This is a virtually complete transcription of the Brandon House Journal from 1798-1799 by Alex Nicol

" A Journal of Wind Weather & Transactions at Brandon House commencing the 22th September 1798, ending the 31st May 1799 by Mr Robert Goodwin Inland Trader"

Sept. 22 1798
" Saturday Wind SW blows a hurricane at noon, arrived at this place (with the following men Viz. Henry Lena, James Sinclair, David Brown, Hugh Linklater, Tho. Richards, John Scarth, John Lyons, Peiry Sutherland, John Flaws, Mag. Flaws, James Short, Louis Jolly Coeur, Mag. Tait, John Efson, Joseph Johnstone, William Johnstone, John Christian, John Anderson, Christopher Harvey, Will. Lutitt, Robert Robertson and Thomas Harvey who is to go where John Sutherland winterd last year) found several Ind. waiting for us, and many others had took debt from the other house owing to our late arrival, the Canad. had told them we would not be in this year with Craft the water being very shoal. Christ. Harvey very lame havg cut his Leg with a Hatchet on the Voyage and John Anderson not capable to work having a large Abcefs on his hand. I don't know what we shall do for want of Men, I wish'd much to send to the half way bank as two houses of Canad. is to be there and will hurt us much, also two Houses only 6 Miles above me also two houses at the burnt carrying place, so I shall have seven houses to contend with this Year more than was the last. Mr McDonell my Neighbour has nearly double the Men and no Trade will be got without very great exertion of the Men travelling after the Indians which will make the Trade dear bought."

Sept. 23
" Sunday Wind Wly fine weather. Indians all drunk having given the Wolverine his present last night. I don't know were to put the Cargoe, no place fit to receive it the House being without a roof. traded a vast quantity Piece Meat, Pounded Meat, Tongues & Fatt for I found very little at the House & I had to pay for what the Ind. brot in summer which runs away with the Brandy very fast. Men resting this day & watching? traded about 20 Wolves."

Sept. 24
" Monday Wind Nly fine weather. Men packing Goods for above and attending Indians, Captain Jepormausish alias the Hawk sent in for Tobacco and Brandy, he being nigh hand and will be here this Evening."

Sept. 25
" Tuesday Wind NW in the night time it blew a violent Gale, out flagg staff was broke level with the ground. Men at the House falling wood for the Sawyers for roofing the House. Jepormausish & all the Ind. drunk having rec'd his present for Meat last Night. sett of 2 Battaux's with the following Men (Viz. Hugh Linklater, James Sinclair, Will. Lutitt, John Lyons, John Efson, Will. Johnstone, Joseph Johnstone, John Scarth, Magnus Flaws and George Groundwater) for the Indian Elbow. Tho. Harvey stays a few days to go by land with the Horses; late in the Evening got a good many of the Crees debted & away."

Sept. 26
" Wednesday Wind Sly clear weather. 2 Men sawing Logs for the roof of the House, the others overhauling the Provisions I traded taking the green from the dry that it may not spoil. an Indian Chief called the Warrior sent in for a little Brandy and Tobacco. in the afternoon they arrived brought nothing but Meat and Fatt. an Indian brot one of our Horses that was stole in Summer paid him one Gall. Brandy for his honesty. Mr Augee & 2 large Canoes went for the half way bank. I must send to see were they build as many of my Debtors are that way."

Sept. 27
" Thursday Wind and Weather as before.Men gone with the Horses for a flagg staff, got it put up in the Evening. Indians of yesterday went away."

Sept. 28
" Friday Wind Wly early this morning two runners came in from the Sturdy Beggar and the Creek (so called from their Asniboil names) for Brandy & tobacco. at noon they arrived brot plenty of Prov. & a few Wolves. An Indian family came in brot a young Lad that had the misfortune a few days ago to have his Leg shot thro' by accident, I must maintain him should he live. Men watching. Indians drunk."

Sept. 29
" Saturday Wind Ely fine warm day. Mr Harvey & Robt Robinson went for the Elbow with two horses. Ind. went away after they got debt. Mr Menire? a Mandal Trader is going away he has traded with the Summer Master here upwards of 60 Wolves & wants me to give him a Credit as he promises to give me all his furrs as well as Mr Jefsomne?, they both went back this day."

Sept. 30
" Sunday Wind Nly clear weather. performed divine service just as we finished an Asniboil came in for Brandy & Tobacco at night they all arrived brot a few Wolves and plenty of Meat &c."

Oct. 1 1798
" Monday Wind Sly blows fresh. the Indians of yesterday went away. In the morning sent Thomas Richards, David Brown and Louis Jollycoeur to the half way bank with Ammunition & Goods for to try and find out my Debtors. at night 3 Crees came in with Meat and a few Wolves."

Oct. 2
" Tuesday Wind Wly fine weather. sett all hands to begin and put on the roof of the House and fetching grafs out of the Plains to cover it with. Indians went away. at noon 3 Mandall Ind. came in to see the Houses gave them a few triffling Articles as a present to carry to their own country. at night the Bear and more Asniboils came in brot upwards of 100 Pcs of Meat besides fatt & a few Wolves. as soon as traded went acrofs the River & drank."

Oct. 3
" Wednesday Wind Wly Cooper roofing the House the others getting loom. Henry Lena taking up Potatoes a very poor Crop indeed."

Oct. 4
" Thursday Wind NW cold weather. Men employ'd as Yesterday. began to build the Chimney."

Oct. 5
" Friday Wind and Weather as Yesterday. Men the same, at noon an Asniboil came in he brot a Letter from Mr Harvey having seen him at Mountagne le Bofs.
Mr Robt. Goodwin
Master at Brandon House
Oct. 1st Mountagne le bofs
Dear Sir
I arrived here yesterday our 3rd day from Brandon House, stop'd this whole day waiting on the Boats, they arrived here late at night. I intend to leave the Boats to morrow and set of for the Indian Elbow as fast as pofsible to let the Ind. know we are coming.
This Indian man happen'd to come to my Tent this Evening, he tells me he expected the English to winter here this Year, there is by his information 60 or 70 Tents & many more hereabouts waiting for us, I have told him to take all his Gang with himself & their furrs and go strait to your Fort and Trade with you, then you would give them your own Answer.
The fall is coming very soon on, and the Water very shoal indeed. I am afraid that we will have a bad Journey. I sincerely wish you a happy winter and health which is the wish of
Dear Sir
Your Obt. Servt.
Tho. Harvey
NB.This Man is a great Chief use him well and perhaps he will do you good.

Oct. 6
" Saturday Wind Nly fine weather. all hands looming and grafsing the House top. the Indians of Yesterday went away. wanted me much to send above, I told him I could not this Year for want of Men and Craft. they brot 27 Pcs Meat & 6 Wolf skins. Tho. Richards & the 2 Men came from the half way bank saw no Indians but 2 houses of Canadians. I am fearful we will have but a poor trade this year, gave the Men some Grog being sharp and hard work."

Oct. 7
" Sunday Wind Nly blows cold. two Indians came in for a little Debt, went away immediately. Performed divine service, employed Indian women to make shoes for my men, I intend to send to the Mandals in a few days."

Oct. 8
" Monday Wind NW sharp cold weather. Men employed plaistering the House, two runners came in for Brandy and Tobacco being a large Band of Asniboils near hand about two hours after they came brot a vast quantity of Meat and some Wolves. at night Indians drunk, Men watching except 4 making Sleds."

Oct. 9
" Tuesday Wind varible. Men employed as before except James Inkster making Rundlets, James Anderson making Caputs? for the Men going to the Mandals. Ind. of Yesterday went away traded 60 Wolves 246 Pcs Meat as? to 1400 lb, 3 ? lb? fatt & 24 Tongues. it runs away with the Brandy and Ammunition."

Oct. 10
" Wednesday Wind Sly cloudy weather. Men as Yesterday. an Indian killed an Elk sent D. Brown with the two horses for it. In the Evening a Soutie came in from the Bayonets tent being a great Chief belonging to the other house, he wanted me to go to their Tents says they had plenty of furrs. two Ind. went to the other House."

Oct. 11
" Thursday Wind Ely cloudy weather. sent Tho Richards, David Brown, Peiry Sutherland & James Short with two horses & Goods. 2 Canad. went from the other house at noon some Asniboils came in with Meat and Wolves, at night they went away brot 70 Pcs Meat & 16 Bladders fatt. Men digging a trench for a new Garden as the Potatoes are very poor & the ground bad. at day break sett James Slater, John Christian, Magnus Tait and John Anderson off for the Mandalls with two horses and 8 Dogs."

Oct. 12
" Friday Wind Wly fine weather. Men looming the Inside of the room upstairs. an Indian brot a few Lines from Mr Harvey who was at Shel River waiting for the Craft making slow work the water being so shoal. the Ind. of last Wednesday who has his Tent here & goes by the name of the Hunter gone to set Traps for Beav. Mr McDonell came and dined here."

Oct. 13
" Saturday Wind & Weather as before. Men as Yesterday. the Hunter killed 5 Beaver. at night drunk having paid him for the flesh."

Oct. 14
" Sunday Wind and Weather as Yesterday. Captain Jepormausish disturbed us in the middle of the Sermon brot a few furrs Moose and Beavers flesh. traded the furrs for Cloth & got Liquor &c for the Meat. he is a very great beggar, there is no pleasing him these times so many houses to go too, the Trade will be very hard to be got this Year to what is was last; we shall be very short of Cloth and the Men are almost all naked that stayed in the Summer, they sent for some by Mr McKay could not be had at the falls which disappoints them much and complains its very hard when staying all summer Inland and then to be disappointed."

Oct. 15
" Monday Wind Nly fine weather. Henry Lena fitting up a warehouse, James Inkster making Rundlets, Jollycoeur & Jn Flaws gathering loose wood into Piles, James Anderson at work for Tho Richards. C. Harvey cooking being still lame. four Men gone to the Mandals. at noon Tho Richards, David Brown, Peiry Sutherland & James Short came from Ind. Tents brot 16 MB & the Canad. nothing."

Oct. 16
" Tuesday Wind variable. Men helving and grinding their Hatchets, ready to fall our cord wood for the winter."

Oct. 17
" Wednesday Wind Nly fine weather. 8 Men gone to fall firewood, others as before."

Oct. 18
" Thursday Wind, Weather and Men as before. In the morning a Band of Asniboils came in brot some Meat and fatt, at night two Crees came in & 2 went to the other house, self ill with a sore throat. paid for 60 Pcs Meat, 10 Bladders fatt & 8 Beaver in Beat Meat."

Oct. 19
" Friday Wind Wly fine weather. the Men employed as on Wednesday. the Ind. of yesterday went away brot 25 MB."

