dec. 31
" Wednesday Wind & Weather as before Wm Lutitt came home with some fish."

Jan. 1 1801
" Thursday Wind Wly sharp weather men making holiday gave them Mefs Bottles."

Jan. 2
" Friday Wind NW sharp weather. Mr Millar & 3 men gone with Prov. viz. 100 lb piece Meat 48 lb fatt one coil of Shagganappy 10 G. Potatoes & a few fish. 2 men gone for meat to the hunter one man went to Mr Prince 2 men hauling cordwood Taylor making Caps & Mittens for the men. Cooper making trams? for the Horses. 2 Cooks self keeping House."

Jan. 3
" Saturday Wind Sly blows a hurricane the men came home with the flesh of two Cows and 6 Tongues."

Jan. 4
" Sunday Wind Nly fine day Mefs Chaboillez, McKay and Augee came to dinner."

Jan. 5
" Monday Wind & Weather as before. Men hauling wood 2 Men came from Mr Millar brot 113 MB of my Credits he rec'd from the Crees."

Jan. 6
" Tuesday Wind Wly blows a hurricane with Snow 2 Men gone to the hunter for meat."

Jan. 7
" Wednesday Wind, Weather and men as before. Men came home with meat & 2 Tongues."

Jan. 8
" Thursday Wind Ely cloudy weather 2 men gone to see Mr Prince. Mr Chaboillez & 2 men gone from the other house they are to bring home Meat & fatt &c - 3 men gone to Mr Millar for furrs."

Jan. 9
" Friday Wind SE clear sharp weather men as before got 2 Pheasants. Men came from Mr Prince."

Jan. 10
" Saturday Wind Sly fine weather sent the Men to hunt for the Horses self & Mr McKay divided the Meat & fatt. 60 lb of the latter & 66 lb of the former 8 Tongues & one bofs."

Jan. 11
" Sunday Wind Ely cloudy weather self poorly read prayers to the men."

Jan. 12
" Monday Wind NE sharp weather. 2 men gone for Meat, one gone to Mr Prince the others splitting firewood."

Jan. 13
" Tuesday Wind NW clear sharp weather the Men came home with Meat some Asniboils came in with meat &c."

Jan. 14
" Wednesday Wind W cold weather Henry Lena attending Ind. the other men gone to fetch home some pine Logs with the Horses. paid to the Ind. for 23 Tongues 16 lb Beat Meat, 2 Humps?, 2 Bladders fatt 3 Pcs Meat and 6 B. green Meat afterwards they went away."

Jan. 15
" Thursday Wind NE fine weather Men getting Logs home."

Jan. 16
" Friday Wind & Weather as before 5 men getting ready to go and tent out, 2 hunting got a few Pheasants the rest variously employed."

Jan. 17
" Saturday Wind NW the first part fine day the latter part continual thick Snow as bad a day as I have seen this season. sent Henry Lena, John Lyons, Christopher Harvey, James Sinclair and Tho. Spence to tent out near the turtle mountain or else we will have nothing in the Spring. obliged to take 2 Guns of 4 feet to hunt with. at night the Hawk came in."

Jan. 18
" Sunday Wind NW blows fresh sett the Hawk away after giving him Brandy, Tobacco & Ammunition, he having paid my debt to Mr Millar."

Jan. 19
" Monday Wind NW sharp clear weather all hands carrying the Snow out of the Yard."

Jan. 20
" Tuesday Wind and Weather as before. Men employed putting Snow and water into the Ice house."

Jan. 21
" Wednesday Wind Sly fine weather. 2 Men at the Pitsaw sawing plank for hand prefs, paid Mr McKay a visit, I there heard of the death of two of my Chiefs Capt. Ke,wi,ten,a,cappo (alias Old Slubber) & Nishwas,we,cappo (alias the little Capt.) I was in hopes of hav'g a good Trade from the last Chief he having promised to hunt well."

Jan. 22
" Thursday Wind SW fine weather 2 men gone for meat to the hunter the others as before."

Jan. 23
" Friday Wind Sly fine weather we have now finished out fresh meat mixt with piece Meat. Henry Lena & one man came with a little meat & wants men & Horses to go for more, 2 men came home with part of 3 Cows the hunter had killed. some Canad. came from the Mandalls says out men will be here in about 11? days time."

Jan. 24
" Saturday Wind Wly one man gone to the hunter for more meat, at night came home the hunter with him, brot some Lines and Parchment for Liquor."

Jan. 25
" Sunday Wind W fine clear weather 4 men went with the Horses to fetch meat of our own killing. obliged to send to John Lyons another new Gun for the one he got before will not kill Cattle. paid the Ind. for some drest Leather and Lines they went away prevented me from prayers."

Jan. 26
" Monday Wind NE cloudy weather Cooper making Kegs Taylor at Indian Coats, 1 Cook, Hugh Linklater hunting got 6 Pheasants. In the Afternoon 2 men came from Mr Prince with Tongues & green Meat."

Jan. 27
" Tuesday Wind, Weather and Men as before."

Jan. 28
" Wednesday Wind NW fine weather Men as before except one gone to Mr Prince."

