Oct.6,1786 Severn
..."At 9 pm William Appleby with the others came home from the woods with Rob Pim which had for the two preceding days thought to be delerious and during that time often attempted to hang himself,for which purpose he had procured a rope privately to execute his intention This proceeds as I am informed by William Colley his Cabbin and Messmate who caught him in an unnatural action with a Bitch a few days since. Immediately on this Intelligence I ordered the Bitch to be shot which was done.Having owned it before every person puts it out of doubt to suspect any otherwise.As there is but few people belonging to this House and to put him where confinement could not be done without attendance By giving him mild admonition he Promised to desist from his intentions,and beg'd of me to let him return to the Woods with the People to his duty,which I granted him and thought it most advisable so to do.with great caution to every person now under my Command or not to make mention of or throw it up to him,(shouts at any time a quarrel arises)upon pain of incurring my displeasure.also to be careful not to let the Indians know of such a vile affair.If they did I am certain it would be attended with no good.They despise any mean action they see or know us guilty of notwithstanding they are not infallible. Please God shall send him in the Sloop to be exchanged at York Factory and there to be sent home. The People returned to the Woods with him."...
1M134 B.198/a/35

Severn Journal John Ballanden
Sept. 10 1788
..." Mr. Moore came on shore as did Mr. Whitford Writer and William Dean in the Room of James Sutherland who had the misfortune to hurt himself by the firing of one of the Sloops Swivel guns"...

List of servants at Severn House Sept 10,1788

John Ballenden Master of the House
Mr. Moore Sloop master
Geo. Foreman Sloops mate
Mr. Whitford Writer
John Jennings Assistant ditto
John Jones Armourer
John Harrison Carpenter
Thomas Flett Taylor
William Cromartie Sailor
Thomas Huntley ditto
William Dean ditto
William Colley ditto
Thomas Catley ditto
Beaky Goudie ditto
John Taylor Labourer
John Wood ditto

Oct. 15 1788
" Taylor employed for trade Thomas Catley making small Sleds. Nine men prepairing to go a hunting. the others except Mr. Whitford which is not well at necefsary Jobs."

Oct. 21 1788
" Mr. Whitford as before, complaining much of a violent Belly ach and pains all over his body"

Oct. 22
..." Mr. Whitford still continues very ailing with sundry complaints."

Nov. 11
..." Mr. Whitford still continues very unhealthy."

Nov. 12
..." One man attending Mr. Whitford"...

Dec. 3
..." Mr. Whitford much easier to day than for some time past."

Dec. 11 1788
" Mr. Whitford able to walk about the Guard Room"
1M134 B.198/a/38

Severn House Journal John Ballanden
Feb. 2 1789
..." Employed as follows 11 Men at the woods hauling out firewood to the bank edge ready for rafting next Summer - The five men that is remains? at the House is Tho. Flett employed tayloring for trade, Mr. Whitford copying over some rough papers, John Wood attending the Cattle and Cooking - Mr. Moore at what he pleases. Your Honours humble Serv. gunning Partridges."
1M134 B.198/a/38

Mar. 23 1789
..." Mr. Whitford copying over the allowance books"...
1M134 B.198/a/38

Severn Journal
Apr. 20 1789
" Carpenter repairing the Factory boat. Armourer stocking hunting guns. Four men Tayloring for trade. One man making firesteels and repairing the iron work belonging to the outer Gate. - The others at necefsary Jobs. - The Indians belonging to the families of those that came on Saturday all arrived, one poor man so swelled all over that he cant walk hardly able to sit or lay; received from them 75 Made beaver of their debt chiefly trapt by their Women. - Late in the evening another of our Home Guard Indians came in, well gooded in Martins and Beaver - he informs me that during the course of the Winter he was in Company with some Albany Indians who advised him ? William Appleby was shot at Eastmain last fall by an Indian man through Jealousy"...
1M134 B.198/a/38

May 6 1789
" Mr.Moore Mr.Whitford Geo. Foreman and Beaky Goudie went down to the Marsh to attend the Goose hunt and Sloop at the breaking up of the river."
1M134 B.198/a/38

Severn John Ballanden
May 24 1789
" At 8 AM the River Ice began to break up in sundry places abreast the House and at 10 ? she got underway the water rising sevr'l feet above the Bank and the ice therewith equal. At 3 PM she stopt and at 10 ? got again underway the water then coming in within our Stockades which still encreased. Employed at the same time securing the boats Timber pieces and firewood. At 11 ? the water had rose within our works - Warehouse, Offices etc. near four feet and with the utmost difficulty got the powder from out the Magazine (which the water had got near way to) in safety. What Oatmeal Pease and Malt is remaining must be much damaged as the Casks were floating in the Warehouse. Iron Work and Tobacco all under water. People attending the House in Canoes. What Indians was on the Plantation, obliged to give them shelter on the House top. The water and Ice having surrounded all our Works. The damage already done cannot yet be ascertained everything nearby in confusion. At the close of the Evening saw the Sloop in safety. Cattle swimming around the Factory."
1M134 B.198/a/38