Oct. 20
" Saturday Wind SE fine warm day. Men cutting cord wood, James Inkster making window frames. at noon a band of Asniboils came in brot a few furrs and 45 Pcs Meat, 6 in Beat Meat, 10 Bladders fatt. at Night they went away."

Oct. 21
" Sunday Wind NW blows fresh with Snow. self poorly with a sore throat not capable to perform divine service. the Hunter brot a Beaver."

Oct. 22
" Monday Wind Nly sharp weather. James Inkster making windows, John Flaws cooking, 8 Men gone to cut cord wood for the winter. Self taking care of the House."

Oct. 23
" Tuesday Wind NW fine day. the Men as Yesterday. hunter killed a Bull, two Cree Lads brot 18 Pcs Meat for Ammunition & went away."

Oct. 24
" Wednesday Wind Sly warm weather The Men as before."

Oct. 25
" Thursday Wind WbS fine clear weather the Men as before except Tho Richards & Henry Lena gone to look if Cattle is not coming yet. some Asniboils came in and paid their Credits about 40 MB in wolves & stage foxes. & at noon they went away."

Oct. 26
" Friday Wind Wly fine clear day. Men as before, the Hunter killed 2 B. paid Brandy for them."

Oct. 27
" Saturday Wind Wly sharp weather. The River full of driving Ice, the Men hauled up the Battaux's & put them by, Self making traps to try to get Mice for we are over run with them."

Oct. 28
" Sunday Wind NW blows a hurricane. performed divine service. the River nearly fast."

Oct. 29
" Monday Wind Wly fine sharp day. James Inkster & Henry Lena making bed room &c upstairs. John Flaws cooking. 2 out hunting no luck the others cutting cordwood. obliged to borrow some Hatchets from Mr McDonell ours being broke and uselefs."

Oct. 30
" Tuesday Wind variable sharp weather. all hands hunting got nothing at noon Capt. Uckemau? came in & band with a few furrs & plenty of Meat &c."

Oct. 31
" Wednesday Wind NE snowy weather. Indians of yesterday cannot go away. at noon some Crees went to the other House & one came here brot 24 MB in Wolves. in the Afternoon a band of Asniboils came brot Meat & about 40 Wolves & foxes, at Night all the Ind. drunk trading Meat & fatt for Brandy, the Men watching."

Nov. 1 1798
" Thursday Wind NW light Snow. all the Ind. went away, Peiry Sutherland hunting shot a Cabray."

Nov. 2
" Friday Wind Nly snowy weather. Men cutting wood & putting the Piece Meat away."

Nov. 3
" Saturday Wind Wly fine weather. the Men as before. towards Evening 3 Asniboils came in with a few furrs & no Meat which I was pleased to see, for we have traded more Meat than Mr McKay had the whole last year. it is a great hurt to the B'dy for every piece of Meat is counted equal to a Wolf skin & paid for as such. The Grand Chief that traded upwards of 300 B. last year here, I cannot learn were he winters this, but none of his Gang has been in yet & am fearfull they will not come as they got little or no Powder given to them last winter, for all the Ind. that have been in already complains hard on that account & says the Frenchmen took pity on them in the Summer by giving them Ammunition for nothing."

Nov. 4
" Sunday Wind and Weather as before. Indians of yesterday went away brot 28 MB in Wolves & foxes they beg'd hard for a little Powder & Ball. performed divine service."

Nov. 5
" Monday Wind Wly fine day. gave the Men a holiday & Mefs Bottles."

Nov. 6
" Tuesday Wind variable sharp weather. James Inkster & David Brown cutting staves for Rundlets. Henry Lena making a Cabin. John Flaws & James Short Cooks, 4 Men at the Mandalls, 2 hunting, Peiry Sutherland killed a Bull & a Cabray.
NB Mr McDonell came down & spent the Evening wanted to make an Agreement concerning the Indians but I would not. Taylor went for part of the Bull."

Nov. 7
" Wednesday Wind NW Men employed as Yesterday except the wood cutters gone to haul home Meat. Peiry Sutherland killed another Bull. the Hunter brot the flesh of one B. James Inkster can scarcely see out of one of his Eyes hav'g got a piece of rust from an Iron hoop into it."

Nov. 8
" Thursday Wind Wly sharp weather the Men as before except Henry Lena making a wooden sled for firewood. the Men says the Buffalo was eat by the Wolves last Night."

Nov. 9
" Friday Wind NW sharp weather. Cooper cannot see out of his Eye yet to work. Henry Lena and two Men hauling home firewood with the Horse. the others as before. In the Evening the Little Capt. & another Indian came in brot their Debts."

Nov. 10
" Saturday Wind NE snowy weather the Men as before. the little Captain went away brot 62 MB."

Nov. 11
" Sunday Wind Nly fine weather. Mr Jefsomme came from the Mandalls did not see our Men they had not arrived when he set off brot 60 B. in Wolves & Kitts. The Hunter killed a Bull."

Nov. 12
" Monday Wind Wly sharp day. James Inkster & David Brown making Rundlets. Tho Richards & Peiry Sutherland hunting killed a Bull, James Short and John Flaws Cooks, Jolly coeur & Christopher Harvey gone for Meat, Henry Lena & James Anderson hauling wood with the Horse. some Asniboils came in for some Brandy and Tobacco, at Night they came and some went to the other House as the Canad. went with 2 Kegs of Brandy into the Plains & made them so intoxicated that they could scarely walk for they are all starving having such a number of Men & no piece Meat to give them the most part of the Asniboils have come here since my Arrival."

Nov. 13
" Tuesday Wind NE cloudy weather Men as before. the Indians of last Night went away I traded 52 Bladders fatt 26 Pcs Meat & some beat Meat they only brot 5 Wolf skins. at noon Uckimauwiscum came in brot 30 MB gave him some Brandy to drink. Jollycoeur the Canadian wanted an old woman to Keep he having had one before this year only some of the Canad. took her away last winter when Mr McKay was here, he says every frenchman has a woman & why should we stop him."

Nov. 14
" Wednesday Wind Ely thawy weather. two Men hunting got nothing the others as on Monday. Uekimauwiscome went away, In the Ev'g a Band of Asniboils came in paid my Credits and put in Meat for Brandy to carry away with them, we made a Tent for them to drink out, but they refused & insisted on drinking in the House as they do at other places, or else would not come any more. Men watching.
NB In the Afternoon Mr McDonell, Augee and Mr Wills a Clerk belonging to the South Company paid me a visit staid about 4 hours & then went away."

Nov. 15
" Thursday Wind Wly fine warm day. Indians went away brot 30 MB in furrs & plenty of Meat. In the Even'g James Sinclair, Jn Lyons and Jn Efson came from Mr Harvey, Mr Harvey lost my 2 Horses at Shell River the Ind. theived them ? the follg Letter
Indian Elbow Dec.? 3d 98
Dear Sir
According to your Orders I have sent three Men back, the Horses was theived at Shell River by the stone Indians. Mr Longmore & Mr McCloud is only about 5 or 6 Miles from the House, Mr Heart is at our door, Mr Callow? is only one days march from us, that is by Court Loom & Swan River you may easily Judge what can be done here. I don't think I will have 500 B. this year. nobody staying all Summer has destroyed the trade at this place. if men had been here all the Summer with a little Brandy & triffling Articles they would have had 7 or 800 B. whereas it all went to Court Loom.
I intend to send two Men down the next month with a Horse then I can write more fully of things, my Cloth is little & my Invoice was Erronious. I had 30 instead of 39 lb Kettles, 4 lb of Beads in lieu of 9. several of the Guns is bad and not tradeable.
I shall want a few small Kegs by & by and other things, Mr Longmore has 250 yd Cloth & 18 stripd? Blankets, every thing else in proportion, I only have 83? yds & 1 Blanket stripd?. If this place is to be kept up 2 or 3 men ought to stay here all Summer, if that is not done it's not worth the trouble to come to. Sevl? Ind. wanted me to stay at shell River where the Comp. ought to have a House. Mr Longmore wanted to put in Goods with me & send there without your orders, I would not comply tho' in the same time it would be profitable to you in your Trade providing? I had plenty of Goods to join him. I am Dr Sir
Your very Hum. Servt.
P.S. The English Bale of Blankets was only 15 in lieu of 16. The Grey Goose shot was only Duck."

Nov. 16
" Friday Wind NE snowy weather. Henry Lena making a sawhorse. Tho Richards & one gone for snowshoe frames. Js Inkster making Kegs one Man assisting him 2 Cooks 2 hauling wood with the Horse James Anderson at work for the Men 3 resting one Man splitting wood."

Nov. 17
" Saturday Wind Nly fine clear weather. Men as before, some Mandalls came to see the House from the Upper house they brot one Kitt skin & 2 Bladders of fatt for Brandy."

Nov. 18
" Sunday Wind W fine weather performed divine service."

Nov. 19
" Monday Wind NE Cold weather James Inkster, David Brown, James Anderson & Js Sinclair gone for Oak for Rundlets. Christopher Harvey & Peiry Sutherland hauling firewood with the Horse. James Short & Jn Flaws Cooks, Tho Richards, Louis Jollycoeur and Jn Efson gone to the Moose hill & Tent out, Jollycoeur wanted a Kettle In debt, I told him I had none to spare for the Trade, he answered and said if I would not let him have one he would go to the french house & buy one for his money he says what is the use of money to him if he cannot get what he wants. sooner then he should go to them I at last let him have one & charged it to his Debt. he left Mr McKay last year for sevl days & perhaps he might serve me the same. John Lyons hunt'g got 3 Ducks. Mr Jefsomme went away for the Mandalls."

Nov. 20
" Tuesday NW fine weather. Men as Yesterday except Peiry Sutherland and John Lyons hunting killed 4 Bulls, 2 of them good for nothing. Mr McDonell invited me to dinner this day he thinks I am very un,neighbourly not having been once yet. at night 2 Asniboils came in brot a few Skins & Meat."

Nov. 21
" Wednesday Wind Sly fine warm day. Indians of yesterday went away brot 10 Wolves & 10 in Meat. 2 Men hauling wood with the Horse 4 Men for Bulls meat 2 hunting 2 Cooking the other as before."

Nov. 22
" Thursday Wind NW cloudy warm weather the Men as before got a few Pheasants."

Nov. 23
" Friday Wind Nly warm weather Men as before Peiry Sutherland killed a Cabray, Jollycoeur came home with part of a Bull the warm weather keep the Cattle from coming. Indians came in to the other house & one came and paid my Debt & brot 4 drest skins for Shoes which we are much in want of. 3 Asniboils came in wanted Brandy Powder Ball & Tobacco they brot nothing but made signs men was to go with them."

Nov. 24
" Saturday Wind Sly with very little rain bad walking sent David Brown, John Lyons and James Sinclair with the Ind. sent 3 G. Liquor &c. 2 Men hauled home the Cabrey, Jollycoeur went back to his Tent, 2 Men cooks, one Man looking after the Horses James Inkster making Kegs Henry Lena making a Ladder the rest as before."

