George Sutherland's Sturgeon Lake Journal from July 1779 to May 1780  here

Sturgeon Lake (Albany) [Ontario]
Mar. 26 1831 Roderick McKenzie
..."Nanagow's wife came here the 24th last brought nothing with her she left her husband about a days march from here he could come himself as he had no shous. he has about 10 Skins in Martens, Starvation prevented him from hunting. Gave her ammunition and leather for her husband and she went immediately. Ochechack arrived here yesterday brought 24 skins in Rats. Supplied him with ammunition and Leather and he went off"
1M144 B.211/a/3

Sturgeon Lake (Albany)
April 11 1831 Roderick McKenzie
"Jacob [Daniel] and [John] Knot arrived from Tabbe's tent with their [Tabbe's group] Furrs. 115 skins between three of them. Starvation prevented them from hunting and besides they destroyed good many furrs and of the best such as Otters and Beavers for snowshous and for shous for their Children"...
1M144 B.211/a/3

Sturgeon Lake (Albany)
April 23 1831 Roderick McKenzie
..."No Indians came in this week last excepting Shawanefs and his Brothers, Nanagich and tongab."...
1M144 B.211/a/3

Sturgeon Lake (Albany)
April 30 1831 Roderick McKenzie
"Akewansec and his Brother Mangatac"
1M144 B.211/a/3

Sturgeon Lake (Albany)
Feb. 11 1832 Roderick McKenzie
"Pitobec came here on the 6th Inst. brought 14 MB being all his hunt since my arrival here in september last. very true that he is starving very much he is very poor he has but bones and skin which prevented him from hunting-Supplied him with ammunition twine for snares and line and gave a load of fish and a little Rum and he went off the following day."...
1M144 B.211/a/4

Sturgeon Lake (Albany)
April 23 1833
"Ashkanagoway and the stone son came here they brought 30 Made Beaver"

April 30 1833
"Mangatac came here-who has shot his finger."

Sturgeon Lake (Albany) John Vincent
Mar. 29 1834
"[Antoine] Morrefseau has nearly finished chopping 15 cords of wood. I have now cut in all 60 cords of wood. quite sufficient to serve the dwelling house next season."...
1M144 B.211/a/6

Sturgeon Lake (Albany)
Sept. 18 1835 Roderick McKenzie
" Towards evening one of the principal Indians (Maquimotte) was stabed by the young sturgeon a uselefs scamp with a scalper in his left side a little below the ribs but fortunately not dangerously."...
1M144 B.211/a/8

Sturgeon lake (Albany)
Oct. 5 1836
"After Breakfast Gill arrived from his fishing place informed us that his tent took in fire while overhawling his nets burned all his property and two old nets belonging to the company gave him an other net and twine and he went back."

Sturgeon lake (Albany)
Oct. 4 1836
" The men's women went off to make fall fishings."

Oct 15 1836
"Mrs. McKenzie came back from Morrefseau's lake as the fish is done spawning at that lake. she has hung up 560 white fish and salted two kegs of them."

Oct. 25 1836
"Gill, Knot and Fox were sent for the fish at Gill's and Mrs. Mckenzie's fishing 1280 fish - Morrefseau and James Daniel arrived from white fish lake they inform me that they hung up 1200 fish our stock for the winter when all here including those caught at this place by Knot 990 will make a total number of 4140 white fish."

Oct. 26
..."Gill brought home 300 fish in small canoes belonging to his family - Knot went and made a small hut to put in the fish that his wife caught this fall - Fox and James Daniel sett 4 Nets - Morrefseau brought home some fish belonging to his family"

Oct. 27
..."Gill Knot and Morrefseau were sent off to fish about the Island to make a livin for themselves and families untill the lake setts in with Ice."...

April 19 1837 Sturgeon Lake (Albany)
"Gill went for his family at white fish lake where they were hunting Rabbits. They snared 100 Rabbits."
1M144 B.211/a/9