Carlton House John Peter Pruden
May 29 1815
" Men employed getting the Furs & Pemican down to the River.
In the afternoon Mr Bird embarked for York factory with 9 Boats & 7 Canoes, manned with 41 Men - and left us here 7 in Number only two of which are able to do the Duty of Working Men"
1M19 B.27/a/5

Carlton House Sask. JP Pruden
June 7 1815
" Magnus Spence & Andrew Spence and families arrived from Paint Creek on their way to the Colony"

Carlton House
June 12 1815
" Sent in search of Buffalo between the Rivers about 25 Miles above the house but found none, the small Deer in the plains are tolerable numerous"

June 16
" Men employed digging in the Garden & Transplanting 355 Cabbage Plants"

July 1 1815
" Received the Meat of half a Moose Deer from the hunter - Adam Mowatt & the women came home from raising Pine Bark. they have collect 700 pieces"

July 20
..." Sas cuttun Berries begin to get ripe an Indian brot about 2 Gall to day - the first this season. The insects have nearly eaten all our Cabbages & Turnips, owing I suppose to the dry season, its a kind of a very small Catterpillar & have not been troubled with any of them in former seasons"

Aug. 4 1815
" An Indian arrived from Paint Creek that left this place some time agoe, he Sent from Mr McFarlane 38 lbs of Tobacco - The Stone Indians Stole 3 horses from the people who are making hay & 2 of their Jackets - these rascals or some of the same tribes have been lurking about this Month past."

Aug. 5
" Men employed as before. this day finished cutting Hay but it will take 2 Days more to get it put into a Stack. John E Harriott arrived from Paint Creek without bringing any of the Articles he went for they being short themselves of every thing"

Aug. 14
..." To day most of our Horses were stolen from the Horse Tent. 10 in Number by three Stone Indians. They were met by an Indian I had employed to bring some meat from the Hunter & he took one from them and came to the House immeadiately to inform us, We pursued them as far as South Branch River but they having too long a start of us, we could not overtake them"

Aug. 15
..." Sent to the horse Tent to bring home any horses that might not have fallen into the hands of the horse thieves - they returned in the Evening with 4 Horses and 2 Colts which were all that remained."

Sept. 1
" Men employed in collecting fire wood. Indians begin to come in expecting the crafts to arrive from below"

Sept. 13
" Men employed at different Jobs about the House. Mr Carswell arrived in a Boat from York Factory. he left 4 other Boats behind which will be here in a few days"

Sept. 15
" Mr Holden one of the NW proprietors arrived to day in a Canoe from Fort William"

Sept. 16
" The four Boats that Mr Carswell left behind arrived to day. Men employed bringing up Goods etc."

Sept. 19
" Mr Carswell left this place with 5 Boats for the Upper Settlements and took all the men who were to Winter here with him to afsist up with the Boats
Mr Hughes of the NWC left this place also with 7 Canoes for the same quarter"

Oct. 11
" This day finished taking up Potatoes in all 24 10? Gall kegs of Ladies Fingers & 69 Kegs of the common kind not 1/3 of the last years produce owing to dry Summer we have had
About 9 oClock AM 2 NWC Canoes arrived from Fort William manned with 7 men each - seemed to be lightly loaded chiefly Tobacco & About 1 oClock PM Mr Bird & son[George] arrived in a Boat from York Factory manned with 9 Men & a servant brought the Packet from England"

Oct. 19
" Taylor employed at his businefs. The others Working in doors repairing a Chimney."

Oct. 21
..." the Snow this morning was 16 Inches Deep. Men employed Plastering the Houses."

Oct. 24
" Sent off 2 Men with Hunters & 4 Horses a trip on hunting between the rivers. About an hour after they returned having seen a good many buffalo on the North side of the River in sight from the house, they crofsed the River immeadiately to go & kill some of them. This? John Hourie with two Indian lads who had been taking care of a few horses arrived. left the horses about 12 Miles below the houses. The hunters arrived at dark they had killed 7 Buffalo Bulls."

Oct. 25
" Sent off John Hourie with an Indian & 3 horses to Proceed down to Old Carlton House below the Mouth of the Forks. all hands employed fetching home meat & the hunters went on Hunting returned in the Evening they killed 16 Buffalo cows, 3 of which are small ones"

Oct. 26
" The Hunters & their families & Tent went acrofs the River & three Men with them to collect & Stage Meat. We have now no Men at the House except the Cook James Sandison Sen. and a lone Man."...