Severn Journal John Ballanden
Oct 9,1789
..."Early in the morning sent Mr.Moore, Mr.Whitford and William Cromartie to Waweastnock to snare Rabbits and angle fish"
1M134 B.198/a/39

Severn John Ballenden
Oct. 19 1789
"Armourer repairing and cleaning Musquets. Carpenter with the others finished hanging the Bell up over the inner Gateway."
1M134 B.198/a/39

Severn John Ballenden
Oct. 30 1789
" Myself and an Indian Lad angled 95 fine trout at a Creek about seven miles distant from the House."
1M134 B.198/a/39

Nov. 26 1789
" Mr. Moore came to the House from Waweastnock brought 16 Rabbits the produce of seven Weeks hunt to him and two others."
1M134 B.198/a/39

Severn John Ballanden
May 9 1790
" In the Evening sent Mr. Whitford and two men to attend the Goose tents acrofs the River in serving ammunition etc. to the Indians"...

May 28 1790
..." Mr. Whitford and his partners with the Indians that has been hunting on the south side likewise came home having killed 347 Geese"...
1M134 B.198/a/39

Severn Journal John Ballanden
July 26 1790
..." Mr. Whitford very much out of order with pains all over his body"
1M134 B.198/a/39

Aug 6 1790
..."Mr.Whitford still continuing very ill. I have sent him on board the Sloop, so that he may be able to get the advice of the Surgeon at York Factory. Poor man, ever since his arrival at Severn, he hath kept his health but poorly and in consequence was little able to give one any assistance in Writing or Warehouse duty."

Severn house Journal
Sept. 23 1790
" The Indians during the course of last nights debauch having quarreld amongst themselves, one man was stabbed near the heart in three places and was left to all appearances by them lifelefs, as soon as I was aquainted with it I ordered the poor man brought to my Room and with the afsistance of the people used every means that was in my power to preserve him by sewing up the wounds and putting proper drefsing thereto at present he is able to speak a little but very weak. The villian that stabbed him is a near relation"...

Nov. 6 1790
..." The poor Indian who was stabbed on the 23rd of Sept. is now so well recover'd as to think of setting off a trapping, accordingly I fitted him and his family out with necefsaries and they set off at noon - Killed 5 of our poultry (5 Cocks) live stocks remaining 3 Cocks, 2 Hens, 6 Geese 2 Bulls and 4 Cows - N.B. two of the latter are Heifers"

Nov. 28 1790
..." This day a poor Woman and her two Children came to the House to be supported she is the Wife to the poor man who set off a trapping in the 6th Inst. and has since died about twelve miles up the River."
1M134 B.198/a/40

From a letter from John Ballenden to Joseph Colen at York
Severn Journal
Oct. 12 1791
..." Ekames, Ometchick & Wetacasish"..." Aketunen an old Leader"...
1M134 B.198/a/41

John Ballenden at Severn to Joseph Colen -1791
"Ps. Medicines being often requested of me by the Natives, shall be glad if you can spare me the following articles, Viz. Turner's Cerate, Turlington Drops, Hart's horn, Elenetive Electuary, Lavender Drops, Opideldock, Plaister strengthening and Salts purging."

From Colen to Ballenden
Severn Journal
Nov.2 1791
..." Weetacasish, having married Molly Ishams daughter he, Ometchick and father, accompanied Catakishock to the Winter ground up this River"...
1M134 B.198/a/41

Severn April 1,1796
..."Late in the evening a poor Indian woman almost starved came to the Factory.She informs me her Husband died early in the Winter in want of Provisions as did her Children seven in number,herself only survived.And it is not without suspicion but she must have eat some of her children from the inchoherant expressions she mentioned.However she says her food in common was mice,Rabbits and Porcupine when she could get them.for several days at a time she could procure nothing.and once six days she never eat anything.her constant course was for the Factory but she often lost her way."

A list of Company servants at Severn House from Sept.1796

Thomas Thomas Master
George Taylor Master of the brig
James Swain Trader
Wm Randall Mate of the brig
James Caplay Brig's carpenter
Joseph Johnson Seaman
James Monkman Seaman
Christopher? Robinson Seaman
Joseph Sangster Seaman
Thomas Higgins Seaman
James Budge Seaman
William Hennie? Seaman
Wm Slatter House carpenter
Honeyman Hay
Beakie Goudie Blacksmith
Wm Field Armourer
Nichol Spence Cooper
John Irving Taylor (tailor)
James Wooldridge Sawyer
Magnus Cromartie Labourer

Severn list of servants 1804
James Calder
Magnus Cromartie
Magnus Cragie
John Irvine
Thomas Hackland?
Honeyman Hay
Edward Loudit
James Monkman-Mate of Brig-wages 30 pounds-contract expires 1804
James Sinclair
Joseph? Grove
James Swain
John Robertson
Wm Taylor
Nichol Tate
Thomas Thomas
John Tullock?
John Walker
James Wilson
Robert Wood