Henley House Nicol Spence
Aug. 17 1798
..."Evening arrived Capt. Shapautick who had broke the main spring of his gun he brought 18 lbs veinison and 3 Beaver in furs got brandy & tobacco as formerly"
Aug. 19
..."the Capt. & family gone off this morning he left his gun to be sent to Albany to be mended."

Jan. 12 1799
"..."three of the widows sons came in they brought 10 B. of furs and 243 lbs of green Veinison."
1M63 B.86/a/54

Henley House Nicol Spence
May 2 1800
..." at 6PM the two Canoes that went a hunting the 30th Came home brought some Skins and flesh the Capn [Shapautick] with them Got brandy & tobacco and all went to drinking the Capn and sons keept sober having an old grudge to his son in law as he killed his wife at this house they all fell on him and kill'd him. I not having men at the house to save his life but Self James Flett and two Indians."...
1M63 B.86/a/55

Henley House Magnus Birza
Nov. 8 1800
..."Self lame with a pain in my side I cannot walk"

Nov. 10 1800
..."Self badly I can neither walk sitt or get slepe in the night"

Nov. 12 1800
..."Self in a mos pitiful Condition ??? in that condition I did not think ever to see this morning I never had Such a night since I have been in [HBC] Service. I think the whole proceeds from the Stabe that I got from the Indian last Summer as the pain is in the same side that I got the wound in."

Nov. 23
..."Self in a most pitious deplorable State of health, O Pity my Condition, Lord, have mercy on me I have no real night nor day"

Dec. 20
...Self a littel better, I am fitt to walk out and in, thank god for all his mercy."
1M63 B.86/a/56

Henley House Magnus Birza
Jan. 8 1801
"Maska-titaman and Shanqueesh"

Feb. 27 1801
"Napiem and Tepa"
1M63 B.86/a/56

The last entry for 'Magnus Birza' as he signed himelf, was July 3 1801

Henley House Peter Taylor
Feb 11 1802
"arrived at Henley this Day. Found Mr Birsay the late Master laying in the yard who had been shot in the breast with grey? goose shot & covered with a blanket and the House was entirely burned to ashes."

Mar. 23 1802
..."This day part of the family of the Murderers arrived here and brought some venison"

June 17 1802
..."The murderers of the late Mr Birsay are in this Day as brave as any Indian in the Country to take Debt which they got and went away again."
1M63 B.86/a/57

Henley House Thomas Miller
Aug. 1 1808
"George Broom a mountreal Indian & family"

May 10 1809
"Old Nippysang"
1M63 B.86/a/60

Henley House Thomas Miller
May 20 1809
..."The Indian Called Stockings arriv'd With His family Stabbed in four diferent parts of His Body by 2 of Tobacco's Sons in Revenge of there Sister Whom Stockings killed last fall. bloody dogs."
1M63 B.86/a/60

Henley House John Eunson
Aug. 29 1809
..."men employed doing necefsary work, the Indians finished the canoe. the Grofs ceder, Charlo, Rofseau and their families went away. Rofseau left your Hon's service 26th instant paid him for building the canoe, Cloth yds 4. Brandy Gal. 4. the men as usual."
1M63 B.86/a/61

Henley House John Davies
Sept. 5 1812
"Thursday sent John McDonald to the Factory - same day the Grofs ceder & family came in with 4 beaver Skins - he informs me he saw the bones of 4 persons up the East Branch and by his discription I have not a doubt of its being the remains of Peter Dumas & family who went away Starving last Spring and was never heard of since"
1M63 B.86/a/62

Henley House John Davis
Jan. 30 1813
"Sucafs and Narcarnoocarta came in starving"

Henley House John Davis
May 22 1813
..."[On] Monday P.[Peter] Perau stole some Brandy from the Indians and got Intoxicated upon my interrogating him on this he gave me abusive language which I took but little notice of till he made a blow at my Head with an Ax which I providentially avoided. I then knocked him down and gave him a good drubbing and turned him without the Gates"..."On Wednesday"..."I suffered Perau to come within the Gates again when he went to work"...
1M63 B.86/a/62

Henley House John Davis
Jan, 23 1814

May 17 1814
"Warshushk [aka Washusk] came in Company with Chechargonan's Son"
1M63 B.86/a/63