Jan. 29
" Thursday Wind and Weather as before 4 Men came home loaded with Meat also one man from Mr Prince. at noon some Asniboils came in paid their debts & got drunk."

Jan. 30
" Friday Wind Sly cloudy weather the men resting themselves others attending the Horses. - Ind. went away, they bro't 10 Pcs Meat 6 Blad. fatt, 48 lb beat Meat & 2 Tongues."

Jan. 31
" Saturday Wind NE fine weather 4 men gone for meat with the Horses one man gone to Mr Prince. Wolverines Son & ? little Cree Lad came in at Night pd their debts & got drunk men watching."

Feb. 1 1801
" Sunday Wind Sly blows fresh pd Ind. for 28 Pcs Meat 16 Bladders fatt 4 Tongues 2 Mulges 148 lb beat meat & 15 B. for shoe Leather. In the afternoon they went away. Men came from Mr Prince with Meat, fatt & a few Skins."

Feb. 2
" Monday Wind Wly blows a hurrincane most part of this day with heavy Snow. I wish my men don't loose the road in the Plains. a dismal day indeed."

Feb. 3
" Tuesday Wind NW sharp clear day men putting snow out of the Yard."

Feb. 4
" Wednesday Wind Wly very bad day 4 men came home from my hunting tent. They lost themselves last monday & thought they must have left the Horses to fend for themselves had it not been for an Indian they met in the plains who had been out looking for his wife & family that had gone to fetch meat he had killed. Wm Lutitt & Mr McKays men went to Mr Prince, in the Evening came here the White Partridge brot nothing he says he waited several days for me in the fall at last he was Obliged to take debt with the Canad. to go to his hunting ground in time. It is impofsible for us to get much when we are always so late before we arrive."

Feb. 5
" Thursday Wind Nly sharp clear weather Men variously employed White Partridge went away."

Feb. 6
" Friday Wind NW snowy weather. 4 men gone to the hunting tent. at noon the Coteray & family came in bro't no furrs he makes the same complaint as the White Partridge."

Feb. 7
" Saturday Wind Nly sharp weather Men putting Snow & Ice into the House."

Feb. 8
" Sunday Wind Nly very severe weather perform'd divine Service."

Feb. 9
" Monday Wind Wly sharp weather Henry Lenay & 4 men came home with Meat. my Hunter came in for men to fetch the flesh of two Cows 2 Soties came in bro't nothing they traded with DeLorm one of the NW clerks. all they have to say we are always too late before we arrive."

Feb. 10
" Tuesday Wind NW fine weather mending sleds and snow shoes; the Hunter went away, at noon James Slatter Sen., James Slatter Jun., Wm Yorstone, Wm Lutitt Birza, Andrew Fubbister & George Budge arrived safe from the Mandalls and Big Bellies. they have bro't near 600 MB & three fine Horses also 5 dogs they was obliged to trade, the two young dogs I mentioned the 23d Dec. Ult. left them the day after they arrived at the Big Bellies & came home by themselves. I cannot help exprefsing my thanks to James Slatter Sen. having done so well & is well worthy of your Honors notice, if it was not for him I could not get any that would undertake the Journey being so fearfull of the enemy & he has been constantly for several winters. it is a pitty his time is out as he intends to go down and he asks more than I dare give altho' I know he is well worth it, he is a good hunter of Cattle besides & the only proper person to go again next fall."

Feb. 11
" Wednesday Wind & Weather as before. Men opening the furrs & drying the snow off them attending the Horses Andrew Fubbister stuck a bone in his throat & cannot be removed. 2 Men gone for meat to the Indian hunter."

Feb. 12
" Thursday Wind Nly sharp weather Henry Lena & 4 men gone to the hunting tent 2 men came home from the Ind. hunter with Meat. 2 Crees came in from the turtle mountain for men to go & bring my debts gave them a little Bdy at night."

Feb. 13
" Friday Wind NW the first part clear the latter part snow. sent Hugh Linklater & one man with the Indians."

Feb. 14
" Saturday Wind and Weather as before 4 Men gone for meat. Wm Lutitt came home with the lock of Mr Princes Gun to harden for it will not give fire sent it up to Mr McKays Smith."

Feb. 15
" Sunday Wind NW fine weather the men came home with meat."

Feb. 16
" Monday Wind NE heavy snow all day Men cannot work out of doors got some Old Indian wives to make some snow shoes, men cannot travel without them."

Feb. 17
" Tuesday Wind WNW blows fresh Men cannot work out of doors, Fubbister very bad."

Feb. 18
" Wednesday Wind Wly clear sharp weather. 4 men gone for meat one cook one sick 2 men hauling cordwood."

Feb. 19
" Thursday Wind NW fine sharp clear weather 4 Men came home with meat. the cattle are gone farther off they say. Hugh Linklater & one man came from the Indian tents bro't 40 MB & the flesh of 14 Beaver he traded for Liquor."

Feb. 20
" Friday Wind Sly blows fresh the men rep'g sleds, Mr McKays Smith Rep'd the lock of Mr Princes Gun. we feel much the want of one here to repair Guns, Hatchets &c which would be a great saving to the Honble Comp. Wm Lutitt returned to the Lake."