Nov. 25
" Sunday Wind Wly cloudy rainy weather the Men of Yesterday came home brot 8 B. in furrs & 20 B. in Meat."

Nov. 26
" Monday Wind Wly blows a hurricane sent John Lyons and John Efson for Meat to Tho Richards Tent. James Inkster & one Man making Rundlets. James Anderson at work for the Men. James Short and John Flaws Cooks C. Harvey making Candles James Sinclair & Peiry Sutherland gone for Willows for the Cooper. Henry Lena making another sled for cordwood. Tho Richards & Jollycoeur out Tenting."

Nov. 27
" Tuesday Wind WNW 4 Men hauling wood one hunting the others as before at noon Thomas Richards & Jollycoeur came home with every thing no Cattle to be seen. I am much surprized Mr Millar did not send a man with the Canad as I hear some is come to Mr McDonells last Night from that place none of my Men knows the way I shall be obliged to engage my hunter to conduct people as Millar is in want of Rundlets."

Nov. 28
" Wednesday Wind Nly fine weather Men as usual at noon a band of Asniboils came in. Tas,cut,ta,nace or the little war Chief brot a good many Wolf and Fox skins. Ind. drunk the Men taking care of the House and watching."

Nov. 29
" Thursday Wind Nly fine day Ind. of Yeserday went away. They brot 80 MB in furrs 30 Pcs Meat and 18 Bladders of fatt. at Night a Sotie came in & told us some Ind. was gone to the other house for men to go to their Tents & wanted us to go for part of our Debts they are to sett of before day. Mr Augee & 7 Men I hear. I shall send Tho Richards as Interpreter my men being very poor at the Indian Language. Henry Lena and Self packing up Goods & Brandy for the Sleds as every thing must be in readinefs this Night."

Nov. 30
" Friday Wind NW fine weather. about 4 oClock this morning Tho Richards, James Sinclair, Christopher Harvey, James Anderson, John Lyons, John Efson & Louis Jollycoeur sett of with the Ind. of yesterday, Mr Augee & the Canad. went of at the same time, there is 9 Tents halfway and 5 beyond. I have ordered two men to return from the first Tents, they owe me about 200 Beaver & I beleive near 400 to the other House. They all got Credits from the Canadians last fall owing to our late arrival which I am fearfull will be a great means of lefsning our Trade this Year. late at Night two Crees came in for Men to go for my Credits drank in the House. Mr McDonell & two Gentlemen from above came and paid me a Visit."

Dec. 1 1798
" Saturday Wind NW blows hard Henry Lena, David Brown and Peiry Sutherland went with the Indians of last Night. at Night Capt. Quinquihanca sent for a drink only; he not being well, he has nearly my Debt 50 Beav. If I had only men to spare I would have sent for his furrs."

Dec. 2
" Sunday Wind Wly Snow at times. Quinquihanca or the Wolverines young men went away very early. sent him some Liquor, he is to be in again for Men as soon as they can pay the whole of their debts. at Night 3 Asniboils came in they say there is two Bands coming in to morrow. Men continually watching."

Dec. 3
" Monday Wind NW blows fresh severe weather. early this morning the 3 Asniboils of last Night went away not very well pleased because I would not send Men with them on account that the Canad. are continually runing thro' the Plains from the two houses that is about 6 Miles above us here in expectation of stoping the Natives from coming this way. I gave them 2 fathom Tobacco & 3 Gall. of mixt Liquor to take to the Chiefs, they told me to have the large Flagg hoisted (it happened very fortunately that the Chief gave me one at Martins Fall or else I should have had none, the one here being uselefs). at noon James Anderson and John Efson came home brot near 70 MB from Tho. Richards. sent 2 men to see if the Assiniboils was coming they met two of them who said they wanted more Brandy. towards Night they all came here 10 Men & 8 Women. they put in a present of Wolves & Meat for more Brandy to drink, I wanted to make a Tent out for them but they absolutely refused as they always drink in at the other Houses & said they would go if I denied them. if they kill it cannot be helped the want of Men in this River is a general complaint by every master that comes into it. all hands as well as Self watching the Indians; about the middle of the Night an Ind. woman out of Jealousy attempted to hang herself in the Yard, the Cooper watched her out & cut her down in time, we had enough to do to quell them they being of different tribes."

Dec. 4
" Tuesday Wind SW blows fresh. In the morning Henry Lena, David Brown and Peiry Sutherland came home from the Indian Tents brot 50 MB most of it Wolves. Self trading with the Indians of last night."

Dec. 5
" Wednesday Wind Wly very sharp weather. the Asniboils went away they brot upwards of 100 Beaver in Wolves & Kitts 60 Pcs of Meat 40 Bladders fatt & a few Tongues, Men resting themselves."

Dec. 6
" Thursday Wind SW sharp weather 4 Men hauling firewood the others as before. at 8 AM Tho Richards, Christopher Harvey, John Lyons, James Sinclair and Louis Jollycoeur came home from the Indians Tents brought about half my Debts & the people at the other House got about 300 skins. Self and Henry Lena overhauling and drying the Furrs."

Dec. 7
" Friday Wind and Weather as Yesterday. early this morning two Squasish,pot Indians came in for Brandy and Tobacco are of a different tribe from the Asniboils says they have plenty of Wolves and Kitts but no Beaver. gave them Brandy and Tobacco to carry to the rest. about noon they all came in, set the men to make a Tent out for them, they put in 60 Wolves for Brandy to carry away with them. I gave each of them one Quart to drink this Night, all hands to watch. towards Evening two Crees came in with some Wolves."

Dec. 8
" Saturday Wind NW very sharp weather. Self and two Men trading with the Ind., at noon they all went away they brot near 400 MBeaver out of which they had only 2 Beaver skins."

Dec. 9
" Sunday Wind NW blows fresh self writing to Mr Millar having persuaded the Indian to conduct them as none of my Men will undertake the Journey & he refused to go unlefs I would pay him 40 Beav. he being entirely naked & owes me a heavy debt. an Indian came in for Men to go to his Tent & another went to Mr McDonell for men."

Dec. 10
" Monday Wind Wly blows fresh. most of the Men bad with Colds sent Tho Richards, C. Harvey & James Anderson with the Ind. of last Night. 2 Cooks, 2 making Kegs, 2 making Ley for Soap, 2 hauling wood. an Ind. came in for Men to go for my Debt at night drunk. In the Morning sent John Lyons, Jollycoeur & the Ind. to Mr Millar. sent the following Letter to Mr Tho Millar
Brandon House Dec. 10th 1798
Mr Millar
I have been obliged to engage an Indian at a heavy Expence as none of my Men knew the road to you. the want of men to do the necefsary duties here, I could not send before, havg waited for the Horses from above but Mr Harvey lost them whether by Negligence I cannot say but am apprehensive it was the Ind. theived them at Shell River going up last fall.
I hope you have better prospects than I have here for Trade, there is no lefs than 4 houses within a days March besides my Neighbour MrMcDonell who I have visited once since my arival, - have sent you a Dozen Rundlets, whatever small Goods you can spare send them by these Men as I should not wish any to go to Point au futer in the Spring they will be much wanted here also Bristol Shot you having got 2 Bags and by some Error Mr Harvey has got none altho' I sent one Bag Mark'd B it turned out to be Duck, our distrefs may be owing to your sending a bag in Spring to Point au Futre & Peter Taylor used it, if you have any Remaining this Spring you must send it up in a Canoe.
I beg you not to detain my Men nor the Indian he having a large family. could you spare me a Man I have plenty of use here for him to do; I cannot send my Taylor to you & the other one is at the Elbow. you cannot have much use for him, I have got no Coats made he having been employed about other things.
I have enclosed a plan for you to go by in the Spring & shall be glad to know your determination whether you intend to reside Locum Tenens next Summer at Brandon House or go down to Martins Fall; - If you have sold any Goods to your Men let me know by this Pacquet that it may be charged in my Accounts. wishing you a good winter I am Dr Sir Your very Humble Servant. Robt. Goodwin."

Dec. 11
" Tuesday Wind variable from NE to SW sharp weather. In the morning sent David Brown and James Sinclair with the Ind. of yesterday. In the Afternoon three Indians (Viz. Bear, Beggar & a tall Asniboil came in) they slept 3 nights but brot nothing they wanted Tobacco & Brandy as they intend to come in soon with my Credit. 2 Crees came from Capt. Pepea,tu,ca alias Big head wanted some Tobacco & Brandy as he intends to be here in Spring with his furrs."

Dec. 12
" Wednesday Wind Wly blows fresh. early in the morning 4 Asniboils came in with a few furrs Meat and Fatt they traded 20 Pcs Meat 13 Bladders of fatt and 12 Tongues for Ammunition went away immediately also all the Indians of yesterday. at Night 2 Asniboils came in for Tobacco for their father who is coming in soon with my Credits. David Brown and James Sinclair came home with 40 MB."

Dec. 13
" Thursday Wind Wly fine weather. the Indians of last Night went away. sent 6 Men to look for the Horses not having seen them some days ago, 2 boiling Ley for Soap and various other necefsary duties about the House."

Dec. 14
" Friday Wind NW Men variously employed hauling home firewood with the Horses &c. Cooper & one making Kegs, Tho Richards, James Anderson and Christopher Harvey came from the Indian tents bro't 50 MB in Wolves & Foxes, at noon John Scarth and Robt Robinson came with Letters from Mr Harvey he being in want of small Rundlets his Men must stay till I can get them made for it is as much as the Cooper can get enough for our own use & hav'g only a few days ago sent a dozen to Mr Millar. they brot the following Letter
Indian Elbow Dec. ? 98
Dear Sir
I have sent down John Scarth & Robt Robinson according to your orders, the Horse is not sent yet nor can be spared, the wood is so far off and we so few Men that it would require us all to the sled, were one man and the Horse serve? providing Scarth is stop'd with you. return Robinson & another back for I shall be in the greatest want of small Rundlets before they come, I expect them here again before Xmas for the Indians will be coming and it require us all to be together looking after my Debts as I have a good many out, 400.
Buffalo is not yet come & Hugh Linklater has not had any succefs in hunting only 2 small deer which has forced me to Trade all that we have eat since my Arrival, the Expence added to the fitting out a hunter with a Gun and Clothing has been expensive out of my small aequipment?, there has been several Indians at me since we came but only Brandy drinkers very few furrs; have in the House nearly 400 Beaver.
With respect to Trade it is very uncertain we being surrounded in every quarter by so many well fitted out Oppositions & so many men going about day and night from House to House therefore it's very precarious in respect of Procuring furrs for them that have not the same plenty - Out of my Cloth I have one & a half piece Remaining yet.
I shall be in great anxiety for my Mens arrival & to hear from you as well as for the Kegs that I greatly want and any other thing that you can spare, we are all here as yet in good neighbourhood I shall be glad to know if anybody is to stay all Summer for their is more furrs to be made here in Summer than at Brandon House if Brandy, Powder & Shot is left.
The Company ought to have a settlement between Court Loom & River Capell and the Boats not to come higher than that place, the Goods for this place carried from hence on Horses and people to stay in all the Summer 3 or 4 Men only, then plenty of Trade would be made which is the opinion of Dear Sir
Your most H'ble Servt.
Tho. Harvey
P.S. If you can spare some Cloth send as much as be one Captains coat as I expect to have 4 to Cloath. we are short of Ball send me 35 lb and 2 files or 4 as you think convenient or? 2 Hatchets if any can be spared. I am afraid my Tobacco will be short, Brandy I have 6 Kegs yet, Guns 6, Blankets 3 pt 4, 2 1/2 8, 2 pt 2, send as many small Kegs as they can take even then it will be too few. Enclosed is a list of things deficient in the Invoice.
Every thing that Mr Sutherland left here was lost, The Gun Chest with its contents was burnt &? 2 doors. All the Beat Meat & fatt was eat by the Wolves. I found nothing after him but one Keg of fatt (witnefs? all the? Men) if you have plenty of Tobacco send me a little as you think proper but if you are scarce of it I want none. TH?"

