Ile-a-la-Crosse August 1805 An old commute

Ile a la Crosse William Linklater
Feb. 15 1806
" a Nd Indian Arrived at our house who told us to come to his tent for a few skins and some Buffaloe flesh, sent off three men with seven dogs And the fifth night after they came with 40 Skins & 500 lbs green meat."

Ile a la Crosse William Linklater
Mar. 27 1806
"Rec'd a Letter from the Green Lake by Canadians containing the sad account of Wm Budge having killed a Canadian and wounded another. Mr Sutherland tells me that the murderer with two Canadian men were sent from the Green Lake with Letters for the Sascachewan, and on the third night after their departure that Budge shot one man dead and wounded the other in his Breast and Arm and that without the least provocation whatever, the wounded man had still so much strength left as enable him to sit on his dogs sled which carried him back to Green Lake in two days. Mr. Sutherland saw the wounded man on his Arrival and he saith the manner that the rest of the story is told in leaves but little room to doubt of its being true."
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