Feb. 21
" Saturday Wind Sly blows fresh 7 men gone to the hunting tent for meat, five men came home with meat."

Feb. 22
" Sunday Wind NE blows fresh 4 men gone for meat to my Indian hunter, two men came for Prov. from Mr Millar."

Feb. 23
" Monday Wind and Weather as before 4 men came home with Meat 2 hauling firewood 2 men resting that came yesterday."

Feb. 24
" Tuesday Wind W fine clear weather 2 men gone to Mr Millar with 80 lb piece Meat & a little fresh meat. 7 Men came with Meat."

Feb. 25
" Wednesday Wind Wly thawy weather with Snow two Men hauling cordwood."

Feb. 26
" Thursday Wind variable clear day 7 Men gone for meat, Taylor cutting out shoes. it's amazing what a quantity of shoes the men destroy constantly traveling. 2 hauling cordwood 2 men staying by the meat till it is all got home one man prep'g to go with the Coteray. at night 3 Asniboils came in with some Meat & fatt."

Feb. 27
" Friday Wind Nly fine weather men variously employ'd. the Ind. went away they bro't 6 Pcs Meat 14 Tongues 5 Blad. fatt and 60 lb Beat Meat. In the Afternoon a family of Soties came in."

Feb. 28
" Saturday Wind NW blows fresh Coteray took some Credit obliged to give him a booze before he goes. at night drunk."

Mar. 1 1801
" Sunday Wind SE thawy weather 2 Coteray's with Christopher Harvey went away to hunt 'till the River opens left his wife & family to feed here. 9 men came home from the hunting tent they bro't every thing with them no Cattle to be seen. Mr McDonell & one man came here on his way to the Lake."

Mar. 2
" Monday Wind and Weather as before Men repairing sleds ready to send to Mr Prince 2 families of Ind. came in."

Mar. 3
" Tuesday Wind SE thawy weather 6 men gone to Mr Prince for Prov. &c - 2 men gone to Mr Millar 2 men came from Prince with fatt & Parchm't. the Indians of yesterday went away they bro't 10 Beav. in furrs 32 Tongues 8 Bladders fatt 15 Pcs Meat & 40 lbs beat Meat. Brandy is the continual cry, it goes like water."

Mar. 4
" Wednesday Wind & Weather as before 2 Men hauling wood 2 men came from Mr Millar with furrs."

Mar. 5
" Thursday Wind Ely thawy weather Men as before, the Men of 3d Inst. came from Mr Prince they bro't all he had. the Asniboils are all gone off and are coming here soon. I sent for Mr McKay & we parted the Prov. &c - In the Afternoon 4 families of Crees and Asniboils came in paid their debts, at the same time my Hunter came in for his final payment no Cattle to be got any more this winter, Ind. drunk Mr Lenay attending Indians, men watching, several Indians went to the other house.
NB I rec'd 400 lb beat Meat 176 lb fatt 260 lb Piece meat 40 Tongues & 78 MB Mr McKay rec'd the same."

Mar. 6
" Friday Wind Ely thawy weather the Indians went away paid my Hunter the Bear his whole account for 30 Cattle & cloathed his family &c according to the french fashion. the Ind. are fearfull to stay any longer on the southside of the River for the Seaux's & Big Bellies. they bro't 45 MB in furrs 80 lb beat meat 9 Bladders fatt 11 Tongues 15 green Beav. to eat, two Men went to Mr Millar with 200 lb piece meat & some fresh meat."

Mar. 7
" Saturday Wind NE fine weather men employed grinding Hatchets ready to go to the woods to fall Stockadoes for a Potatoe garden."

Mar. 8
" Sunday Wind variable round the compafs a family of Asniboils came in, two men came from Mr Millar."

Mar. 9
" Monday Wind Nly fine weather 10 Men gone to fall Stockadoes, Taylor at work for the men 2 Cooks Henry Lena & 2 men making a path, self taking care of the House. in the Evening 2 Asniboils came in also a Sotie."

Mar. 10
" Tuesday Wind NW sharp weather Men as before Mr Prince came home with every thing. the Canad. belonging to the X.Y. will be here in a few days, I am informed they are going to build Opposite to this house acrofs the River. Indians went away bro't a few skins & some drest Leather two men came from Mr Millar for fatt a very expensive place."

Mar. 11
" Wednesday Wind and Weather as yesterday 2 Men gone to Mr Millar with 100 lb fatt."

Mar. 12
" Thursday Wind Sly warm weather Men hauling Stockadoes with the Horses."

Mar. 13
" Friday Wind, Weather and Men as before."

Mar. 14
" Saturday Wind NE cloudy weather men as before."

Mar. 15
" Sunday Wind Nly fine weather several families of Asniboils came in bro't some Robes & drest leather. several went to the other house; Mons. Jefsomme who was trader at the Lake (in opposition to Mr Prince) came and pitched his tent on the opposite side of the River were they intend to build for the X.Y. or new company. he has no lefs than 10 men."