Dec. 15
" Saturday Wind WNW fine clear weather. Men hauling wood &c. At noon 2 Bands of Asniboils sent in for Brandy & Tobacco as their families are nigh hand towards Evening they all came. Men watching."

Dec. 16
" Sunday Wind Wly sharp weather the Indians of Yesterday went away bro't 100 MB in Wolves, Foxes & a few Bear skins. at night a Cree came in with a few furrs part of his Credit. he informs me two other Ind. are gone to Mr McDonells for Men to go to their Tents. I shall send likewise as many of my Debtors are there. Men watching attending Indians & mending Sleds ready to start in the morning."

Dec. 17
" Monday Wind NW fine sharp weather. sent Thomas Richards, Robt Robinson, James Sinclair and Jn Efson with the Indian of last Night. In the morning an Asniboil came in for Tobacco & Liquor as the band are nigh hand towards Night they came. Men watching. 2 hunting killed a Bull. In the Afternoon Mr Wills & his Man called here. as he came from the half way bank they lost their road & had been 3 days without Provisions he being much fatigued he is going to rest here all Night. he informs me an Indian at the burnt carrying place wounded 2 Canadians."

Dec. 18
" Tuesday Wind NE warm cloudy weather. the Indians of Yesterday traded 30 Beav. in Wolves, 30 Pcs Meat 20 Bladders fatt and 18 Tongues for Brandy and Ammunition. Mr Wills and Man went away. In the Evening the Men of Yesterday came home bro't 50 MB in Wolves &c & not one Beaver skin."

Dec. 19
" Wednesday Wind Ely warm weather. the Indians of the 17th went away at noon Capt. Corn came in brot 27 MB in furrs & 14 in Meat and Fatt & went away. at Night a Sotie same in bro't 20 Wolves & an Asniboil with Meat and fatt. Cooper & one continually making Rundlets others looking after the Horses Cooking &c &c."

Dec. 20
" Thursday Wind NE cloudy weather. the Asniboil of last Night went away. James Inkster & David Brown at Rundlets, James Anderson and John Scarth at work for the Men, James Sinclair, Robert Robinson, John Flaws & Christopher Harvey hauling firewood with the Horses, John Efson and James Short cooks, Tho Richards & Peiry Sutherland out hunting got nothing no Cattle to be seen yet. my Men have been eating Piece Meat. Henry Lena attending Indians. at 9 AM Wafsoe a Coteray came in for Men to go to his Tent for a few Skins, gave him a little Brandy to drink, he says he have been sick all winter & has done little or nothing."

Dec. 21
" Friday Wind NW blows a Gale with sleet and Snow the worst day I ever saw this year the Men was obliged to give overhauling firewood, the rest as before."

Dec. 22
" Saturday Wind NW clear sharp weather. Men employed as on Thursday except John Scarth Peiry Sutherland & Wafsoe with Christopher Harvey gone for furrs."

Dec. 23
" Sunday Wind Wly performed divine service. at noon James Slater, John Christian, Magnus Tait and John Anderson came from the Mandalls brot about 400 MB in Wolves, Kitts &c & only 9 B. Skins in the whole. Mr Jefsomme lent them a Horse."

Dec. 24
" Monday Wind Wly fine clear weather. the Men employed overhauling and drying the Mandall furrs. at noon John Lyons, Jollycoeur and the Indian arrived from Millar brot the underwritten Letter. 2 Asniboils came in for Brandy & Tobacco the bands are near hand the Squirrel & Bear so named with my Debts. in the Evening Tobie a Saultaux came from the White Clays Tent for Tobacco &c. all the Indians drunk. Paid the Indian the Remainder of his Payment being 16 days away.
Red River Dec. 19th 98
Dear Sir
The favor of yours I duly rec'd by your Men & am sorry to inform you of the poor succefs of this place, the poverty of the land and rogery of the Indians joined together with that of my Opponents, I cannot comprehend. I have one house about a Mile distant & another close at my door selling their Goods very cheap. so you may Judge what small share must fall to us with the small outfit sent here. I have only 8 yds of Red C. Cloth & no Blue. Blankets very few & all other Goods in proportion, Cloth & Blankets are the only articles traded here & every thing else given for nothing. paying for Provisions ever since my arrival has gone of? with a great Quantity of my Liquor. No.41 a 10 Gn. Rundlet stove on the Journey & pitched ran only 6 1/4 Gn. the Cotton & White Shirts almost rotten a Calico Shirt and ribbons?; you will be pleased to send Anderson your Taylor and another man about the first of March as all the Men is almost naked for want of Cloaths & has cloth by them but cannot make it. I want a couple of Capt. Coats made also.
All your Instructions shall be duly executed to the utmost of my power as far as is consistent with Affairs of this place & the Honble Companys Interest. Sir I cannot give you an explicit answer relating the Spring before the month of March when I know were all the Indians is gone to hunt in the Spring the Canadians are to build a house higher up this River in the Summer and has told all the Indians to go there. I sincerely wish you Health and plenty of Trade. I remain Dear Sir
Your Obt. Hum. Servt.
Tho. Miller
PS. Sir relating to my staying at Brandon House all Summer is what I cannot determine at present untill such time as I shall hear from you again and be pleased to let me know if you intend to send here next fall or not then I shall give you an explicit answer. Yours sincerely
Tho. Miller."

Dec. 25
" Tuesday Wind NW sharp day. the Asniboils went away prevented us from Prayers. 5 Men getting ready to go to Jepormausish Tent he hav'g sent word by Lyons for Men to carry Brandy & Ammunition. at Night the little Capt. Brother came in brot nothing. gave all the Men Brandy this day."

Dec. 26
" Wednesday Wind Wly sharp weather. early in the morning the Indian Tobie went away. sent Tho Richards, John Lyons, David Brown, James Sinclair and Robert Robinson to the Hawks tent with Goods and Brandy to Trade & procure my Credits."

Dec. 27
" Thursday Wind SW sharp weather. Men looking after the Horses at night an Indian came in paid his debt & traded 3 drest Skins for Shoes which came very fortunately my Men continually running after Ind. consumes a vast quantity of Leather my Cloth nearly done and very few Guns left."

Dec. 28
" Friday Wind Wly sharp weather. at night Peiry Sutherland, John Scarth and Christopher Harvey came from Wasoes Tent bro't 50 B. in good furrs gave them some Grog not being here at Xmas."

Dec. 29
" Saturday Wind NE warm day got my Hunter & Jollycoeur set of to Tent out for Buffalo none being nigh hand & we have lived on piece Meat some time. thank God we have upwards 5000 lb traded since my arrival last fall. at night Jollycoeur came back with some Bulls flesh & the Men to go for more to morrow. some Asniboils came in for some Brandy & Tobacco as the bands are to be in soon sent a little to each."

Dec. 30
" Sunday Wind Wly fine weather performed divine service sent 3 Men for the Meat killed yesterday by the Hunter. the little Capt. brother went away at noon Tho Richards, David Brown, John Lyons, James Sinclair and Robert Robinson came home from the Hawks Tent brought upwards of 100 Beaver."

Dec. 31
" Monday Wind Wly very severe weather. an Indian came in with 4 Beaver Skins and some fatt wanted Men to go and fetch a Bull Jollycoeur had killed sent 2 Men and they returned late at Night, gave the Men some Grog to finish the Old Year and succefs to the New one."

Jan. 1 1799
" Tuesday Wind NW blows a hurricane oblig'd to take the flagg down very severe weather. Mr McDonell sent a letter to invite me to dinner, the Gentlemen from the Houses from above was there also, gave the Men Grog this day as on Xmas."

Jan. 2
" Wednesday Wind NW very sharp weather the Gentlemen from the other house came here & staid about 3 hours."

Jan. 3
" Thursday Wind Nly sharp weather sent 5 Men to hunt killed one Cow, Jollycoeur came in for men to fetch a Cow the hunter had killed. Cooper & one at Kegs, 2 Men Cooks, Taylor Ind. Coats, other looking after the Horses."

Jan. 4
" Friday Wind Wly fine weather. Hunters and Men as before. Tho Richards killed a Cow."

Jan. 5
" Saturday Wind and Weather as Yesterday. James Slatter killed a Cow. at Night the Bear came in for Men to go and haul home 7 Cows from his Tent. he promised to kill me plenty if Cattle comes at 4 Skins each beast."

Jan. 6
" Sunday Wind NE cloudy weather. sent James Sinclair, Christopher Harvey, John Efson, Robt Robinson, John Anderson and Magnus Tait with the Bear for Meat. James Anderson and John Scarth gone for Meat killed yesterday."

Jan. 7
" Monday Wind Nly light Snow the Men came home with part of 7 Cattle. David Brown, James Anderson and John Scarth gone to the Hunters tent for Meat having killed 2 Cows, Tho Richards, Henry Lena, Peiry Sutherland, James Slater and John Lyons out hunting killed 3 Cows obliged to take a new Gun for Tho Richards to hunt with, James Short and John Flaws Cooks, Jollycoeur out with the Indian hunter, James Inkster making Rundlets for Mr Harvey. At night an Asniboil came in for Ammunition."

Jan. 8
" Tuesday Wind Wly fine day. Men hauling Meat sent Jn Efson to stay? with Jollycoeur hav'g 2 Cows. an Ind. came from the Creek for Men to fetch 2 more Cows. Tho Richards lame. a Cree brot 10 MB at night drunk."