Oct. 27
..." Buffalo very numerous all round the House - even eating up our hay Stacks."

Oct. 28
..." A Canoe belonging to the NWC arrived from Paint Creek by whom I received Letters etc. also Mr Bird sent down two Men belonging to this place. The Men that arrived from P.C. bring us the news of all the Slave tribes being combined and are intended to make this part of the Country the scit of war upon the Stone & Cree Indians. Killed from the House to day 16 Buffalo large and small."

Oct. 29
..." Malcom Rosie, James Slater & Peter Whitford arrived from Paint Creek in a Small Boat. also some of the NWC Men arrived from the same place on horse Back."

Oct. 31
..." The 3 Men who were Tenting with the Hunters came home having put the Meat of 40 Buffalo on the Stage"...

Nov. 9
..." last night the River Froze over. Sent one Man to fetch the Meat of the Cow that was killed yesterday but returned without it the wolves having eat it. Men employed White washing the Houses. A Southard Indian arrived from Jack Lake all the Indians on that quarter are doing nothing."

Nov. 12
..." 2 Stone Indian young Men arrived from the walking band who are Tenting on the North side of the River opposite the Eagle Hill where there is about 40 Tents of them"...

Nov. 18
..." Seven Southard & 3 Stone Indians young Men arrived to get a supply of Tobacco & ammunition but brot nothing to purchase it with - They came from a place named the Springs"

Nov. 21
..." We have had now About 180 Buffalo killed large & small Since the 23rd of October"

Nov. 28
..." sent off an Indian young Man (Gau,sa,wap) to John Hourie who is waiting at the Mouth of the Branch for people to arrive from Cumberland House."

Nov. 30
" two Men employed making a little Country soap. Taylor employed at his businefs the others getting firewood for themselves"

Dec. 5
" Men at home fetching some white earth & after they came home they went & killed 2 buffalo"

Dec. 6
..." 4 Stone Indians came to the NWC house 2 of them came from the Touchwood Hill & two from the Bloody Berry Hill"

Dec. 25
" being Christmas the Men had a holiday. gave them a treat of Rum & a Dance in the Evening"

Dec. 26
..." John Hourie that left this on the 25th October to wait for Gov. Semple with horses arrived with out having seen the Gov. or any other person from Cumberland House. he left the Meat of 4 Animals on a Stage for the use of any one that might come that way here after"

Dec. 28
" Men employed hauling up the Ice from the River & making an Ice House"...

Jan. 3 1816
" Sent off 8 Men to the Woody Hill to bring home Birch wood to make sleds off"...

Jan. 5
" The Men that went for wood for making Sleds came home brot 8 Birch Sticks
6 Beaver Hill Crees arrived, they had been following their Horses that the Stone Indians had Stolen but gave up their pursuit Short & came to the House"

Jan. 7
..." Sent off John E Harriott & 4 Men with the Indians that arrived the 3rd Jan. to fetch what Furs & Provisions they have at their camp which is 4 days walk distant from this place"...

Jan. 10
..." To? Indian lads sons of Eggines cum arrived for a supply of Anmmunition Tob. etc. they were 5 days on their Journey to the House - The Old Man & 2 Sons have 30 Beaver large & small"...

Jan. 16
..." The party that went off to Indians the 7th Inst. arrived brought 3,838 Musquash & a few Beaver & a few other small Furs & 250 lbs of Beat Meat & Fat"...

Feb. 4 1816
" John E Harriott and the Men who went along with him the 23 ultimo to look for Indians arrived having been away 13 Days traveling thro deep Snow and bad weather and have only brot home 1 Drefs skin"

Feb. 5
" Men not able to go for Meat to day on Account of the severity of the weather
In the Evening three Southard Indians arrived they came from the below the Stinking Lake. they have brot a few Furs which will pay but a very small part of their Debts. These are the Indians that John E Hariott was in search of for 13 Days"...

Feb. 14
..." Men employed cutting out Pemican Bags & doing other Jobs in doors"...

Feb. 17
" Men employed cutting up Ice hauling from the River & Making an Ice House in a Cellar in the Garden. The Indians that arrived the day before Yesterday went away - In the Evening a Stone Indian arrived with 2 Buffalo Robes & a Fox skin"

Feb. 20
" Men employed fetching home wood for drying Meat with"...