Jan. 9
" Wednesday Wind NW cloudy weather. Men looking for the Horses 3 Men gone to the Creeks tent for Meat. the Cattle very far off. In the Afternoon Capt. Uckemauk and Band came in with Meat and Wolves at night drunk. Big heads Son came in brot 30 MB Men watching."

Jan. 10
" Thursday Wind Nly light Snow at times. the Ind. of Yesterday went away after giving the Captain his present & 10 Gn. mixt Liquor. Men returned with two Cows. at Night the Crane came in brot a few Skins informs me some of my Debtors are at his Tents, Bigheads Son went away sent some tobacco to his father."

Jan. 11
" Friday Wind NE fine clear weather. sent John Lyons, Peiry Sutherland, John Scarth, Mag Tait, James Sinclair and Robert Robinson with the Indian of last Night sent some Brandy & Tobacco. at night an Asniboils came in for Powder. John Efson and Jollycoeur came home with Meat from the Hunter. White Partridges Son came in havg met our Men, Peiry Sutherland came back with him in case he should have gone to the other house being dark. very few Cattle to be seen."

Jan. 12
" Saturday Wind Sly fine clear weather. the Men of Yesterday came home bro't a few furrs from Ironsides and some Meat from the Hunters Tent. the Indians of Yesterday went away."

Jan. 13
" Sunday Wind SW fine weather. spent the day Religiously. at Night an Indian came in bro't 18 MB 20 Pcs of Meat & 17 Bladders fatt."

Jan. 14
" Monday Wind Nly very warm weather. at ? the Bear came in for Men to fetch Meat. the Beggar came in with Meat and a few skins. at night Capt. The,wi,ten,acappo alias Slubber & family came in. at Night the Wolverines Son came for Men to go to their Tents. Men watching &c all the Indians drunk."

Jan. 15
" Wind NE warm weather Men taking care of the House, Old Slubber got his Chiefs Cloathing & 10 Gn mixt Liquor having brot 140 MB. sent John Lyons, James Anderson & James Sinclair to the Wolverines Tent 2 Canad. went also; 4 Men went with the Bear brot the flesh of 4 Cows. at 4 PM The Hawk came for Men to go to his Tent for some furrs, at night the White Partridge came in bro't nothing but one Moose Skin. Men watching Indians drinking in & out."

Jan. 16
" Wednesday Wind NE a little Snow. Ind. very troublesome for Liquor I absolutely refused them as they have had plenty. Old Slubber & Gang got his present of Ammunition & set them off sent 4 Men about 2 Miles with them to carry their Liquor or else they would have Returned & drank at the House; - The Creek came in for Men to fetch 5 Cows he has laid by on a stage. Indians continually coming and going prevents us from looking after Cattle & very far off. In the Afternoon John Efson and Louis Jollycoeur came home no Cattle to be got & there is 4 Tents of Ind. came to the same place. In the Evening the Hawk traded his furrs 44 MB & 8 drest Skins for Shoes. the Beggars Son came in brought a few furrs 18 Pcs Meat 6 Bladders fatt and 12 Tongues. Men mending Sleds &c ready to start to morrow with the Indians."

Jan. 17
" Thursday Wind NW warm weather. sent 6 Men for Meat. The Hawk went away & the following Men with him. Tho Richards, David Brown, Christopher Harvey, John Scarth and John Christian. 4 Ind. came in for Brandy bro't nothing but Parchment Leather, late at Night a Cree came in for Men to fetch my Credit & one went to the other House for Men also. Cooper making Rundlets as fast as he is able for Mr Harvey, the Ind. continually coming run away with them directly. Old Slubber came back to get some flesh he says he is starving. the Ind. of Yesterday went away."

Jan. 18
" Friday Wind Nly cloudy warm weather. at noon Jn Lyons, James Anderson and James Sinclair came home bro't 70 MB & 12 Tongues, at Night some Asniboils came in also the Bear for Men to fetch 2 Cows. Pd for 6 Pcs Meat 8 Bladders fatt and 8 Tongues. sent Peiry Sutherland, Jn Anderson & Mag Tait with the Indian of Yesterday."

Jan. 19
" Saturday Wind Wly fine weather, too fine for the Asniboils for they are continually coming with Meat and Fatt for Liquor and Tobacco which is a great hurt to the Trade for every Piece of Meat is reckoned as a Wolf Skin & paid for as such. at Noon Capt. Corn & family came in brot his Debt & plenty of Meat. a Sotie came in with 18 Beaver Skins & some went to the other House were they took Debt last fall. Indians drunk Men watching."

Jan. 20
" Sunday Wind NW fine weather. Indians very troublesome for Liquor but refused them. In the Afternoon the Creek & band 2 Tents came in cattle being away (3 tents went to Mr McDonells their Hunter & band) Capt. Corn and Band went away, paid him for 38 Pcs Meat 19 Tongues and 7 Bladders of fatt. Men continually watching & attending Indians."

Jan. 21
" Monday Wind Nly sharp weather. Indians trading Lines for Brandy. At noon Tho Richards, C. Harvey, Jn Scarth, David Brown & Jn Christian came home from Capt. Jepormausish Tent brought 60 MB in good furrs half of it untraded yet. James Inkster making Kegs, Henry Lena attending Ind., James Short and John Flaws Cooks the others looking for the Horses."

Jan. 22
" Tuesday Wind Wly sharp weather. last Night was one of the heaviest Gales of wind I ever saw in this country. very near froze an Indian to death that fell down drunk in the Path between this house & Mr McDonells had not some old women heard him making a Noise. at Night Peiry Sutherland, Magnus Tait and John Anderson came home bro't 30 MB."

Jan. 23
" Wednesday Wind NW very sharp weather. all hands getting their Hatchets ready to fall Stockadoes for a new Garden &c. others looking after the Horses , two preparing to go to Mr Harvey. Indians continually coming in begging Tobacco &c. the Cattle very scarce none nigh hand they say the Asniboils are eating their Dogs and parchment hides, was in hopes this severe weather would have sent the Cattle nearer us."

Jan. 24
" Thursday Wind and Weather as before. 14 Men gone to fall Stockadoes. James Inkster making Rundlets, Robert Robinson and Christopher Harvey preparing Sleds ready to go off to morrow morning. I was obliged to send up to Mr McDonell to beg the favour of the loan of his large Hatchets to fall the Stockadoes with as ours are uselefs and good for nothing."

Jan. 25
"Friday Wind NW men employed as before. some Asniboils came in with a few furrs and Meat &c. In the Afternoon Captain Uckimau,wescome alias Mr Grants brother in Law came in brot nothing. they are going to the Northward. the Hunter came at the same time got? a Cow from the Creek; sent Robert Robinson and Christopher Harvey to the Elbow and the following Letter
Brandon House Jan. 25th 99
Dear Sir
Yours by Sinclair and Scarth I duly rec'd. Am sorry you have so many Opponents which is the Case here also. I am sorry you found your Invoice short & not answer which must have been an overlook of yours for the English Bale you say was a Blanket short which is impofsible as it was never open'd in this country. - perhaps you had forgot Hugh Linklater open'd a shot bag on the Journey & traded upwards of 20 Skins for Ammunition, yourself opened the Rundlet Cont'g the Beads & Kettles?, you took out the largest Kettle? but one, you are like to be deficient if you don't recollect such Circumstances. I enquired of the Men & they informed me of the above. I was at the packing of the Goods at Albany & am certain their was no mistake & wonder you can say the Guns are bad when the Chief picked the best at the place. I found all mine in good condition, I was much surprized you should loose the two Horses especially as Robt Robinson went with you to take care of them. I enquired of him about the Affair & made answer & says they would not have been lost if you had not staid so long with the Indians, you should have sent the Horse you traded down.
You had no occasion to mention the Urgency you was in for your Mens return you might depend I should not detain them longer than I thought necefsary. the Rundlets you wanted could not be done sooner as I was obliged to supply Mr Millar first and you had several Kegs with you in the fall.
I am very anxious about the Companys affairs concerning your staying all summer above which is impofsible we have only 33 Men besides three Officers including Self, it takes 30 Men to carry out the Craft and only 3 left to stay at Brandon House besides a Master which will be too few. I shall be obliged to send the Craft out short mann'd, you know we had too few Men from Martins Fall.
You must come down as early as pofsible and not make it so late as John Sutherland did last Year as the early arrival at Martins Fall will be a means of our return sooner.
I have sent some Letters to Mr Longmore which you will send as soon as pofsible to him. wishing an early sight of you I am Dr Sir
Your very Hble Servt
R. Goodwin
PS. I have sent what Goods I have to spare. you must bring all your Remains down."

Jan. 26
" Saturday Wind Wly cold weather. the Men finished falling Pallisadoes got about 700. at night the Ind. of Yesterday drunk trading fatt and pounded Meat sent 4 Men for 3 Cows the Creek killed hav'g engaged him to hunt for us during his stay here paid the Hunter for six Cattle he killed with Jollycoeur at 4 Skins each. Asniboils of Yesterday went away 7 MB in furrs 18 Tongues & 12 Beaver in pounded Meat."

Jan. 27
" Sunday Wind Wly more mild weather. Ind. continually going in and out of the House could not perform divine service at Night the Bear came in for Medicines for his Wife who is very bad."

Jan. 28
" Monday Wind NW fine weather. James Inkster & one making Rundlets. Jn Christian and John Anderson sawing boards for the Cooper, James Short and John Flaws cooks, 4 Men hauling firewood, 3 Men gone for a Cow the Creek killed, Henry Lena and Tho Richards attending Indians with self, the rest looking after the Horses. at noon the White Partridge and family 2 Tents came in brot nothing and six Tents of Crees went to the other house."

Jan. 29
" Tuesday Wind Nly warm weather. Indians drunk traded 10 Bladders fatt 17 Tongues and some pounded Meat Paid the Creek for 10 Cows at 4 skins each, Men taking care of the House & watching."

Jan. 30
" Wednesday Wind and Weather as Yesterday. Men gone to haul Stockadoes home brot about 60. it is upwards of a half a Mile and bad road."

Jan. 31
" Thursday Wind Nly fine clear weather. James Inkster making Rundlets James Short and John Flaws Cooks Tho Richards making a Powder Horn Henry Lena and 12 Men hauling Stockadoes;
At Night an Indian came in for Men to go to his Tent for my Credit & Provisions which I am very glad to send for."

Feb. 1 1799
" Friday Wind Nly clear weather. Men as before except James Anderson, John Efson and Louis Jollycoeur went with the Indian of Yesterday."

Feb. 2
" Saturday Wind NW blows fresh. Men looking for the Horses, several Ind. went away from both Houses. James Anderson & 2 Men came home with a few furrs 12 Pcs Meat 3? Bladders fatt & 24 lb beat Meat. at Night Tobie a Saultex came in for Men to go to his Tent. the Creek killed 3 Cows far away no Cattle to be seen such a number of Asniboils continually coming drives the Cattle away, that we may pay more for the Meat."

Feb. 3
" Sunday Wind and Weather as before. The Indian Tobie went away to drink with the other Indians and the Men to go to Morrow Morning sent 6 Men for the Meat the Creek killed. The White Partridge & Beardy went away at Night paid the Creek for his Cows."

Feb. 4
" Monday Wind Wly fine sharp day. early in the Morning sent Tho Richards, John Lyons, James Sinclair, David Brown, John Anderson and Louis Jollycoeur to Tobies Tent. one of the Creeks Ind. killed 5 Cows, Men rep'g Sleds &c."

Feb. 5
" Tuesday Wind Wly fine weather. six Men went with dogs and Horses for the Meat the Creek killed 2 more Cows."

Feb. 6
" Wednesday Wind NE Men gone for Meat. four Men x cutting wood, seven Men gone to Indian Tents, 2 Men cooking, several Asniboils went away to the North'd this day being starving & they hear the Cattle are all gone to the NW."

Feb. 7
" Thursday Wind and Weather as before. Tho Richards & Men came home bro't 50 MB 11 fresh Beav. U kim au wes cum sent the flesh of a Beaver."

Feb. 8
" Friday Wind Wly blows fresh with Snow. Men resting themselves that came home yesterday. four Men cutting dry wood for the fires, two cooks, the Cooper making Kegs. paid an Indian employed about the House during the Winter for 8 pr of new Snow Shoes & repairing sev'l others."

Feb. 9
" Saturday Wind WbN blows fresh. Men looking after the Horses xcutting dry wood rep'g Sleds &c. The Creek and family went to the Sourie to try for Meat for us, no Cattle nigh hand, such a scarce Year was seldom or ever felt here before wch causes heavy Expences to pay for every beast. the Cattle so plentifull last year that Mr McKays Men killed the whole for his winter stock & now all hands have not killed a Doz.. during the day several Asniboils came in begging Tobacco and Ammunition. Mr Wills &c came down & staid a few days."

Feb. 10
" Sunday Wind S fine weather. Uckimauwescum came in for Men to haul Meat from his Tent hav'g? killed Elk & Cabray he soon went back & the Men to go to morrow. some Asniboils came in Begging Ammunition says several Tents are gone to the Houses at the Junipers, got nothing with them for they are all going to the N.d"

Feb. 11
" Monday Wind W warm day. Men gone for Meat to the Ind. Tents three Men with Horses gone to the Bears Tent for 3 Cows 2 sawing boards for the Cooper, 2 Cooks. 2 out hunting all day but could get nothing self attending Indians some Saulteux came to the other house."

Feb. 12
" Tuesday Wind and Weather as before. the Creek sent in for Men to go and fetch three Cows sent 6 Men 2 making Rundlets, Taylor cutting out Indian Shoes 2 cooks the rest looking after the Horses."

Feb. 13
" Wednesday Wind NW blows fresh. two Men gone to the Creeks Tent for a Bull two Men sawing boards Cooper & one making Kegs 2 Cooks the others rep'g Sleds. at noon the Hunter came in for Men to fetch the flesh of 4 Cows he went back directly after record'g payment the Men rep'g sleds &c."

Feb. 14
" Thursday Wind Nly fine day sent seven Men to the Hunter for his Meat the others as before."

Feb. 15
" Friday Wind Wly fine weather, all hands hauling Stockadoes. at Noon 6 Tents of Asniboils came here and 2 went to the other house, the Creek and family came back cannot get any more Cattle at Night paid him for 11 also the Bear for 14 we had rec'd from his Tent during this winter traded 21 hides for Pimeticon 15 Pcs Meat 11 in Beat Meat 13 Tongues & sevl Lines for tying furrs with. - Men watching."

Feb. 16
" Saturday Wind and Weather as before Men hauling Stockadoes 'till breakfast, one attending the Gates the others xcutting dry wood for the fires traded some more hides for Pimecon"

Feb. 17
" Sunday Wind NW very severe weather. Indians sober 2 Asniboils came in with a few Skins & 14 Tongues, Mr McDonell and Augee came down & dined here, they make heavy complaints about provisions altho' they have only three Ind. to hunt for them all the fresh Meat they have now will not serve one month & their piece Meat has been done long ago, they are giving Brandy continually to encourage both Crees and Asniboils to go and hunt for them."

Feb. 18
" Monday Wind Wly sharp weather. sent six Men to the White Partridges Tent for Meat, they met him coming to the house for Liquor for it. 2 Men hauling Stockadoes with the Horse. Cooper and one making Irons? for another Horse to haul by. Taylor making a Capt. Coat, 2 Men cooking, Self and others taking care of the House for it is continually full of Asniboils, no lefs than 18 Tents at both Houses, no Cattle to be got. the 2 Asniboils went away."

Feb. 19
" Tuesday Wind Wly sharp weather a very stormy day Men was not able to work out doors. late at Night the little Captains brother came in he has a few Wolfs Skins and some Meat at his Tent, I shall send two Men to morrow for it. four Crees went to the other House carried beat Meat, also a dead Child to be buried there."

Feb. 20
" Wednesday Wind Wly sharp weather. Mag Tait & Jollycoeur gone with the Ind. of last Night. Cooper & one Keg making 4 Men hauling Stockadoes with two horses? 2 Cooks, 2 sawing boards, Taylors Capt. Coats. at Night an Ind. called the Bittern came for Men to fetch a few furrs and Meat."

Feb. 21
" Thursday Wind NW very sharp weather. sent Tho Richards, John Scarth, James Anderson and James Sinclair with the Indian of last Night, the others as before, the Hunter and family came in can get nothing."

Feb. 22
" Friday Wind weather and Men as before. Tho Richards an Men came home. the Ind. are coming for payment to morrow."

Feb. 23
" Saturday Wind NW very severe weather. In the Morning sett the Creek and band away hav'g given him his present. traded sev'l hides for Pimecon. at noon the Bittern came in brot Piece Meat, Beat Meat & fatt & the Men brot his furrs yesterday. at Night all the Indians drunk, two Crees went to the other house, Men employed as before."

Feb. 24
" Sunday Wind Wly clear sharp weather. Ind. getting sober the Bittern brot 25 MB in furrs 8 Bladders fatt 25 Pieces of Meat some beat Meat & shoe Leather. the Bear & Hunter traded 3 Bladders fatt 2 Pcs Meat & some hides for Bags. John Anderson bad with the Cholic, Tho Richards lame."

Feb. 25
" Monday Wind NE cold weather. James Inkster making Kegs, John Christian and John Anderson sawing roofing for a new hungar. James Sinclair, James Slater, John Lyons and Peiry Sutherland hauling Logs, Stockadoes, cord wood &c &c with the Horses. David Brown making Trunnels. Tho Richards lame Henry Lena afsisting self, Taylors making Trowsers for the Men, Mag Tait and Jollycoeur cutting dry wood. John Efson sifting Ashes John Flaws and James Short Cooks."

Feb. 26
" Tuesday Wind and Weather as Yesterday. 2 Men making Soap the rest as before. 3 Asniboils came in with a few Skins 4 Beav. in Meat & some parchmt hides."

Feb. 27
" Wednesday Wind NW fine clear weather. In the morning the Bear & 3 Tents of Asniboils went away they are to hunt for me our fresh Meat begins to grow short. at Night the Wolverines Son came in from his father for two Men to fetch drest Leather & pounded Meat."

Feb. 28
" Thursday Wind NW Men falling some Logs to help the building of the Hungar I have no dry place for Goods nor Provisions."

Mar. 1 1799
" Friday Wind Ely fine weather the Men as before except James Anderson and Peiry Sutherland gone with the Wolverines Son."

Mar. 2
" Saturday Wind Wly the Men and Horses hauled the last of the Cord wood home put them into the plains to the rest of the Horses. In the Afternoon James Anderson and Peiry Sutherland came home from the Wolverines Tent bro't Meat, drest Leather &c to stay till the Old Man comes himself; The Cattle being so far of and very heavy Expences to get it I am going to send on Monday next Men to stay out and hunt, my Trade being nearly over I can spare them now to look out a little for ourselves. at Noon William Luttit and James Slatter came from Mr Millar they bro't the following Letter.
Red River 19th Feb. 1799
Dear Sir
As I cannot get any Indian to go to you I have sent these two Men along with the Canadians by the way of the Burnt carrying place & I beg of you not to detain them but send them back as fast as pofsible or others in their place. my neighbour Mr Sayer? has persuaded all the Ind. to go up beyond the Red Lake in the Spring to hunt. he intends to go out that way himself which lessens my Expectations greatly he being well stocked with Goods and always getting more from all Quarters which I have not which renders it impofsible for me to cope? with him any longer; The Trade of this place is 1000 MB in 21 Bundles chiefly wolfskins and in the Spring I expect nothing without more Men and Goods as nothing is to be got here without runing after the Indians for it, which ruins every thing, I have lived on friendly terms with my Opponents ever since my arrival & hopes to continue so, I have done my utmost endeavours to catch all I could and they have done the same, but I can oppose them no longer for want of Goods and Liquor which carries all before it. without you send back the Men I will not Know how to act in the Spring according to your Instructions as the Boat will not store the Furrs, Provisions and Lumber and leave room for Men to work her acrofs the Lake; I forwarded your Letter to Mr Vincent in hopes he would have been able to afsist me with such things as I was in want of, but he says he is in want himself neverthelefs he sent me 6 Yds Cloth 2 Pcs of Gartering and 2 lb Beads. Mr Prince accompanied the Men back with his family to stay and carry Provisions to Mr Vincent as soon as the River opens & must afsist him with a Canoe which still makes more difficulty and lays hard on me. I have only 10 yds of Cloth fine and course 3 Blankets one Keg of Spirits and all other things in proportion Kettles? excepted. send me Liquor for Gods sake if you can by any means or else I will get nothing. I have beat Meat and fatt to do but not piece Meat by far and Liquor must go for all; Sir I have laid a true state of my Affairs before you and leave it to your superior Judgement what to do. Relating to my staying at Brandon House is what I have not any objection to if you will give me the Sixpences on the Trade according to your promise to me at the fork but the Summer will be far spent before I can reach Brandon House and I hope you will be so good as to let me know what you think concerning it and if you intend to send any person here next fall so that I may acquaint the Indians of it in the Spring. I wish you Health and a good Trade. happy sight of you in the Spring is the earnest wish of
Dear Sir
Your most Obt. Hble. Servt.
Tho. Millar

I found the Error of the Shirt and Ribbonds?