Feb. 26
" Two Men employed Thrashing Barley, the others Drying Meat & chopping up bones for making Fat with"...

Mar. 7
" Two Men employed drying Meat, 2 Men cutting fire wood, 2 Thrashing Barley & 2 cleaning? Barley"...

Mar. 14
" Men employed Beating & sifting pounded Meat & breaking up bones for making Fat & 1 man cutting wood"...

Mar. 18
" Men employed making Pemican. 1 Stone Indian arrived also 4 South'd Indians. they brot a few Furs & a little Pounded Meat. Made 87 Bags of Pemican 80 lbs each"

Mar. 19
" Made to day 53 bags of Pemican proportion of Fat 1/5 ? 4/5 ?"

Mar. 20
" Sent 6 Men to the Pines (which is about 8 Miles distant from the House) to cut down & collect some timber for building a small House with "...

Mar. 25
..." Sent 2 Men to an Indian who is tenting at the Woody Hill to employ him to go with them in search of Birch rind for mending Canoes with. Sent 3 Men to fetch Pine wood home for Building. The other Man Snow blind & unable to do any thing"

Mar. 26
..." the Produce in Barley this last Summer is 85 Bushels"

April 3
..." Sent 2 Men to the Pines to drefs Oars. The others fetching home fire wood in the forenoon afterwards beating dried Meat. one man drying Meat"...

April 8
..." The 2 Men that went off on the 25 Ultimo in search of Birch rind came home brot 35 fathoms of Birch rind"...

April 13
..." Men variously employed about the House & some Broaching Maple Trees as these are beginning to Run"...

April 18
..." 2 Men sawing Planks for flooring, 4 Men chopping Roofing Sticks, 1 Man Making Pounded Meat. the rest clearing away a place for a House to be built on. To day as the Indians were intoxicated one of them fired a Gun & Shot an Indian in his Knee and a little Boy of about 3 years old son to the said Indian had his left Cheek? off with the same shot, it was premeditately? done"

April 22
..." Agreed a Hunter for Summer named Sufsamin"

April 24
" 2 Men employed sawing Plank one Man making Beat Meat one Man unwell, others preparing 2 Beds to sow Cabbage seed etc. in and leavelling a piece of Ground to Build a House in"...

April 27
..." The others setting up Posts for a small House 20 feet square"...

April 28
..." There is now Camped on the Plantation 57 Tents of Southard Indians & 3 of Stone Indians"

April 29
" 2 Men employed Ploughing up Gardens the others Building a House. To day 13 Men start from the NWC House all on Horse Back bound for the Red River & I suppose are going against the Colonizers as last Spring they are all half breeds except two which are South'd Indians" [He lists the names but they are difficult to read] " Parts of the ground are covered with flowers, some Trees are beginning to show their leaves"...

May 2
" Men employed as yesterday finished planting Potatoes 20 Bushels of seed put in the ground yesterday & to day 10 Bush. of Ladies fingers & 10 Bush. of the common kind"

May 3
" Men employed Building & working in the Gardens sowed to day some Oats & Barley
Some Indians that have been Tenting at the House for some time past pitched off towards South Branch River & are going to join the Large War party who are Collecting at the Big Point of Woods about 40 Miles on a SE direction from this place, some other South'd Indians that were Tenting acrofs the River came to this side & 11 Tents of Stone Indians Pitched their Tents Acrofs the River - These are the last that is to come from that quarter. there not being an Indian of any description on the North side of the River between this place & Paint Creek. We have had on the Plantation within this fortnight 82 Tents of Southard Indians & 14 Tents of Stone Indians including those 11 Tents who are Tenting on the opposite of the River and can safely say have not brought 30 MB in Furs among the whole of them"

May 13
" Sent two Men with the Hunters acrofs ? on hunting all the Horses. 2 Men employed bringing home Stones for a Chimney, one Man building the Chimney. Taylor employed at his businefs, 2 Men plastering the House. The rest clearing & burning rubbish around the works"

May 22
..." In the Morning Mr Bird arrived from the Upper Settlements with 8 Boats & 7 Canoes. Men employed making preparations for going down"

May 23
" Men employed Making Pemican etc. 2 Boats set off for Cumberland House"

Last entry
May 24 1816
" Men employed taking down to the River Furs & Pemican"
1M19 B.27/a/5