To Mr Robt. Goodwin"

Mar. 3
" Sunday Wind Wly fine clear weather. In the morning the Bear came in for Men to go and fetch a beast sent David Brown and James Anderson for it. at Night they returned 3 Men getting ready to go and hunt far off, 3 Men preparing to go to Ind. Tents and 4 Men getting ready for to go to Mr Millar."

Mar. 4
" Monday Wind Nly In the morning I sent Tho Richards, James Sinclair and John Scarth to hunt for Wabecunatoes Tent. James Slater, Mag Tait and John Efson to hunt for Meat, 4 Men getting ready to go to Mr Millar. 2 Men cooking 2 Men sawing the? others variously employed. Henry Lena and David Brown weighing the Beat Meat and Fatt I have 3500 lb of the latter & 3100 lb of the former, the Pieces of Meat I cannot weigh yet owing to the Snow laying upon it. some Asniboils came in brot a few furrs. at noon Capt. Corn came in with part of his things & going for? the rest. the whole of the Band will be in to morrow or the day after."

Mar. 5
" Tuesday Wind NW fine weather. early in the morning sent Louis Jollycoeur, John Lyons, Will Luttit and James Slatter to Mr Millars. sent the following Letter
Mr Tho. Millar
Brandon House Mch 5th 99
Your two Letters I duly rec'd and was sorry to hear your Shirts was damaged, you should have sent them by Jollycoeur that I might have been a Judge of it, you will now send them and any thing else you can do without. Guns and Tobacco I am in most want of.
Mr Princes staying with you can be of no Service, you will now send him and these two Men whom I have sent on purpose with your Men. he can take charge of Brandon House all Summer, it will be necefsary for you and Tho Harvey to go out and return in charge with your Equipment, you may acquaint the Indians your station will not be evacuated.
We have had a very hard winter for fresh Meat no Cattle being nigh hand the Asniboils have been necefsiated to eat the Cattle hides and their own Dogs.
My Trade is nearly over about 4000 MB and happy to hear yours is increased & that you will make 1500 by the Spring. All my Men have not Killed 12 Beasts this winter, Tho Richards & John Lyons that killed so many last year the former only 5 and the latter 2.
If your Boat is too heavy to crofs the Lake you must leave two or 3 Men at Nettle Creek in charge of some Meat the boat to proceed out and return from Mr Vincent immediately could he send a Canoe also it would be better & wait for us, for it's impofsible we can get all down to take Provisions for Journey out and back again. - I have sent a few Articles such as I could spare & hope they will be usefull. What Stores you may hide up you will bring an account with you I am
Dear Sir
Your Hble Servt.
Robt Goodwin
PS don't detain my Men nor Mr Prince."

Mar. 6
" Wednesday Wind Wly fine weather late last Night 2 Soties came in they have 30 Beavr here brot by T. Richards some time ago. sevl Tents of Asniboils came in to both Houses. Uckimauwescum came in for Men to go to his Tent hav'g killed 2 Moose 2 Elk & a young one. at Night Tho Richards, James Sinclair & John Scarth came from the White Clays Tent brot 20 MB being all they had. got 11 Rabbits from Ind. Boys pd for them Paint. Men watching."

Mar. 7
" Thursday Wind SW fine weather. sent 5 Men for Meat to the Ind. Tents. Asniboils continually coming and going they want Liquor for every thing. the 2 Soties went away."

Mar. 8
" Friday Wind and Weather as before Men variously employed - Indians sober."

Mar. 9
" Saturday Wind Wly clear sharp weather sent five Men with the Cooper for Oak for sleds &c. In the Afternoon James Slater and John Efson came home they left Mag Tait (at the Creeks Tent he hav'g killed 5 Cows for us & wants Men to fetch it) he being Snow blind & could not walk. Slater killed only one Old Bull, there being too many Asniboil Tents for him to get any thing. Men rep'g Sleds &c."

Mar. 10
" Sunday Wind NW fine clear weather sent James Slater, David Brown, Peiry Sutherland, James Anderson, John Scarth, James Sinclair and John Efson to the Creeks Tent for Meat sent Liquor to pay for it. In the Afternoon 3 Tents of Asniboils came in brot Meat, fatt and Lines."

Mar. 11
" Monday Wind Ely sharp weather late last Night Slubbers Son & another came in they brot nothing with them. At noon the Black mans band came to the other House staunch friends to the Canadians. some Crees came here also they paid part of my Debts in Parchmt. they have done nothing this Year. I should have had a very poor Trade had it not been for the Asniboils. Men watching Indians drunk."

Mar. 12
" Tuesday Wind Ely sharp weather Indians all drunk traded these two days 200 lb Beat Meat and 190 lb fatt besides Lines and parcht Hides to put Pimeticon into paid for 25 Tongues. at Night the Bear came in for Men to fetch a Cow. the Men came home with the Creeks Cattle."

Mar. 13
" Wednesday Wind SE warm day the Sawyers finished the wood for roofing the hungar. 2 gone for Meat the others variously employed. the House continually full of Crees and Asniboils. James Slater snow blind."

Mar. 14
" Thursday Wind and Weather as before sent John Christian & John Anderson to the Pines to saw boards for a small Craft. also 3 Men to afsist them in falling the Logs &c. James Inkster and John Flaws sawing Oak plank for Timbers 2 gone to look out for Crooks very few to be found the Snow being to much on the Ground yet, several Asniboils came in to Tent bro't nothing. at Night 6 Soties came in they brot? 3 Beaver only & one had five Skins sent in by Tho Richards. Mefs McDonell, Wills, Maycott & Augee came down and stayed dinner."

Mar. 15
" Friday Wind NW snowy weather 2 Indians came in from the Hawks Tent for Men to go and fetch some furrs, he sent for 5 Gns of mixt Liquor as he got the same from Mr John McKay last Spring before he came in himself. he is a very expensive Chief. an Indian paid me 14 drest Skins in a large Tent part of Credit, he not having furrs sufficient to pay the whole."

Mar. 16
" Saturday Wind variable the Indians of the 14th went away. sent Tho Richards, David Brown and James Anderson with the Indians of Yesterday. my Liquor begins to turn short being obliged to pay for every mouthfull of Meat we get. Asniboils prep'g to go away. they are all starving."

Mar. 17
" Sunday Wind WbS fine weather. Self and Henry Lena getting the Asniboils away traded a very large Tent. at noon the Men of Yesterday came home the Hawk intends to be in soon. Mr Prince, John Lyons and Jollycoeur arrived from Mr Millars bro't the following Letter.
Red River Mch 12 1799
The favour of yours came safe to hand by the arrival of your Men also the goods you was pleased to send. I have sent by the return of these Men all the Shirts I could spare & every thing else that can be of service to you. I am sorry I can send you no Tobacco, I have very little the running after Indians for what we got has ruined the Tobacco, Brandy & Ammunition as it must always go partly for nothing. all the Indians has been here ever since the first of Feb. doing nothing and is not gone away yet, which has lain very hard on me for Prov. but I have plenty as yet. - I have got no furrs since I wrote to you last. I have dispatch'd your Men along with Mr Prince as fast as pofsible who can inform you of the Affairs at this place, but will have great want of him in the Spring when my neighbour will have Men & Canoes on every creek where the Ind. will be hunting. I have too few men to oppose him. all your Instructions shall be duly obey'd as far as lays in my power. I have no Stores but the Crofs cut saw & foot Adze which I shall carry down. I remain Dr Sir Your Obt. H. S.
Tho. Miller"

Mar. 18
" Monday Wind Wly fine weather 2 Indians came in from the Wolverines Tent the band is coming soon the Old man wants the Musquetoons to be fired & the the large flag hoisted. several Asniboils went away. Men hauling plank from the Sawyers, Henry Lena & James Inkster began working & clearing a place to build a Cobble to carry out furrs & Meat to the bottom of the River. one Man hunting got 3 Rabbitts & 3 Pheasants."

Mar. 19
" Tuesday Wind NW very sharp weather Men as before. - at night Wafsoe came in."

Mar. 20
" Wednesday Wind, Weather and Men as before. at noon Capt. Quin,que,hanca alias the Wolverine came in, gave him his usual present 10 Gall. mixt Liquor and his Cloathing he having rec'd the same from Mr John McKay last year."

Mar. 21
" Thursday Wind Wly sharp weather. Ind. very troublesome for Liquor trading beat Meat and fatt at Noon Captain Jepormausish & band 5 Tents came in gave him his Cloathing & 10 Gns of mixt Liquor, at Night he put in Meat & fatt for half a Keg more of Liquor the Men watching. In the Morning John Scarth & Peiry Sutherland went to Wafsoes Tent."

Mar. 22
" Friday Wind WSW fine weather Men employed as on Monday Indians all drunk paid for a large Tent to cover the furrs with. our Battaux Coverings being very bad traded 200 lb beat Meat 43 pcs of Meat & 24 Bladders fatt besides some drest Skins."

Mar. 23
" Saturday Wind Sly fine weather Men as before. at Noon some Asniboils came in brot 12 Beaver in fatt and Meat for Tobacco, they say they are all starving. Sawyers came home to keep Easter Sunday."

Mar. 24
" Sunday Wind SW Indians going away from both Houses, gave them their presents of Ammunition &c prevented us from divine service. at noon John Scarth and Peiry Sutherland came home with 30 Beav. from wafsoes Tent. at Night the little Capt. brother came in brot beat Meat & fatt. rec'd a few lines from Tho Harvey."

Mar. 25
" Monday Wind SW warm weather Henry Lena & James Inkster building a Cobble. Jn Christian and John Anderson gone to saw boards for it. James Sinclair, Jollycoeur & Mag Tait gone with them to fall Logs. John Flaws sick. David Brown & Jn Efson pointing Stockadoes. James Slater & James Anderson with the Horse hauling Stockadoes to the Trench. James Short & one Cooks. Mr Prince & Self giving the Indians Ammunition &c some are going away."

Mar. 26
" Tuesday Wind, Weather and Men as before, Indians preparing to go away."

Mar. 27
" Wednesday Wind SW very warm weather. Men employed as on Monday. Peiry Sutherland shot a Cabray. Mr Prince with self giving Captain Jepormausish & band their last present of Ammunition &c for this Spring. they speak very much of not getting Powder last Spring & says the Englishmen are turning very poor, they told me if I refused them Powder &c they would not Trade any more with me they was Obliged to give all their Meat & fatt last Summer to the Canadians, they had shewed them Charity when Mr Jn McKay could not do it."

Mar. 28
" Thursday Wind and Weather as Yesterday. 3 Men gone for Pitch 3 gone for boards 2 hauling Stockadoes one Sick 2 Cooks 2 out sawing 2 men building the Cobble Taylor at work for Self the rest cleaning the Yard. Capt. Jepaurmausish and band (5 Tents) went away. traded from them 2 large Tents to cut up in Covers for the Craft, pd for 18 pcs Meat 14 Bladders fatt and 10 B. in beat Meat besides drest Leather for Shoes."

Mar. 29
" Friday Wind SW fine warm weather. the Old Wolverine and band went away, gave him his present. the Mare foaled. Men variously employed, all the Indians are gone from the Upper house, they say the Enemy is coming soon."

Mar. 30
" Saturday Wind NW cloudy weather. the Sawyers came home the Men cannot haul any more Plank nor boards home owing to the Snow being of the ground."

Mar. 31
" Sunday Wind Sly fine weather. self bad with a sore throat."

Apr. 1 1799
" Monday Wind NW fine weather Henry Lena & James Inkster building the Boat. John Christian & John Anderson at the pitsaw. James Slater taking care of the Horses James Short & John Flaws Cooks 3 Men gone for Pitch. James Anderson at work for Self. Tho Richards & one gone for Snow Shoe frames 3 gone to Tent out to make Sugar juice the rest cleaning the Yard of Shavings."

Apr. 2
" Tuesday Wind, Weather and Men employed as Yesterday."

Apr. 3
" Wednesday Wind, Weather and Men as before."

Apr. 4
" Thursday Wind NW fine warm weather. Saw Geese and Ducks. Henry Lena began to caulk the new Craft Henry Inkster making a hand prefs the others picking Oakum &c."

Apr. 5
" Friday Wind Nly thawy weather Men as Yesterday."

Apr. 6
" Saturday Wind SW very warm day, Men variously employed. at Night Capt. Pe,pe,tu,ca (alias Big head) came in to talk to me, he having left his flagg with the late Mr Sutherland and it cannot be found, he wishes me to give him another, as it was the one I had given him before that is lost, obliged to make one out of our old flagg. it's a great pity the Honble Committee will not send out flags for the Ind. Leaders, expecially when the Canadians have good Shalloon ones, he did not bring much with him, but wants me to settle at Capple Lake, plenty of Ind, there and good furrs, the want of Men & Craft prevents me from giving him a pofsitive answer our hands are too much tied up to increase the Trade Inland."

Apr. 7
" Sunday Wind Sly warm weather. the River Ice very bad. Capt. Pepetuca went away gave him a present of Liquor and Ammunition he promises to wait for us in the fall & hope we will bring plenty of Men & Craft with us."

Apr. 8
" Monday Wind and Weather as before. Men variously employed. Wabeshey alias the White Partridge came in for a little Ammunition went away immediately."

Apr. 9
" Tuesday Wind SW the water rises in the River got 2 Geese and 6 Ducks. Tobie & sevl other Indians came in they had furrs in the House unpaid for. towards Evening they went away."

Apr. 10
" Wednesday Wind Weather and Men as before. got 4 Geese and 5 Ducks."

Apr. 11
" Thursday Wind Wly fine clear weather. Henry Lena finished the new Craft & began to repair the others. James Inkster & 5 Men gone to lay & boar? the Stockadoes ready for setting. 2 Men cooking, one Man taking care of the Horses, 6 Men getting juice from the Mapple, the others variously employed."

Apr. 12
" Friday Wind E by S River nearly clear of Ice opposite the House. the Men employed as before except two gone to hunt Ducks."

Apr. 13
" Saturday Wind SE fine weather Men employed as before."

Apr. 14
" Sunday Wind SE fine weather. Mr Prince bad with a putrid sore throat. John Efson lame not capable to work. the River clear of Ice obliged to put our Horses acrofs the River to the South'd the Asniboils are continually coming, endeavouring to theive them The Old Wolverine came in with fresh Meat, at Night went away."

Apr. 15
" Monday Wind Nly cloudy cold weather. Henry Lena & one Man Rep'g Craft. James Inkster & 6 Me began to sett Stockadoes 2 Cooks 2 Sick & lame 3 Men getting Juice from the Mpple, Slatter hunting got 2 Geese & 3 Ducks."

Apr. 16
" Tuesday Wind NE cloudy weather All hands setting Stockadoes except the Cooks Mr Prince very poorly."

Apr. 17
" Wednesday Wind NW snowy weather it rained very hard last night & began to snow towards day light, there is nearly a foot on the Ground. paid an Indian for making country Pitch for the new Cobble Henry Lena finished. Mr Prince very bad indeed, got 11 Ducks & one Goose. the Men making Bags for beat Meat & fatt."

Apr. 18
" Thursday Wind Nly sharp weather the Men setting up Stockadoes 2 cooking 2 looking after the Horses."

Apr. 19
" Friday Wind Weather and Men employ'd as Yesterday, Mr Prince very bad applied a Blister to his Throat."

Apr. 20
" Saturday Wind NW All hands finished the Stockadoes Mr Prince so bad that he cannot swallow any thing."

Apr. 21
" Sunday Wind NE rained very hard all last Night, the Men obliged to rise and remove all their things & put coverings over the furrs & Provisions. Mr Prince still very bad put a Blister behind each ear."

Apr. 22
" Monday Wind Nly rainy weather the Men making Pimetigon Bags."

Apr. 23
" Tuesday Wind Sly fine weather. the Men making holiday & firing at the Target. In the Afternoon Capt. Corn and Band came in bro't some Leather and Pounded Meat."

Apr. 24
" Wednesday Wind SE fine weather. Henry Lena and 7 Men making Pimeticon, made 32 Bags of 90 lb each as to 2880 lb. Henry Inkster and one making a Garden gate 2 Cooks 2 grubbing up Stumps in the new Garden. Mag Tait lame hav'g cut his foot with a Bayonet, Mr Prince getting a little better. - Ind. went away."

Apr. 25
" Thursday Wind, Weather and Men employ'd as Yesterday made 31 Bags of Pimetigon as to 2790 lb. 2 Bands of Asniboils came with Meat and Leather. - Mr Wills called here as he came past & stop'd for the Night."

Apr. 26
" Friday Wind NE rainy weather Men cleaning the Yard. Indians went away."

Apr. 27
" Saturday Wind Sly fine weather. made 7 Bags of Pimetigon as to 630 lb. the last I am going to make the Battaux's will not be able to carry it out. I have 70 Bags of 90 lb. each as 6300 lbs. Men overhauling the Piece Meat. I have upwards of 3000 lb. now exclusive of what the Men have eat during the fall and winter which have cost a great deal of Expence to what was last year."

Apr. 28
" Sunday Wind and Weather as before. sevl Asniboils came in bro't pounded Meat & Leather at Night they went away."

Apr. 29
" Monday Wind Nly cold weather. began to pack furrs in the hand prefs 2 Men gone to hunt."

Apr. 30
" Tuesday Wind Sly cloudy weather towards Evening it rained very hard."

May 1 1799
" Wednesday Wind Wly fine weather the Men packing furrs."

May 2
" Thursday Wind Nly cold weather Men as before."

May 3
" Friday Wind, Weather & Men as before packed the 90th Bundle in the hand prefs."

May 4
" Saturday Wind Nly rainy Weather Men not able to work out doors."

May 5
" Sunday Wind Sly fine weather spent the holy."

May 6
" Monday Wind SW fine weather. 8 Men began to dig the new Garden Mr Prince & 2 marking? the furrs, 2 Men cooking James Short making a Covering for the Old Battaux out of Bale cases, Self writing. at noon Mr Harvey, Hugh Linklater, Wm Johnstone, Wm Lutitt, Magnus Flaws, Christopher Harvey, George Groundwater and Robt Robinson came from the Elbow bro't about 1200 MB."

May 7
" Tuesday Wind and Weather as before the Men variously in the Gardens, packing furrs &c &c towards Evening Mr Jefsomme an old Residenter of the Mandalls came here and wanted Men and Horses to go and fetch his furrs he having come in a Buffalo Canoe down the Souri River, he says he have about 200 Beaver in all kinds of furrs."

May 8
" Wednesday Wind Wly fine weather packed 27 Bundles of Mr Harvey's furrs in the large Prefs. sent James Slatter, John Lyons and Jollycoeur with the Horses for Mr Jefsommes furrs. The Old Hawk sent in for Brandy for drest Leather."

May 9
" Thursday Wind NW with showers of Rain at times. Men digging the Gardens, making setting Poles, 2 making Soap. An Asniboil came in and paid his Credit."

May 10
" Friday Wind Wly fine weather finished sowing the Gardens, at Noon Capt. Uckimauwescum, the Coteray, the little Capt. brother &c came in and paid their Debts. I was obliged to cloath the Chief to encourage him to Stay by us as he has been a Chief at the other House. at Night they went away. Mr Jefsomme paid his Credit & traded 164 MB."

May 11
" Saturday Wind Nly fine day the Men packing the last of the furrs about 6200 MB in all. 4 Men hunting the Horses, Cooper and 5 Men gone for Oak for sleds and Kegs."

May 12
" Sunday Wind NW light showers of Rain at times performed divine service."

May 13
" Monday Wind Wly blows a hurricane. 4 Men gone to haul the Seine no luck. the other gone to fall Logs for the Hungar. an Ind. came in from the Hawks Tent with 6 drest Skins for Liquor. I would not comply with his Request, he is a very Expensive Chief."

May 14
" Tuesday Wind and Weather as Yesterday. 2 Men gone to hunt killed an Old Bull, the others making a sail out of the flour Bags and drest Leather together, Mr Jefsomme sett of for the Mandalls."

May 15
" Wednesday Wind Wly fine weather All hands variously employed cleaning the Craft length'ning the Battaux Coverings with Bale cases, washing and writing Letters to their friends at home &c."

May 16
" Thursday Wind Wly fine weather. the South plains all on fire opposite our Houses. early in the morning loaded the Craft & sett of (with the following Men Tho Harvey, Henry Lena, Tho Richards, James Sinclair, Christopher Harvey, John Scarth, David Brown, Hugh Linklater, John Lyons, John Flaws, Mag. Flaws, James Short, Louis Jollycoeur, Mag Tait, John Efson, Joseph Johnstone, Wm Johnstone, John Christian, Jn Anderson, Wm Lutitt & Robt Robison) for the Fork where Millar is to wait for us ? the following Men John Easter, James Thompson, Will Yorstone, George Budge, Wm Lutitt (Stenhouse), Mag Murray, Magnus Knight and James Flette?. left at the House Mr Mark Prince, James Inkster, James Anderson, Peiry Sutherland, James Slatter and George Groundwater. I beg leave to conclude wishing succefs to the Honble Companys Affairs & am Honble Sirs
Your Obt. & faithfull Servt.
Robt. Goodwin

" 31st NB Left with Mr Millar at P.a F. 32 Bags of Pimetigon for the fall Service of carrying Men back & part for the service of Mr Vincent & his Men. we took 25 Bags to carry the Seven Boats crews to Osnaburgh & was obliged to leave 3 Bundles of Parch't as to 68 MB for want of Room in the Craft.
Robt. Goodwin."

1M17 B.22/a/6